Demi Jessica is Playboy Plus Cyber Girl

Demi Jessica is the Playboy Plus Cyber Girl for the first week of March 2008. See more here or here.

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  1. Better not – it’s still theoretically Playboy’s Copyright. If they don’t want us promoting their images, then to hell with them!

    Certainly a cute girl though!

  2. Hmm….Error please enable javascript. Seems Rapidshare busted something for non IE users?
    Toss that up on a friendlier archive?

  3. Speaking of Playboy Plus, has anyone joined it lately? I haven’t in many years… I’m wondering if they ever put up any new pics of Diana Lee (a playmate almost 20 years ago – May 88!) who I think is still the hottest Asian babe Playboy has had (Pia Reyes – the same year – was hot too). What a shame there aren’t as many pics out there of Diana Lee as there are of say, Jun Kusunagi… Last I checked Playboy Plus had only 23 pics of her, and there were a few other scans floating around, but only a few. Diana Lee, most of you probably know, also danced semi-nude in the opening of one of the Bond movies, “License to Kill”…

  4. Problem is, they don’t send annoying emails. They just send legal threats to our ISP! I wish they would actually contact us, so we can sort it out with them.

    Anwyay, I’m going to take it down.

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