Han Jang-hee

Han Jang-hee

Even though there weren’t any girls who stood out during the 2006 World Cup like the media-named “Miss World Cup,” Shim Mina did in 2002, Han Jang-hee aka “Elf Girl” came the closest. After a photo of her wearing a nicely modified “Red Devils” t-shirt (the official name of the Korean national soccer team’s fans) hit the Internet, she was quickly dubbed Elf Girl, due to her resemblance to a popular anime character.Unlike Mina, who came out with her debut CD before the furor from the 2002 World Cup had a chance to die down, it’s taken Jang-hee almost three years to release hers. She got plenty of offers from entertainment agencies shortly after her photo hit cyberspace, but she reportedly wanted to stay out of the limelight, even though she was no stranger to show biz. (Her mother was a fairly successful “trot” singer, and got Jang-hee featured on the cover of a CD in 2005.)

However, she changed her mind and decided she wanted to become a singer late last year and, according to the Korean entertainment media buzz, her debut disc is due for release any day now. Even though it’s been reported that she’s been taking dance and vocal lessons for the last few months, I don’t think her singing will be what sells her.

Han Jang-hee

Han Jang-hee
This and above: From her latest photo shoot

Han Jang-hee
A candid shot taken near her home sometime in 2006

Han Jang-hee (Elf Girl)
The photo taken and uploaded during the 2006 World Cup that gave Jang-hee her big break

IF - We Are Music (Han Jang-hee cover)
Gracing the cover of Hip Hop duo IF’s 2005 We Are Music CD

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  1. (Can’t edit other one so I’ll just add this on)
    She’s beautiful and everything but who doesn’t want to see a sexy korean naked? (I have now explained myself =p)

  2. The main pic is a great work of art, but the more candid pics reveal a pretty plain looking girl. Cute and skinny, but pretty plain. I do like the one with the red tee too though. Maybe she’s already growing on me.

  3. she looks so porcelain… how do girls in korea get discovered while having no talent? she only looks good in that pic with the red bandanna t-shirt.

  4. The first pic certainly is spectacular. Of course, it is heavily produced.

    But, I actually think she looks pretty damn good in all the photos, except for the candid taken that looks to be taken at night, with her in a short skirt. (It looks as though she may be drunk in that one.)

    I also think she looks fine (but, not particularly Asian) in the pic taken at the World Cup, and that’s pretty much a candid, too.

    I’ll have to see more, before I make a final judgment.

  5. oh my…i hear she’s good with balls (sorry, i had to). Don’t really like her with the short hair but with the long hair, she’s solid.

  6. She’s gorgeous – heavily photoshopped or not. Nice body, perfect lips, innocent eyes and great nose (worked on?).

    This is the kind of girl that I’m looking to find when I come to this site (which is very frequently I might add!).

  7. No tone, no shape, but meanwhile she obviously spent thousands on her eyes, nose and probably her chest, while neglecting to work out and try to develop some shape. I used to think Korean women generally are the better looking of the Asians, but after finding out something like forty percent of all Korean women under forty have had some work done, that changes everything…

  8. Like it.I think she went a little overboard on the nose…but I like the tomboy/model vibe she’s giving off.Go back to the long hair.

  9. She may have potential, but the photos are from such opposite ends of the spectrum. There has to be some middle ground where it would be easier to tell.

  10. I think she stayed out of the limelight for so long because she wanted to get all that work done before she got more famous, just a guess though… Still, she was and still is very hot.

  11. Yes, the prevelance of extensive facial surgery (i.e. not just the usual nose job and eyelid surgery) is probably greatest amongst Koreans relative to ther Asians. But damn, they do a good job of it – I often can’t tell (in stark contrast to the rather obvious nose jobs a lot of other Asians have, for example).

  12. The breasts are fake but fantastic and the face is flawless but she has to work on those legs..cluck cluck…

  13. ok she looks weird on the 5th photo with the denim skirt…makes her look like uhh…man…with excessive facial surgery…

  14. given that mostly we are admiring photos credit to those responsible for the first photo, oustanding!

  15. Jang-Hee Han Haiku:

    Fragile to the touch
    Now ready for my close up
    Don’t call me plastic

    I find Korean models to be the most made-up and worked models out there. She has natural beauty but it is taken to the extreme and overdone.

  16. This woman has had so much surgery done that in half the photos she doesn’t look Asian at all, and in most of the others she looks “half.” That was probably her intent, but I think it’s a pity. Funny how I prefer Asian women who actually look Asian.

  17. Luvjgirls, there’s nothing wrong with lusting after cartoon characters some are really hot 😉

  18. Yo, Han Jang Hee is hot. As for surgery, as long as it looks good, who cares. Check her out in Maxim if you haven’t done so already at the link below.


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