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A friend told me to check this girl out. And I did. And I just couldn’t keep her for myself! Check out PinkBeltRage at She has quite a lot of sets there, but in this set you can see more of her. (On the photo above she is playing with an Apple AirPort Extreme by the way.)

Like most online people she has a blog where you can read more about her. Could not find her ethnicity though. Anyone?

UPDATE: We have now established that she is Japanese.

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  1. Beauty, style, nerdy attitude and brains: all this makes her so sexy and perfect!
    Dang, wait… she’s taken… 🙁 lol

    She’s a nerd, so I guess she will find her way here, maybe she’ll answer the question…

    I guess she is Japanese, from what she says here.

  2. As a lot of Asians follow Japanese culture these days, this isn’t very conclusive; however, judging from her looks, Japanese would be my best guess.

    And yet more proof that all the hottest Asian babes use Macs. 😉

  3. My first guess was to be Korean or Japanese. But then she mentioned that… You may have a point too, but japanese seems a strong lead.

    I’m not a huge Mac fan but I could change, for one of them. 🙂

  4. Judging from her eyes and nose, I believe she is Chinese or Korean.

    I just wish to God people would post their ethnicity/ geographic location so we aren’t left guessing.

    I take pride in writing online with my geographic location and vital stats.

  5. Wow, the good “Doctor” got one right. So that’s one, amongst the dozens of other times where he’s made inconclusive assertions about Asian models that were never confirmed.

    Someone tell me, who is this guy, really? Is he even a real doctor? It’ll be funny as hell if someone with the nick “Dr. Lee” is neither a Doctor, nor Asian.

  6. If you go through the archives Stat, you will see I have been shown to be right several times. And where my comments are ‘inconclusive’, it is simply because (as Northman likes to point out!) it is impossible to prove one way or the other.

    And I am not Asian – Lee is my first name, not my last!

  7. You go ahead and continue with your absurd notion that (almost) every Asian person with a somewhat straight nose MUST have had nose surgery. Much of my family is from Hong Kong and China, and many of them have somewhat prominent nose bridges. I guess you’re going to tell me that half my relatives have had nose surgery done as well. LOL

  8. So you’re still holding a grudge after six years? Anyway, it is clear that you’ve come here simply to make trouble – if you post one more comment along these lines I will be forced to ban you (see the guidelines at the bottom of the page).

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