This is totally cheating. This model lives in China. She must be Chinese right? Well, according to her profile, she is “Brazilian with an Asian face.” I have never heard of anything like that before, so I had to showcase her here.Stats:

Age: 25
Height: ?
Ethnicity: Brazilian
Located: China





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  1. Nationality is Brazilian, I suspect, therefore she is Brazilian. But her parents are likely Chinese. Not so complicated. There are many people of Asian descent in Brazil.

  2. Yeah – I think she tried to say it in a clever way, but something got lost in translation to her broken English. πŸ™‚

    Whatever she is, she certainly seems attractive – it’s a shame you can only really see her body in one shot, as it looks very nice.

  3. Cyntia, no H*
    Need more pix
    Dare I ask
    Is she a mix?

    Family from Brazil
    Shoot me if you will
    Asian look not too strong
    Tell me if I’m wrong.

    Will agree, for sure
    Inspires thoughts impure
    Pretty girl to me
    Wish there more to see.

    *Dated a Cynthia in school, a gorgeous redhead with a smokin’ body; this is Asian Sirens, though, not redhead sirens.

  4. Brazilian’s not a race anymore than Mexican or Italian is.

    I think she’s full Asian. Brazil has lots of all three races, Caucasian, Black, and Asian.

    Seems most of the Brazilian Asians I’ve met are Japanese and most of the Asian South Americans I’ve met are Brazilian.

  5. She doesn’t look mixed. Her parents probably birthed her in Brazil and therefore she is Brazilian.

  6. Maybe she meant to say she has a chinese face and a brazilian (ie, clear felled and waxed forest down in the wilderness parts).

    Alas, we cannot tell in these photos……

    I disagree regarding the full chinese guesses, although her family might originate from Xinjiang or mongolian areas. I certainly wouldn’t guess her as typically ‘Han’.

    Nonetheless, I like. The kind of girl you’d want to marry and have kids with….

    …while reserving the cheap motels, leather handcuffs and jars of body-vegemite for the more ‘fun’ type ladies as posted previously….

  7. She’s very nice.

    While she doesn’t look particularly ‘mixed,’ there are some shots, like the second one where she is sitting on the bench, where she does seem to have a hint of something unique.

    I’ve seen some ‘full blooded’ asian people that were born or grew up in non asian countries, that had some sort of latin features. I don’t know why but it happens. I do think that your appearances are somewhat “molded” by your environment especially if you are born or grew up very little in a different country/setting.

  8. A different example would be the pro football player Scott Fujita (formerly of the Saints). He is full caucasian, but as a young boy was adopted by a father who was Japanese American and grew up with that culture. If you look at his pictures now he does seem to have a hint of ‘asian’ features to him.

  9. There was a huge influx of Japanese people into Brazil about 100 years ago. In fact if you go to Freedom town in Sao Paolo it is the biggest population of Japanese people outside of Japan. In fact the big joke in Brazil is that their Japanese people don’t really get the whole samba thing.

    I suggest that she is actually of Japanese decent.

  10. Tons of Japanese & Chinese immigrants in Brasil and Peru.The hottest ones are in the Caribbean however.The Asian mixes in Jamaica & Trinidad are just …wow.

  11. Shes alright pretty cute but not amazing. Ya everyone is probably right…her parents are Chinese and she was born in brazil. same thing with like an Asian-American or Asian-Canadian

  12. She is indeed a very beautiful girl. A series of entries of South American- Asians would be very interesting.

  13. Not Chinese. I think she is Japanese. The fact that the pictures may or may not have been taken in China or her location there is beside the point. The world is a smaller place these days and people travel for millions of reasons. She is Japanese. There is no reason to believe otherwise.

  14. What most posters wrote here is true. I’m Brazilian but my father is Chinese and my mother Brazilian, hence I’m mixed.

    Brazil has had a huge influx of immigrants in the first half of the 20th century specially from Europe and Japan, which gave our country a boost in the economy.

    As for the Chinese immigration, it has been happening since the 19th century, but unlike the European and Japanese, was done by individual families and not in waves.

    Only after the 1950s that we had a huge influx of Asians, mainly Taiwanese, addin up to the already prosperous Asian community here.

    As an example of Brazilian Asian celebrities (OK, we’ll stick to models/women and sorts), we have some such as:

    Sabrina Sato (former reality TV celebrity and now TV co-host)

    Daniela Suzuki (actress and model),,AA1400134-7195,00.html

    Leticia Nitsha (model and former stripper)

    Anne Midori (pornstar/model)

    Talita and Tamires (twin Asian models)

    Unfortunately I could’t find any of Chinese/Taiwanese descent. But I have a lot of friends here, some hot, some not so hot (hard to find any in the middle).

  15. @kroos: lol, about the cheap motels and related thoughts!…

    Who is tulqas? Cyntia or another visitor?
    It seems we need some brazilian asian series.

    Cyntia is quite pretty, very nice lean body. Just a little too innocent in her poses, for my taste, that is. πŸ™‚

  16. Sabrina Sato, Anne Midori and the twins have the typical Brazilian tan lines — I love that!! This is really kind of the best of both worlds for me.

  17. daznlover:
    none… just an old viewer recently become member (now that I finally found something to write about)

    Dr. Lee:
    darnit… didn’t notice that all had boob jobs… personally I’ve never met one with them boobs Not that I know)

    been here already?

  18. She looks 100% (Han) Chinese by ethnicity.

    In fact, she reminds me of a girl I know from Shanghai.

    Not sure where you folks who think she’s mixed in anyway are coming from; if the caption said she was Chinese, you wouldn’t think she wasn’t 100%.

  19. @tulqas. Yes I was in Rio, Sao Paolo and Belo Horizonte about 5 weeks ago. Brazil is one of those places that everyone talks about when they come back as being the most awesome country they have ever been to. Interestingly the other country that people always harp on about is Japan.

  20. @tulqas

    Yes I also noticed how cultured people are there. It’s not like here in the UK. We have nothing but chav’s here (a chav is a dummy basically). I also noticed that Brazilian’s want to distance themselves from the stereo types, which in a way is a shame because Brazilians are sexy and do like football and yes they like Samba too. Another thing that struck me was the fact that not everyone can get an education and yet they seem to treat each other pretty respectfully. Over here the council estate (slums I suppose) kids get exactly the same opportunities that the middle classes get and yet they still seem to stuff up their lives completely. Down with the working class in Britain.

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