Viola (Meng Meng)


Viola is a Moko Top Girl. I’m personally not a huge fan, but she has legs that span the globe, so I think some of you will like her. You can check out her portfolio for more pictures or her profile for additional galleries.Stats:

Age: 22
Height: 5’10
Ethnicity: Chinese
Located: … China? Where are these Moko girls?








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  1. Travis may not be a fan, but I certainly am! I love those long, ultra-slender yet not too skinny bodies a lot of Chinese girls have, and this girl is a prime example. Pretty too. Definitely Doc approvedβ„’.

  2. I’m with Doc on this one! What’s not to like, great legs, great body, beautiful face, these Moko girls are certainly something!

  3. Oooooh!….Aaaaaah! Almost like a fireworks show. Except without the fireworks…just legs. She has a sexy classic look to her. Very nice.

  4. really? There’s not a glimpse of a personality coming across in any of those photos. I agree she has some nice long legs, but that’s about it.

  5. i think the photos are pretty deceiving. she has broad shoulders; the widest part of her shoulders is wider than her hips. she possesses what people generally call a “V” body type/shape, which is widest on top, and narrows at the bottom. i don’t think this is an attractive body type. πŸ™ her poses and the styling seem to try to hide this, but it’s pretty apparent in the second and third photos.

  6. Interestingly, I actually like relatively wide shoulders, and relatively small hips – the ideal for me is that they are both the same apparent width, so as to form a perfect hourglass. Still, I had a feeling this might be one of the few times Christine and I disagree. πŸ™‚

  7. She has extremly broad shoulders, looks like a swimmer or some sort of genetic ubermodel.

    Personally I really like the look, like the now vintage Elle Macpherson, but its a pretty rare quality among models.

  8. I find it hard to understand how anyone can not be a fan of Viola. She is sensational.

    But, thankfully, that’s what makes life so interesting. We all have different tastes.

    Travis, even though you aren’t a fan, you have the good judgment to understand many here will like her and you are honorable enough to present her for our enjoyment. Thanks, once again.

  9. She is attractive but I am with Christine regarding the body shape. If she was Thai I think everyone would be on a penis hunt.

  10. I’m not getting any masculine vibes form her, wide shoulders or not. I won’t say that I would like her legs wrapped around me, cuz that would get me in trouble;-p

  11. “V” shape or not she is all women at least to me. It is like the prior poster stated I get no masculine vibes from her at all. Shoot, the first pict cleared that right up. She is all feminine at least to my perception. Give her some long luxurious hair and she would be a keeper to be sure.

  12. Count me as one of the naysayers as well. She may be tall but I’m actually not seeing the legs as that impressive. She has a very long torso, a long neck and the stilettos in pics 2 and 3 give the illusion that her legs are much longer than they actually are.

    Also, for whatever reason, I have always found moles to be extremely distracting/unappealing, so she loses some marks for the blemish (yes, I’m that shallow). ^^;;

    As for positives, I do find her broad shoulders oddly attractive and I love the last pic! Bizarre though it may be…

  13. I don’t find her appealing either. Those legs aren’t that great, yeah they’re long, but have no shape or tone, just two sticks. As for the rest of her, also no shape, and flat and bad hair. One plus, at least there are no tats. (that we can see, anyway)

  14. Appealing girl indeed. I do like the shape of her face -the lips-
    So nice to look at a “natural” girl but unfortunatly, she’s too skinny. Some extra weight would show some great curves…

  15. I think her short hair style is what makes her stand out from other…along with her luscious long legs of course.

  16. Oh c’mon sevendeuce, that’s nothing that a good plastic surgeon with a tru-cut biopsy needle couldn’t take care of in a half hour in his office.

    That’s a small price to pay for that body will look good decades from now.

    Even if she gained 30 lbs those shoulders would still balance everything out.

    Me likey.

  17. I don’t have any problems with her legs. Her hips are great, her abs are excellent. I’m just not at all wild about her face. It’s a long face, and I’m partial to rounder faces. this does quite literally nothing for me. I knew most of you would like her though.

  18. A horse walks into a bar. The bartender says “Hey, why the long face?”

    Repeat with Celine Dion and Ann Coulter.

  19. Well it seems her face benefits a great deal from the makeup and touch-ups, but I certainly wouldn’t call it long (I usually don’t like long faces either). And there’s simply no doubting how fabulous her body is.

  20. Hmm… The idea of her having a “long” face never entered my mind before reading the comments. I think she’s pretty and I like this type of figure for tall girls, as I like a more athletic figure for normal height girls and a petite figure for shorter girls.

    Yeah, I also think she’d benefit if she was 5-10 lbs heavier but she’s a model and in China, that means this kind of figure. Remember, over there Size 4 is considered “fat” so being slim is a job requirement. I like the wider shoulders with the slimmer hips on tall girls because bigger hips come off as too big for her height.

  21. I’m not completely against implants, Strout. What size cup were you contemplating? πŸ˜‰

    “She needs a bit more weight to go with that height.” -Strout

  22. Hmmm… I’ve always wondered what one of these girls would look like with a little extra up top. πŸ™‚

    Interestingly though, wide shoulders kind of offset my usual preference for large breasts – I often feel large breasts are needed to balance a woman’s hips, but if she has wide shoulders and small hips, they will be in balance with each other anyway.

  23. Not my usual type, but she definitely has something compelling about her. Love the flapper look, and the pre-1940s stylings truly suit her. She is very attractive…maybe it is the shoulders to hip ratio, and the long legs. She definitely has something that sets her apart from the norm.

  24. TheCollector, I’m referring to her overall physique as I am a total anti implant person. I think her breast size is fine, but she just looks too thin for me overall.

    Granted she’s probably considered “normal” by the international runway/modeling standards, but a woman of her height could easily carry 10 or more pounds and be a healty and beautiful woman.

  25. I know Strout, just taking any online conversation about a beautiful woman to its final resting place.

  26. It appears to me, that Mr leglova has a thing or two for some nice legs. πŸ™‚ Same here…nice legs and buttocks too.

  27. daznlover: It’s so much easier being shallow when you’re staring at pics. You can really find all of the blemishes. In the flesh though? It’s amazing how certain things that usually you may not find attractive are mysteriously absent in the final analysis.

    That said, I hate moles. ^^;;

    TheCollector: Of course a plastic surgeon could remove the mole but the point is that she hasn’t gotten it removed — and I’m shallow. πŸ˜›

    Switching gears, I’m still not sold on her actually having great legs. Her torso is very long and the stilettos exaggerate the length of her legs greatly. Do a comparison between someone like Gisele BΓΌndchen (who is also 5’10) and Viola.

    To each his/her own though I guess. But it’s interesting how certain poses and photography can accentuate/influence the viewer’s perception.

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