Bikini bowling

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  1. Yes, these days Japanese women shave.
    This is relatively recent, I’m guessing only came about the past 20 years.
    I don’t mind a little hair if it is soft and wispy, only a few hairs.

  2. Thats a pretty goofy concept for a commercial. Its not really even funny. The girl sliding around in her underwear is the only redeeming part of it.

  3. > Its not really even funny.

    Not to you. It may be a knee slapper for Japanese people. They have quite different humor from the west. I don’t mean completely alien, but the difference between funny and not funny is pretty thin in any culture.

    Do you know what they call a really bad joke in Japan? They call it an American joke.

    And I am not joking.

  4. It’s funny in that the punchline was unexpected. Anyone recognize the girl? She’s beautiful.

  5. LOL! I LOVE this…especially the ball-return scene. Not only slapping my knee, I almost fell outta my chair laughing!

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