Our three hottest entries ever!


According to Google Analytics (which we have been using for the last two years) these three entries are our most popular ever:

1. Reon Kadena Videos with 213.083 pageviews.
2. Sora Aoi – best natural boobs, or are they implants? with 187.068 pageviews.
3. Natt Chanapa with 186.840 pageviews.

(Maria Ozawa, Japanese-Canadian AV Idol is #4 with 147.626 pageviews. So can we conclude Japanese babes have finally conquered the world?)

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  1. You can conclude that Japanese girls have conquered this site, that’s about it. While there are some cute Japanese girls, they fall below (on average) all of the fare available in every other Asian country. I lived 4 years in Japan and let me tell you, the average Japanese girl looks nothing like the girls above.

  2. I don’t know – I think we have a pretty good mix. I think Japanese models are undoubtedly hot right now, and it is appropriate that our posts reflect that.

  3. Yep. Reon Kadena is seriously one of the hottest Japanese girls around if not the hottest. About the Jap girls, I probably do prefer them the most over other Asians, I think, still I see beauties in all Asian regions. Beautiful Asian woman honestly make life living worthwhile.

  4. What’s the big deal about Reon? Yeah, she’s certainly cute enough, but what makes her stand out from so many other cute Japanese models? I just don’t see it.

  5. Doc, I don’t really know how to explain it, but I’ll give it a shot.

    There are the obvious reasons, of course. She is very attractive, has great breasts, outstanding skin, beautiful eyes and lips, etc. But, as you say, that isn’t what makes her stand out, IMO.

    Reon is just special, IMO. She is voluptuous while at the same time, quite innocent looking. She is smoking hot…but, not perfect (the teeth for example). She looks HAPPY and normal, not pouty and phony or posed (at least in much of her work), like most models.

    She is young and fresh, but not so young looking that you feel dirty looking at her pictures. She is the perfect mix of the girl next door and the hottest girl you’ve ever seen.

  6. Pretty much everything you just said could apply to just about any Japanese model. Again I ask: what makes her stand out from the rest of them?

  7. I guess you posted your response while I was posting mine – as I’ve already stated, everything Bigfoot Dean said could apply to just about any Japanese model. None of the things he mentioned are unique to Reon at all amongst Japanese models.

    What’s more, the language in your post is uncalled for, and this isn’t the first time I’ve had to give you a warning. This will be the last one.

  8. I understand it’s very subjective and there is no way to communicate it precisely. But, I don’t think most models look to be having fun, most of the time. I think very few, that are extremely hot, actually look approachable and “real”.

    Finally, I just think her face is extraordinarily pretty. Her eyes and lips are incredible, IMO. While I REALLY like some of the other Japanese models, like Sora and Shina Eika (to name just two), they just aren’t as PRETTY as Reon.


    Of course, that’s just my opinion…but, obviously it is shared by many others as Reon is one of the most popular of the Japanese models.


  9. Once again, I think the characteristics you mention apply to many Japanese models. However, they key may be in your assertion that she is prettier than other Japanese models. I do not agree with this, but she does have a more Eurasian look than most other Japanese models, which may be why so many westerners find her so attractive.

  10. I just went through Reon’s pics again, and not only do I find her to be average overall for a Japanese model, I actually find her to be less pretty than the average Japanese model. (Her body is certainly better than average, but still not spectacularly so.)

    I think I might now know why so many white guys like her so much though: she looks more like a Thai girl than any other Japanese model I can think of. And we all know how much most white guys love Thai girls (and how much I don’t!).

  11. Without a doubt, Reon is my favorite all time Asian model. I’ve seen dozens, maybe even hundreds of beautiful models, but for some reason Reon has this effect on me that the others do not.

    It’s not something I can really explain.

  12. Once again I’ve got to side with “Pappa Doc” on this. Reon Kadena is quite pretty, to be sure, but what *is* all the fuss is about?? Helen-of-Tokyo? The face (breasts, legs, etc.) that launched a thousand sampans? I don’t think so. This woman must be sending out some kind of subliminal signal that some of us just aren’t picking up!

  13. I envy you. Chuckles. Reon Kadena obviously has got something going on under the hood that drives her admirers round-the-bend. May she live eternally.

  14. Reon looks like she could wake up in the morning, without makeup, and still be gorgeous. That’s a plus.

    Then… the eyes, the nose, the lips, the body, the attitude. And yes, she is one of the models who displays more happiness, that counts a lot too. She teases, she seems to enjoy her shootings and she loves to be worshipped. Oh and the breasts, look at her breasts, now, seriously.

    BigDean said all the rest. Reon is kinda out of this world.

  15. Yet again, pretty much all of these characteristics could be said to apply to many Japanese models (some others more so IMHO). Indeed, I think she is less pretty than most Japanese models.

  16. Doc, to add to our previous conversation about what is so special about Reon Kadena…this is the way Ask Men’s Magazine describes what I was trying to get at:

    “Reon Kadena has a flawless complexion, angelic glow and a curious, wide-eyed expression. Adding to her appeal is a tiny gap between her teeth, which produces a radiant smile that balances her raven-like hair. Innocence and seduction have never been paired so deliciously.”


    Now, you may not agree that Reon has these qualities in better proportion than other Japanese models, but obviously there are plenty of guys who do. (That makes it neither right or wrong, of course. It is a matter of taste.) But, that is what we find so special about her, I think.

    For me, she balances the sex/innocence thing extremely well and looks to be having a ton of fun, and has a gorgeous face, and a smokin’ (soft) bod. Hell, what’s not to like?

    That you find her nothing particularly special is what is great about beauty. If we all like the same thing, it would be quite boring.

  17. I’m really starting to think that it may simply be because she is better known in the west than most other Japanese models – once again, there is nothing here that is unique to her amongst them.

  18. Every woman is “unique”, yet a description of what is unique about any woman can never truly be unique, can it? Can a description of great beauty, ever truly represent the beauty it describes? Perhaps a better poet than I, would be able to do her more justice.

    Can you describe why you think one woman is prettier than another in a way that someone else couldn’t reply, “There is nothing unique about that explanation. Many other women share those qualities?”

    Your insistence that there be something “unique” confuses me, and your conclusion that the appreciation of Reon must be due to something other than an honest appreciation of her beauty is odd. Honestly, your speculation that those who find her particularly interesting, do so because she is “better known” is a little condescending, actually.

    The truth is, some of us believe she is more attractive than others who share her similar “objective” characteristics. I’ve done my best at explaining why her particular mixture is more attractive than another with a similar mixture of characteristics.

    When you say “there is nothing unique to her”, my only comeback (given the parameters of this discussion) is:

    Yes, she is unique because she has a prettier face than most all of the others, she has a brighter/more joyful expression than most all the others, she exudes innocent sexiness in a way the others do not.

    What is unique, I guess, it that I perceive that in her. But, be very sure that it is what I perceive, and not simply because she is well-known. I found her outstanding when I didn’t even know she was popular.

    So, you may not agree with my assessment. But, please don’t question the honesty and integrity of my assessment. I calls em as I sees em.

    And, I would assume that those who concur with me, have a similar (but unique) reaction to her.


    Of course, her “popularity” is probably, as with everything else, a function of marketing.

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