Jane from MTV Thailand

Jane Parntho

Jane is one of the girls that is worth watching on MTV Thailand for. She has only recently started baring more and more of her skin through the media. So let’s appreciate the pictures together! More on Thai Girls site.

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0 thoughts on “Jane from MTV Thailand”

  1. She’s just alright to me. Nothing special. I’d rather look at Tila Tequila’s backside than her.

  2. Perhaps not – there are a lot of ‘lady boys’ working as models in Thailand! I have to admit she(?) isn’t my cup of tea either…

  3. she ain’t no ladyboy! but i have to agree that she pales in comparison to other mtv thailand/asia hotties in the past (not sure about the present). you guys ever heard of sonia couling? she’s the BOMB!

  4. She is not a lady boy but the same talented Thai cosmetic surgeons who do all the noses and chin implants for the lady boys do the movie stars too so there is a scary similarity, post op. BTW, we don’t have MTV on the main cable channel, UBC, anymore. I do wonder where it is available if I were to want to watch, (not that I would over here with the drivel they serve posing as music).

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