Devon aka Digia promotes Office 2008 for Mac


Stephen doesn’t know who this model is on the Mactopia webpage, but he wants to buy Office 2008 for Mac now. So who can help him out? (with the model ID, not the Office Mac ;-))

UPDATE: She has been identified as Devon aka Digia. See links in comments for more photos of her.

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0 thoughts on “Devon aka Digia promotes Office 2008 for Mac”

  1. I can’t access her MySpace profile or pictures, but the picture on the front page is terrific. Also, the few pics i have been able to find of her are outstanding…she is really quite beautiful.

    But, i don’t like the picture of her in the Mactopia ad, at all.

  2. Not bad! She looks Viet to me, but it isn’t unusual for Vietnamese to be mixed with Chinese and French anyway.

    I have to say though: while the MM photos are very nice, they are so stylised that they probably don’t give us a very accurate idea of what she looks like in real life.

  3. Oh yeah: not even this babe is enough to make me give money to Micro$oft – one of the biggest reasons for using a Mac is so you don’t have to. 🙂

  4. I have to admit Mike that Niniane Wang is awesome. Beauty and brains…great combination. Devon’s not so bad either 🙂

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