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Saven is someone that I wanted to feature for a long time and is one of the first models that made me take notice of the social networking/microblogging site Tumblr as a source for finding about models and communicating with people. Even Asian-Sirens is now making use of the site.

Saven also took the time out to answer a few questions that I had for her, so make sure you check those out to find out a little more about her.Stats:
Height: 5’6″
Weight: 130 lbs
Measurements: 32-26-38
Ethnicity: Cambodian, 1/4 Chinese
Location: Hamilton, Ontario, Canada



Me: I appreciate it when models reach out to us here on the site. What
made you decide to reach out to us at Are you a
reader and or fan of the website?

Saven: I’ve heard great things about your website and decided to check it
out. I’m now a reader and big fan!

Me: How has your life changed since you became a model?

Saven: It has changed drastically! I was extremely shy and introverted which
made it hard to for me to have a social life. Growing up I was always
ignored and left out. Modeling has definitely brought me out of my
shell and I couldn’t be happier. I’m looked at and treated
differently. It has opened many doors for me and is basically a whole
new lifestyle but I love it!

Me: What would you be doing right now if you weren’t a model?

Saven: I would still be set on owning a business but really, I can’t even
imagine what it would be like if I weren’t a model.

Me: Where would you like your career to go in a few years from now?

Saven: To the top! Where else? I’d love to be well known internationally, be
the spokesmodel for various companies, land magazine covers, spreads,
and travel the world for photo shoots and events!

Me: Tumblr is how I first found out about you last year. For me, Tumblr
has been a great way to discover new models and reach new people. How
often do you use Tumblr? What do you think about the site?

Saven: I love Tumblr! At first I had no clue how to use it or what it was all
about so I actually found it weird when I saw my photos on random
people’s pages haha. Then after I discovered how awesome it is I
became so addicted. I love posting my pics and seeing how many likes
or reblogs they get.

Me: Are you planning to get anymore tattoos or piercings?

Saven: Yes I’m actually planning to get many more tattoos, as soon I come up
with the perfect designs and placement. I have them in mind but I want
them to be perfect! I’m not sure about piercings though, they always
end up closing anyway.

Me: I think most of the photos that I have seen you in have been of you
wearing some type of black lingerie. Do you prefer to do photoshoots
in black lingerie or just lingerie in general?

Saven: I love all lingerie in general, but black seems to be the most
flattering and sexiest color on me, or anyone really. All my
photographers seem to agree.

Me: I was reading one interview that you did where you talked about
changing your body. Are you happy with your body or do you still feel
like you want to change a part or parts of it? Have you felt any
pressure to make changes?

Saven: I accept my body but I would still love to change parts of it.
Everyone has their own insecurities. However, I don’t feel pressured
to make changes because of anyone else’s opinion but my own.

Me: Are there any models that you look up to or emulate?

Saven: I would say Tila Tequila because she has done so well for herself I
would love to be as famous as she is. Really though, I think all
models are amazing in their own way but I’ll always just be myself.

Me: Is there anything that you would like to share about yourself to
those who are reading this article and finding about you for the first

Saven: Now that you know I’m the coolest chick ever I’m hoping you’ll keep
showing love and support because I would do the same for you! I
encourage everyone to follow their dreams and keep working hard at
doing what you love doing! Thanks so much for taking the time to get
to know me. Be sure to check out my website at and
like my Facebook fan page where I always post my latest photos, events
and updates at










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  1. wow, Saven is perfect to me. I would not go for any more tatts, although the current ones are fine, and don’t change your body it is gorgeous (definitely stay away from breast implants IMO). You stand out from the crowd as is.

  2. Pop Pop Eye Popping! Agree, please think carefully about more tats. They will not take you more quickly to the top, where you are already headed!

  3. Don’t mind the entire group here at AS lol. I’m pretty sure 99% don’t like tattoos for some reason. Tasteful tattoos are always ok in my book πŸ˜‰

  4. WOW!!! She’s smoking hot!!! Her eye makeup suits her well for some reason. Nice cute face and a curvy body. Love her hips and her butt.

