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I found Vien Lynn when I was perusing some Mac and Bumble stuff. They used to have some quality photography and models. Anyway, I searched for Vien Lynn and found nothing but the one gallery. Maybe she retired? Maybe she changed her name? Regardless, she’s an attractive model. If she retired it’s unfortunate. If she didn’t, it’s not!Stats:

Age: ?
Height: ?
Located: ?








Part 1
Part 2

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  1. I have a lot of photos on Sung Hi Lee from Mac and Bumble (some other ladies too, can’t remember who, though). I don’t think I have any of Vien, though, cuz her I would have remembered.

  2. I’ve come across pics of hers before, but I think they were probably all from M&B. Either way, she’s gorgeous. Actually, as far as appearance goes, she’s the ideal woman.

  3. I was involved in arranging this photo shoot. I would have to look through some notes, but I think this shoot happened about 8 years ago. Her “career” lasted about 2 weeks. I think you can look forever, and you will not find anything more than you have already posted. But she is adorable.

  4. Now SHE is a ‘sex kitten’. Oh yeah Stripes. I agree with ‘effortlessly’!
    With the red streaks and the sexy pout, she’s giving off a bad girl vibe, so interesting there are no tats. Trying to think how popular tats were 8 yrs ago.
    Given her hotness, I am wondering why her ‘career’ lasted only 2 weeks. Can you tell us the reasons dslewisiv?

  5. I have a number of pics of her on my computer from a ways back, she has the same hair in all of them. I wonder if she only modeled for a very short time?

  6. oops sorry, I see from one of the above posts that is the case. Figured it might be. She was really fine though, shame there isn’t more.

  7. As best I recall, she was from Vancouver and had just turned 18. She had a boyfriend. This one photo shoot happened in a hotel room up there near her home. We were encouraging her to come to come to SoCal to shoot with some photographers we had set up, bought her a plane ticket and she was a no show. I think this was her one and only photo shoot.

  8. I think she’s cute; I think she’s hot
    I really like this one a lot.
    Her body’s firm; her body’s tight
    For me, I think she’d fit just right.

    We have sadly verified our thoughts
    There are no more lovely shots.
    This is bad, it’s such a waste
    Ms. Lynn is gone with not a trace.

    Yet, aye we can tell these pix are dated
    For us now looking so ill-fated
    She’s got no tats; her breasts are norm
    Her body’s real – there’s no transform

    One more spot that makes it plain
    Obvious here; need not explain
    In days of yore it was quite weird
    But a woman (today) hath no beard.

  9. I have to agree with the above comments, gorgeous, would love to see more. The girls lately have been of a particularly high standard. Dslewisiv are you sitting on any other hidden gems??

  10. Didn’t see too much that was new at that site Duane Alexander. Although it does list her height (5’1″) and ethnicity (Laotian – something I’d wondered about; thought maybe Thai). Not her birth year though.

  11. This is another one of those occasions where I don’t understand all the gushing from our readers. It’s true that there isn’t really much wrong with her, but for me, there isn’t much right with her either – I just don’t find anything about her compelling.

  12. Rule #1 Doc
    Never, ever, underestimate your readers 😉
    Ok, it’s a dark, well, dim, light..and for SOME reason she finds you ‘compelling’ Doc (hehe), what do you do? Tell her she isn’t?

  13. Well longtack, if her taste in men is that good, that would be compelling. 🙂

    In reality though, I’m probably just as much her type as she is mine. 😉

  14. She’s cute, like most of the cuties I see running around down here. I agree with sucez, I thought the exact same thing when I went. She’s definitely a treat, though I’m not crazy about her, I wouldn’t kick her out of bed for eating crackers… haha!

  15. We all know the Doc doesn’t like much the south east asian look. 🙂
    I just love those dark eyes, full lips and tanned skin. She has a wonderful body too, see pic # 4. And she appears to have genuinely great skin.

    dslewisiv, thanks for the info. She really seems to know how to pose seductively. What did you think of her? A natural or needed a lot of guidance?

    So, she’s now a hot 26yo girl… I hope she has kept in shape.

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