Asian Sirens To Close Down

Well it seems we just can’t get most of our bloggers to do any new posts for us any more – and quite frankly I’m sick to death of fighting off hackers and constantly policing the comments – so we’ve made the difficult decision to close Asian Sirens down. We sincerely apologise to all the people who continue to enjoy and make positive contributions to this site, but keeping this place running has just become too much hard work for us.April 2nd Update: April Fools! ๐Ÿ˜€

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0 thoughts on “Asian Sirens To Close Down”

  1. How many wars have been started because of misconstrued humorous comments?

    You almost started one, here, Dr. Lee!

    You had me goin, that’s for sure!

  2. It’s about time.
    I was getting tired of coming here every day, endlessly perusing all these painfully boring photos, learning about hot Asian babes…who needs it…I’m taking up stamp collecting instead.

  3. I’m actually relieved to hear this and now I want the truth to be told: Asian women do nothing for me and I’m so glad I no longer have to contact, write about, or (yuk!) meet any for the sake of this site.
    I can now pursue my true passion. If anyone wants to contact me, you’ll be able to find me at

  4. seriously, I forgot it was the first of April until I got to the comments. I was about to cancel my internet subscription ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. As someone who just found this place I was almost in tears when I read that. It would be such a shame to have a site like this go so soon after finding it.

  6. Wow… I didn’t realize just how much I rely on this site to get me through my day -nay, through my LIFE, until I read this entry and started to weep bitterly. Lord, help me…

  7. oh you and your jokes, you had me going for a second, which was enough to get my heart going… in the bad way.

  8. All these April fool jokes are just getting silly. It was funny 3 years ago but not anymore.

    Now it’s just freaking annoying.

  9. Not cool. I also felt guilty about not contributing more. I came to this thread to scream bloody murder, and was thankful to be reminded with was April Fools day.

  10. Everynight, for two years now, I’ve come home from work and it really is, aside from my wife and daughter of course, one of the first things on my mind. Logging on and checking out the new comments and posts. And I’m happy with that…but my wife, not so much. I need asian-sirens in my life.

  11. Well I got one email from somebody who was convinced – and I thought I might have made it too obvious! Judging from the response, I guess not. ๐Ÿ˜‰

    BTW, as Hoser110’s link contained lots of crap and was off-topic anyway, I deleted his post.

  12. I was thinking to myself, “damnit, I’ve been lurking on this site for so long and finally decide to start posting… and Dr. Lee pulls the plug! Gahhh!!!” ^_^;;

    Well played, sir!

    You’d figure after 30 years I’d be immune to April Fool’s Day… apparently not… lol…

  13. And I was about to submit my pic in my natural habitat… now knowing the site is not down… oh well…
    that was quite a good prank… naughty, dr. Lee… should be stripped & whipped to ecstasy :)… almost felt “compassion” for whatever…

  14. i almost gave up porn and had erectile disfunction….but after i learned next…i bought another 80gb hard drive…hey this site is what fills up my hard drive…fine collections of nude

  15. It sucks because I didn’t read this post until April 3rd, so it took a few few seconds before I noticed the date at the bottom of the post! Although, we almost got more pics of Cat-tien out of it. It’s never too late, dear.

  16. oh la la… dr. Lee, meow… perhaps you’ll be granted to see cat-tien in her cat’s skin
    daznlover: pic won’t do justice… you need to experience it up-close & personal
    lawnboy, oh lawnboy… don’t bring strap-ons just your own & other dickes… 3some, 4some, orgy… ah… the escapade…
    Wingsfan: it was too late!
    arf:hm… interesting… wouldn’t you want to go out with a BANG?
    enjoy yourself, others… bye, bye puppies ๐Ÿ™‚

  17. Cat-tien ร  một người hay trรชu ghẹo người khรกc như vậy. Những roi da Mềm chỉ, vui lรฒng

    Cat-tien is such a tease! Soft whips only, please.

  18. Sorry, Doc. I’m just enjoying playing with the translation site and flirting with the delightful Cat-tien. BTW, the English sentences were the translation for the Vietnamese, so I figured it was OK to use the Vietnamese as long as there was a translation.

  19. Still no new comments from cat-tien? Or Christine for that matter. Is it something we said, ladies?

  20. I don’t know what’s going on with cat-tien, but I do know Christine’s in love (hence her loss of interest in AS). ๐Ÿ˜‰

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