  5. First of all, Saven is very beautiful and I love her body. While it’s true that I don’t care much for the heavy tattoo/piercing look, I also feel in her case it just isn’t the right look for her. Right now, she can pull off the girl-next-door look, the girl-next-door-with-a-slight-edge look, or the hot babe look. With more tattoos and piercings, I think she will be limiting herself. She’ll still be hot, though:-)

  6. Just joined the other day. Just in time! Saven rocks my socks! Nicely said Wingsfan19. She has the model pout down to perfection, but a look at her vids shows a girl who loves to have fun and laugh. Don’t let the pout overtake the smile in r/l, stay humble, and your dreams have a very good chance of coming true.

  7. Ah, I had a post lined up on her from last April that just hadn’t been posted yet. Glad you got to interview her though and it’s great that she wanted to be featured here.

    I like that her name sounds like a sexy Asian superhero.

  8. It’s said that to be abit slimmer
    It helps to be a good swimmer
    Good exercise, not hard on the knees
    In no time a woman’s fantasies.

    Of course, there’s one major hurdle
    If you swim like an overweight turtle.
    You’d find me, I fear
    Toward the bottom, quite near.

    So, there towards in my wildest of dreams
    A hot guard would be hearing my screams
    Now in this fantasy of glee.
    I’d want her be Saven Mi.

  9. How’s that Travis? Been bouncing around the noggin for a couple days.

    I stumbled on her tumblr awhile back and was impressed. But now, I am curious. As I open her tumblr from the link above, there’s the same pose from the back with and without tattoos. Can anyone tell whether they’ve been shopped in or out?

  10. Pretty girl, lots of potential. I really wish people would stop trying to tell other people how to live their lives though, no one cares what you think about tattoos. If you don’t want them, don’t get them. If she does, then it’s her right and her body. Live your life the way you want to Savin, not the way someone posting opinions on a computer wants you too.

  11. amen, slackerking. Although I really think you should send me tons of nude photos. or lingerie photos. or headshots, I don’t care, you’re gorgeous.

  12. Slackering, I think when she states in the interview that she plans to get “many more tattoos” it invites opinion on the topic. Of course she will ultimately make her own decision as she should.
    I agree that similar discussions re tattoos get repetitive, but I don’t think anyone is saying how she should live her life, just offering an opinion on another Asian siren.
    Also on the evidence of the Tumblr photos with the photoshopped tatts, I think she looks better without (IMO of course) despite the fact they are nice artwork.

  13. I’m with Luke. This is a forum. Forum for opinions. Everybody has one and, based on the way Lee runs the site, they all are heard unless vulgar or excessively rude. I think it’s fair to comment on the models, like or dislike.

    Here’s how old the tat story is. Go all the way back to July 2005 and look at the 9th post (out of what, Lee, 2400?). Woman with tattoos and a short debate about them (she also had a firearm, which set a few people off.) Seven years of Sirens’ tattoos and comments with no conclusion.

  14. dbldipper has done my job for me here, although slackerking is also entitled to say that he is tired of people talking about tats. I agree with dbldipper and Luke72 however in as much as I don’t think anyone is telling Saven how she should live her life.

    And yes, 2400 is about right.

  15. cute – no – beautifull. I just know she’d be a more awesome person if she got stranded 2O miles outside of town once in while with only a five speed bicycle as her tool. Why do I pick up in five seconds whether or not someone is a hard-body?

  16. Yeah, I really don’t expect her to check out our blog and say “OMG, wingsfan19 doesn’t think I should get any more tattoos or piercings. I’m cancelling my appointments!!” It was just me voicing my opinion, which as dbldipper stated is what we do here. It’s not much different than stating she should or shouldn’t get a boob job. I truly don’t believe my opinions are better than anyone else s’ here (unless it’s politics or religion, or course lol).

    It would be nice if she said, “OMG, that wingsfan sounds cool and square at the same time; I’d love to meet him!” Oh well, a guy can dream……

  17. Just saw Luke’s Tumblr pics above and must say I really really love her delicious backside with or without extra tats. Perfect

  18. I’m not sure I can get past her great legs and butt. I’d like to see her with a little less makeup and few clothes.

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Saven Mi


Saven Mi is more than a clever pun name for a super hero. She’s a model. A model with photos. Photos that you can look at. Pretty cool right? She’s actually a popular model too, with 18,000 Facebook likes. Enjoy!Stats:

Age: 21
Height: 5’6
Ethnicity: Cambodian
Located: Ontario, Canada











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