Japanese AV Idols Galore


If you like Japanese AV Idols, check out this AV Idol Page that I found one day by accident. Who’s your favorite? Enjoy! (Caution to Dial-Up users, the linked page has almost 400 images.)

Wikipedia’s entry defining a Japanese AV Idol is HERE.

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0 thoughts on “Japanese AV Idols Galore”

  1. Great find, Mr. Man.

    I will have to spend some hours with this site, before deciding who is my favorite.

    I expect we will soon see some posts suggesting that, since these girls are Japanese, none of them could possibly be attractive.


  2. Sigh. Ami Ayukawa, Miho Maeshima and Yuka Haneda. What is it about Japan that it can produce such exquisite creatures? I just don’t get it…..

  3. OK, I have a question:

    Why are Japanese porn stars so much more attractive than American porn stars?

    Wait . . . let me rephrase that!

    Why are Japanese porn stars attractive, and American porn stars are NOT?

  4. How can anyone possibly question japanese or any asian beauty. I think someone is on the wrong site.

  5. Now, wait a minute!

    How could my comment have possibly been interpreted as ‘anti-Asian beauty’???

    Read it again . . .

    American porn stars look like TOTAL SLUTS!!!
    Japanese porn stars (predominately) look like TOTAL BABES!!!

    I wouldn’t think twice about bringing home any one of the girls pictured on that page.

    I’d shoot myself in the head, before I considered bringing home any skanky white porn star hose bag!

    I was just wondering why there aren’t any skanky Japanese hose bag porn stars. (Not that I would ever want to SEE one, mind you).

    Oh, btw: No need to worry about gentle treatment. I’m not really a noob, just a sporadic contributor. I’ve been a daily lurker here for quite a while. It’s just that if I don’t think there will be much interest in what I’m about to write, I tend not to write it.

    Yeah, and I can get really long-winded, too! 🙂

  6. matso, I assumed that arf was responding to BaTanha (who seems to be anti-Japanese). Clearly, your post was very PRO Asian women.

  7. . . . and for arf:

    If you click the link wrapped around my user name, you’ll get an idea of where my head is at.

    (It seems almost sacrilegious to make fun of the stunning beauty that is Ming Na in that way, but I thought it was clever) ;^)

    (It’s my opinion that hers is the most beautiful face on the planet . . . don’t tell my wife I said that).

  8. @Bigfoot Dean

    Wow! I totally missed that *yawn* . . .

    my bad . . . disregard . . . carry on

    *quietly returns to the ranks of the lurkers, with crimson red cheeks*

  9. Hey matso…sorry dude, it really was the yawn comment I was poking fun at. I was just kidding though. :)))

  10. I have nothing against the Japanese. I lived in Japan 4 years and dated many of them. I just find them to very ordinary looking compared to other Asians. Before I went to Japan I had high hopes that there were going to great looking women there, but I was sorely disappointed. The Japanese practice of putting ridiculous looking bucktoothed caps on their two front teeth was also a turnoff. If you like them, more power to you.

  11. to the topic of “why do japanese girls look like babes, and americans like sluts” ?

    I gather a simple explanation is given here:

    to the issue of some guys getting evil messages when landing on my site, I am really sorry for this, as due to the heavy systemic abuse coming from a lot of networks (mostly from china, israel, singapore, malaysia, indonesia), including some botnets, (but I am able to now dynamically pattern-match what botnets are trying to do, and block them on the fly), I am forced to block a serious amount of these networks. else my bandwidth would exceed 200Mbps within minutes, which would slow down me-old crappy servers. As it is now, I keep it at a steady 60-90.

    enjoy !

  12. do they have pages like this for chinese, thai, filipina and korean stars? i would never do anything else but check them out. a nice distraction for certain.

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