A bunch of Asian calendars


Mystique relased it’s 2008 Wall Calendars! And for us that’s good news, because they usually have a couple of Asian calenders!

Take your pick: East Meets West, Asian Angels, Girls of Asia and Pacific USA. Tila Tequila and Misa Campo have their own 12 months. Too bad we didn’t receive any review copies, so we could have a prize contest for you guys… (tip from: ubu ushooz)

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0 thoughts on “A bunch of Asian calendars”

  1. Having such a calendar above my desk in the US would land me a “sexual harrassment” complaint. What a country.

  2. Beautiful system we have, innit?

    Nice collection, though ever since she started singing and after seeing her MTV show…”Tila” is more annoying than hot. Sad to say.

  3. I always buy a few of these to adorn the walls of my house, though I won’t buy them from the Mystique website. They definitely help the year go by a little more quickly.

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