Coke Viente


Cool name, right? Coke is a runway model from the Philippines. I could look up a lot of things to say about her, but her name is Coke. Coke! How cool is that? It’s so cool that you’re like “woah, that must be really cool.” Wouldn’t it be neat if “Viente” meant “cola?”

Her homepage is here. Go there and enjoy even more photos.Stats:

Age: 25
Height: 5’7
Ethnicity: Filipina
Located: Philippines








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  1. The sirens; they be comin’ fast and furious
    No time to fall in love – only to be curious.
    I open a link and hope to be hooked
    Yet by then it’s often too quick to have even looked.

    The babes show up every two days
    Too fast – my mind’s become a complete foggy haze.
    I think wow she is hot, needs more of my study
    Then a new one appears; I exclaim, “Oh, bloody!”

    Now, I’m just one of this site’s reading minions
    And everyone’s entitled to their own opinions.
    IMO Sirens must be savored, like a steak or fine wine
    Their assets in the sun – to ripen and shine.

    So Travis I beg you, say please and all that
    Do me a favor, be a straight upright cat.
    Just give me some time; take it abit slow
    I need these to savor – this wonderful show.

  2. I don’t know how you keep coming up with them, but nice work again dbldipper. 🙂

    We seem to be on quite a good run at the moment – I don’t like Coca Cola, but I do like this Coke!

  3. When she finds a man she REALLY likes she’ll eat more – and that will be a good thing. She won’t need the face make-up then because she wont be so hypotensive.

  4. Things really do go better with Coke!

    @dbldipper: I ain’t complaining as long as they’re prose-worthy.

  5. 5/4 on Travis will post a Pepsi next!
    Until then, (this) Coke will be fine.
    The makeup isn’t ‘over the top’ IMO.
    Agree with dbldipper.. the sirens are coming thick and fast. but hey not complaining while they are of such a high standard.
    Pic 4 is my favorite here.

  6. Years back there was a Filipina Actress named Pepsi Paloma who was a hot young actress committed suicide after she was raped.. I am thinking she named herself Coke is a parity of the girl Pepsi.. Just my take on her name.. But she is very cute..

  7. dbldippers COMPLAINT is fair: Often, there are comments from visitors that require evaluation and response. Travis has (apparently) a backlog of exibitors to display?

    We will still be HERE, Travis! The JOY of A-S is that everyone has a chance to offer opinions and commentary (IMO).

  8. I like the regular updates, and for that matter the comments on previous posts. It is always nice to be taken back to an older post but it is the new one I am always waiting for.
    This girl reminds me a bit of Ribith Leang with quite a square jaw from certain angles, just OK for me.

  9. Interesting stuff Luke72, and yes tragic! I think in a way Coke Viente continues the tradition of ‘soft drink beauties’ namely Pepsi Paloma, Sarsi Emmanuelle and Coca Nicolas. Given most of Pepsi’s rapists are still alive and successful in TV and politics while she is ‘still dead’ and that they merely got a ‘slap on the wrist’ as punishment, this is one way to drag their (forgotten?) names back into the spotlight -one they might prefer to keep switched off.
    Unfortunate that Pepsi was underage, so it would be wrong to post pics of her, so Travis can you find some pics of the other soft drink girls?

  10. I’d like to buy the world a home and furnish it with love,
    Grow apple trees and honey bees, and snow white turtle doves.
    I’d like to teach the world to sing in perfect harmony,
    I’d like the world to buy me a Coke to keep me company.
    (Repeat the last two lines, and in the background)
    It’s the real thing, Coke is what the I wants today.

  11. The last shot in the green bikini with her hands on her hips like that could almost make me melt. I’ve always prefered coke over any other cola out there.

  12. Filipino film Silip (1985) aka Daughters of Eve has a very naked and beautiful Sarsi Emmanuelle and also very naked and beautiful former Miss Philippines Maria Isabel Lopez.

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