Emma, Kitty, Garfield & My Huong @ Adversus


Adversus does seem to grab our attention time and time again with pretty Asian models. Today we bring you Emma, Kitty, Garfield & My Huong.

Before we already feautured Feya Sue, Megali Saunier, Njoek Huong, Julia, Tin Tin, Linh and Sarah. Please let us know if we missed any girls.

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0 thoughts on “Emma, Kitty, Garfield & My Huong @ Adversus”

  1. My Huong’s my fave out of the Adversus girls we’ve featured – she has that Viet elegance about her.

    And Emma’s certainly cute in a “girl next door” kind of way.

  2. Emma and My Houng are wonderful! Tin Tin is still the sexiest of all the girls mentioned though.

  3. I dont care if Garfield changed her name to Phuc Me. She can call herself whatever she wants.

  4. Wow! I really like Emma. My, IMHO, is the most all around sexy of the four, it may just have been those boots, hmmm. Kitty looks wonderful when she’s smiling (sadly, only one of those). And Garfield… oh, I love a woman with tattoos. I’ll have to agree with Goodtaste, Tin Tin knocked my socks off! Petite, B-E-A-U-tilful, Asian, tattoooo… (FlipnIrish cannot type anymore as he has passed out)

  5. Seriously, My Huong is a devilish sexy thing. I’ve never really been into Vietnamese girls until recently since I’ve come under the spell of Tran Anh Hung’s films and most importantly his wife Tran Nu Yen-Khe, who acts in all of them. She is unbelievable. You should check her out. There’s an old 2 year old post on her in the actress archieves under “Vietnamese Beauty: Tran Nu Yen-Khe.”

    Check this link out. You’ll love it!

  6. I saw that movie with my VN gf. Vertical ray of the sun. I was confused throughout the movie because she had a friend (male) that they considered a relative so he ALWAYS spent time with her so i kept expecting for him to try and pick her up. How could he not? They are not relatives and she is gorgeous but till the end of the movie he never did and they kept referring to each other as little brother and little sister.
    My gf says this is quite common in VN. My gf says it happens all the time where guy and girl become best friends and never do anything. This is nuts to me. I dont know how to say it but are these VN guys lacking some “big ones” or what? Or just a cultural thing?
    PS..wasn’t there a movie about this subject? Guy cant have girl friend without trying anything? It was popular but i cant remember.

  7. I just came off watching Vertical Ray of the Sun last week and indeed I was very confused with the structure of the film. I thought Tran Nu Yen-Khe and her brother were real siblings who were just “really close” because when I read about the film I always hear about the incestual overtones the story emits. But I guess you might be right, it might be a cultural thing.

    Any who, here’s yet another Tran Nu Yen-Khe video (I can’t get enough of this woman)

  8. Okay I’ll trust you Dr. Lee. I’m buying plane tickets as we speak. Lodgings are secure. Dollars are converted to Viet-Coin. My brother is going to look after my place when I’m gone. Check, check, check, check. I’m trusting you Dr. Lee.

  9. Trust is T R U S T
    It’s definitely more than the sum of its parts. Thank u Doc…Thank u.

  10. Looking at My Huong’s picture set again, she is pretty damn good. I probably take her over Tin Tin now. Everything is really great: that V shaped pretty sharp slim face, great eyes (often an overlooked asian feature), petite longish body, olive skin, and that wonderful straight think black long hair. Being really picky I say I wish she had a little larger breasts, probably a half-cup more. Also if we I could have seen a smile it would of been great. Yep, these Vietnamese broads are getting to me.

  11. Nice video. Tran Nu Yen-Khe makes me long for the bar scene again, but I have a month before I can do that. I’m going to have to check out “Cyclo” now, it seems like a good movie according to reviews.

  12. You should check out all Tran Ahn Hung’s films, all featuring Tran Nu Yen-Khe of course. If your into very conventional film making and Hollywood films you won’t like them. Tran’s films are more about rythm of sound and image than plot. The Scent of Green Papaya in my opinion is a masterpiece.

  13. “Pink Floyd: The Wall” is one of my favorite films and it’s mainly a treat for the audio and visual senses, so not to worry about that. I grew up on black and white films heavy with dialogue and plot and for the longest time that’s what I mostly liked (Casablanca is still my most favorite film of all time). The last few years though I prefer the action movies (some, not all) or fastly paced movies. I’ve seen too many of the slow paced sutle movies that unless they’re magnificent and extraordinary, they just aren’t worth my time anymore…been there and done that.

    I’ll be sure to check out Scent of Green Papaya as well. I got Cyclo today, but probably won’t watch it for a few weeks.

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