Danielle Lo


Danielle Lo is a model you may recognize from our preview of the now apparently defunct Imagine Models website. She’s been around for a while on the Import Circuit, at least on the Import Magazine circuit – I have no idea if she actually goes to import car shows but a lot of these girls are famous for the style of modeling and not the actual import cars.Stats:

Age: 23
Height: 5’5
Ethnicity: Chinese, German, English, Irish & Austrian
Located: New York










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  1. ahhhhhhhhhh she’s part Chinese. She looks asian on some pics and some you can’t even tell. Hot though.

  2. Oh wow. I was ready to go level an entire mountain to pick out the right stone to crush with my bare hands into the diamond I would put on her finger.Then I saw that inked abomination on her otherwise perfect legs.

    Talk about “bumper sticker on a Bentley”…

  3. I couldn’t care less about the tatts she is hot as hell. At least she kept them off the parts of her body that I would be concentrating on.

  4. @STRIPES, I’m certainly no fan of tatts, but those are barely noticeable and wouldn’t deter me in the least.

  5. Agreed the tat doesn’t detract. Beautiful woman. It’s what you get when you mix the genes. Nature’s way.

  6. Gosh, just not enough comments for this length of time…maybe I will post a dozen or two for this lovely, and I mean lovely, young woman!!

  7. She’ll be popular here, but just ok for me as she’s not too asian looking. Who cares about the tats, I didn’t even notice them until the posts.

  8. Yeah not very Asian except in some poses and expressions, but very nice. Compelling figure. Great quality in the shots. She’s got the lips! Mmmmm. The tats are unobtrusive and nicely positioned. She has many looks, very versatile model.

  9. We’ve got a hot one here. I’m usually not crazy about the import types, but this one is an exception.

  10. yep… she has something alright..

    sadly however just not asian enough for me….. Still a very attractive lady however.

    If she looked a bit more asian and spoke with a german accent, she’d have me drooling at her feet.

  11. I may slowly be driven insane
    By all the time spent on a plane.
    Shanghai, Paris, London, Dubai
    At times, I really just wonder why?

    Once home, I’ve barely time to unpack
    Before on the road I quickly am back
    Bangalore, Frankfurt, Tokyo, Seoul
    Much more of this and I’ll have no soul.

    Every so often there’s some chance to scan
    A Siren’s beauty while sprawled on the divan.
    Some thoughts in my head; something to say
    Then beep beep from the taxi and I’m off on my way.

    So step in he does, my Aussie friend kroos
    With well chosen words; a spritely new muse
    So a message for the lads who populate this blog
    Keep up the work, while ’round the world I do slog

    For it’s these posts that really keep me going
    Back home to the screen, where there sure will be showing
    A lovely Asian siren, with body and face
    One in my dreams that I’d surely embrace.

  12. The master is back, if only briefly (sadly). To all the apprentices: read and learn. 🙂

    So why are you flying so much dbldipper?

  13. *kroos grovels at the feet of the returned dbldipper and begs forgiveness for daring to attempt to replace him in his absence. Kroos then scurries away to the nearest seedy dimly lit bar and starts trying to impress the asian bar girls with his bronze medal*

    By the way, this is girl has achieved results that Suzi Rhee could not….

  14. Never claimed to be better than dipper-san!

    Sound like someone has a very interesting job:-)

  15. not bad, the last pic is awful though. needs to stay away from that look in the future, whatever it’s supposed to be… pics #1-3 fantastic (best #3), the rest worth a peek.

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