Jenny Hyun: singer, songwriter and model

Her name is Jenny Hyun, she’s 23 years old, originally from LA and now living in NYC. She is a Korean-American Pop/R&B singer, songwriter and model. Check her out at, her YouTube and her MySpace. Or just click More… for a song.

She found us, so I figure she wants some feedback… 😉

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0 thoughts on “Jenny Hyun: singer, songwriter and model”

  1. I”m no voice critic so I won’t comment on that.

    She is slightly better than average (Korean average) looking.

    Her photo galleries appear really amateurish. Bad make up, bad wardrobe, bad poses. There are a few photos in which she is really smiling and they stand out from the rest.

    This is meant as constructive criticism.

  2. Seems cute enough, and she would appear to be a competent singer. However, her stuff is so produced it’s hard to tell for sure! I would like to hear something a bit more raw so I can hear what she really sounds like (plus I’m really tired of this sound – all the popular stuff sounds like this these days!).

  3. sorry, but she earns an instant no in my book.

    her second youtube clip is a song about how she hates being relegated as a “geisha girl,” yet in her about me section on her myspace page she describes herself as having “exotic beauty.” nearly all of her promotional photos are of her with long black hair, blunt bangs (‘china doll’ bangs), and lingerie. what is she selling? what is she trying to suggest? i don’t see that same girl in the video above walking around town. i see a bubbly LA girl, none of this seductive lingerie stuff. there is no personality in this photos, just sex. she’s only corroborating her ‘geisha girl’ image. if the intent was to appear both sexy and smart, i suggest she market herself differently.

    additionally i can’t tell whether her voice is great or not. to me, her vocal range is average and her songs sound very produced.

    i’m overall not impressed with how she chose to represent herself and her music. she could do a lot better. lookswise, she looks very korean – and as someone else said, she’s slightly above average. if she cut some layers to frame her face, i think it would make her face look less oblong and and more shapely.

  4. gahhh. there is no personality in these photos*

    make her face look less oblong and more shapely*

    early morning commenting = excessive typographical errors 🙁

  5. she’s 100% lip singing for sure, no doubt in that. I am a pro in music recording. =) second video

  6. With you on this one CHRISTINE.She’s cute enough…suspect vocals…but the world does’nt need another overproduced A-POP/BRITNEY/JESSICA clone.She could’ve stayed in Cali to make that kinda’ music.You know…that DISNEYFIED/MALL CHIK/MUSIC VIDEO tripe.Unrefined and undefined marketing message.In fact this whole little adventure to NY REEEEEKS of SUBURBAN PRINCESS SEEKING “AUTHENTICITY” while having the parents bankroll the basics.

    If you really wanna separate yourself from the dung pile there toots…listen to the music of:


    Channeling them will re-mold your fame seeking soul into something more like a MUSICIAN.It will also set you apart in this vast ocean of TOXIC POP MEDIOCRITY.Otherwise just come on back to Cali & marry TODD…as you probably will.
    My 2cents.

  7. Christine, don’t forget you can edit your posts! 😉

    I absolutely agree with pretty much everything you say (as I already said above re voice/production). I was also turned off by the “I’m not your geisha girl” thing, although I look at it from a slightly different angle to you. On the one hand, it seems that a lot of Asian American girls like Jenny love to play up their “exoticness”, while at the same time telling us this kind of thing! They can’t have it both ways – I really think they have some self identity issues to sort out.

  8. Oh, and dartdude is absolutely right of course – the band in the clip aren’t playing a single note of the music in the song either!

  9. They rarely are these days, especially amongst models and performers! (Koreans frequently have excellent, almost imperceptible facial surgery as well.) I will go through her photos and see what I think.

  10. Actually, I didn’t have to go through her pics – just the image on her home page was enough! I am quite sure Christine is right.

  11. I agree with Christine, except I don’t think she’s that cute. I lived in South Korea for over a year and would say she’s just average.

  12. I do not think she is attractive.
    She is OK. I have seen better looking Korean girls in NYC.

    I’m sorry but unless you’re represented by a “REAL modeling agency”….well than you’re really not a “model”

    I don’t understand why a lot of Asian women want to be models or pretend models. Obviously if you’re modeling by making your own website or posing at those riduculous car shows than it’s not real modeling!!!

    Her singing is good but her face…eh???

  13. I think that if a girl is operating her own modelling pay site she can be classified as a real model, as she is making money from modelling.

  14. She is not cute and I can’t listen to more than 2 seconds of any of her music without shutting it off. What she should do is drop the music aspirations and go with modeling. I wouldn’t pay to look at her but some people would.

  15. LOL @ Candyman!!! “I wouldn’t pay to look at her but some people would” AHAHAHA i love it

  16. Not a flashy beauty, but a pretty girl, with some nice slim body, I like her moves in the street in NYC, that’s sexy. 🙂

    Okay, I don’t think she wants to make a career in modelling alone, but she’s probably trying to mix the voice and the overall looks. And I don’t appreciate that pop music above, besides there’s a lot of competition on pop.

    But don’t rush to conclusions so fast. Check below this song from her, ‘Someone’, she says she wrote it herself. I’ve already listened to it 3 times, I really like it. If she keeps doing music like this, maybe she can have a shot at fame.
    Good melody, good lyrics, if she really wrote it all, she sure seems to have some talent to me.

    Christine, come on. MOST women say they are not our geishas and they don’t wanna be seen under a sexual light, but let’s face it: they still show up for dinner with incredible miniskirts and delicious cleavage, or wear a discreet but very elegant and slightly revealing office attire. Women do want us, men, to desire them and their looks.
    The rest is just smoke-screen and no-geisha songs, to pretend they don’t… 🙂

  17. I’m glad that you love it christine. I still can’t believe that she is a model because she got an instant no from me as well. Usually I don’t comment on those that are featured who get an instant no because I don’t want to be nothing but negative but sometimes I can’t help it. I think she looks like a hot mess in her modeling pics with those bangs, lipstick, and all that eyeliner. Looking like a raccoon ain’t cute. I look at her vids and she looks so much better without all that stuff. And in the pics where she wears only a little makeup she looks better than the pics where she is wearing next to nothing.

    I also can’t take her seriously musically when I look at her and see nothing but red lipstick and no eyes. She doesn’t do nudes because of her music career but how can looking like a prostitute be any better?

    Her voice is okay but her music is overproduced. If she looked more natural and stuck with making pop music, then she would do alright. I wouldn’t pay to listen to her music but some people would. Then again I must be wrong since people like the way she looks and her music and is getting paid to model. 🙁

  18. I think the street scene with Jenny is actually pretty cute. Even in a short clip we can see she’s got an attractive personality. Okay, yes, her sound is not particularly original. STRIPED has suggestions about who she should be listening to, and CANDYPERSON is right about the music sounding over-produced. But come on guys (uh, and Christine) she’s got some pluck! Let’s get behind her – no, *not* in that way – and wish her success!

  19. Stop overusing the black eyeliner, it really hides your beautiful Korean eyes. Try more subtle makeup, the aim should be [natural] beauty, not sex appeal. Also, check out some of the fashion trends currently in style in Korea; I think you would look good in something other than those dresses which you really, honestly, look uncomfortable being in [for your photoshoots]. Change the picture on your homepage to one of you smiling, as soon as possible, please.

    For reference, I am a professional photographer.

    For your music, It really isn’t my style, but it isn’t too horrible. Best wishes.

    Good luck, 젠니 (누나). You can contact me via the email found on this site.

  20. i think she looked better in the you tube video when her glasses were hiding half of her face…=(

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