Customize your Virtual Girl

This is a screencast of the Japanese 3D erotic life/simulation game ‘Artificial Girl 2‘ in which you can fully customize the girl that accompanies you in the game. Breasts, hair, face, tone and much, much more can be adjusted to your liking. During the game the girl “provides a number of different social and increasingly erotic actions for the player”. The game is developed by Illusion. Spotted on FreshCreation.

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0 thoughts on “Customize your Virtual Girl”

  1. hahahhaha omg! best game ever!!! shit tell them to make a game like this but with men and penis size mmuuhhaaaaa.. if not shit i want this game for X-mas! haha

  2. Hmm…I knew something was hokey about this game. Did you see the way she punches straight through your chest?

    She’s after your KIDNEYS!!!…It’s a trap!!

  3. I agree with LondonGaijin, a game like this is depressing cuz you get to create the “perfect” girl and how she’s going to look like, but in reality, there ARE no “perfect” girls.

  4. Well yeah that and the fact that you don’t actually touch her…it’s just a video game…whoopee!

  5. For many men, any girl is a fantasy, so I can imagine that creating a girl more perfect than any they could ever have in real life would actually be somehow comforting for them. 😉

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