Suzy Ree


I guess at least a few of our readers will put Suzy in the ‘nothing special’ category. Though to my eye she at least she’s really got a nice ‘girl next door’ thing going on which I really dig. Not much out there on her though I’m afraid. Let’s hope that changes as she starts posting on her tumblr more.









Suzy’s Stats:

Age: 20
Height: 5′ 3″
Ethnicity: Korean???
Located: Fontana, California, US


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0 thoughts on “Suzy Ree”

  1. From the size of her head, I’d have to say ‘Korean’……

    If she was sitting alone in a dingy bar with poor lighting and cheap beer, I’d definitely be interested. Could be a LOT of fun. However as a model, I’m not so sure….

  2. That first pic had her speaking to me, “Me wuv wong time”. Korean also came to mind immediately.

  3. That’s a very sexy pose in that last pic above. I agree with Subic Man on the posture.

  4. Not that I’m into tall women, but there is something about her that makes her look extremely short. 5’3″ ? Looks more like 4’10”. She has nice skin.

  5. Cute ‘n’ sexy!
    Love her legs, esp. the profile shots.
    and she is gorgeous in the last pic.

  6. agreed with fungusfarm, from some of the photos she looks much shorter than 5’3″. Not sure why Suzy would bother being liberal with the truth when stating her height though. 5’3″ is still pretty small.

    This year I had the pleasure of going out for the first time with a girl (Asian of course) who was under 5 foot tall. I think it’s fair to say I’ve been entranced by smaller Asian women ever since.

  7. Yeah, “asian snooky” is a bit harsh. Still, this is the Korean look that I don’t care that much for. The bar wouldn’t have to be too dimly lit, though:-)

  8. Fungusfarm I think she looks shorter because she has a short neck. I find the black monokini shot unflattering.

  9. yeah where is dipper these days???

    hang on, I’ll have a go.

    I’d take her to bed,
    but the size of her head
    would require an oversized pillow

    For an hour or two
    we would happily screw
    and the sheets would all flutter and billow

    But the thing about Suzi
    is I like to be choosy
    about the models I beat to on porn

    So sadly Ms Rhee,
    you’ve failed poor me
    and I still have a limp wrinkled horn

  10. Gold Kroos! I hope you fill the void in dippers absence, hilarious and to the point.

  11. But only a Silver – or is it a Bronze? – from the other judge! lol

    well done kroos!–er kroods.

  12. There once was a bloke named kroos
    who said that he’d only peruse
    Miss Suzy Ree
    for a minute or three
    but only if fueled by booze

  13. I find this girl totally hot, but I can see where a lot of people probably won’t. She’s probably not model hot in the strict sense of the word but she’s definitely the type of girl I’d like in real life (and she’s from Fontucky which isn’t too far from me so there’s hope). That first picture does it for me, but I kindof liked them all, plus you can pick her up and spin her around…

  14. I think that people who like the rounded Chinese face shape would find her very appealing. I prefer the angular Chinese face style myself. I don’t get a lot of Korean there, she probably is a mix though.

  15. Thanks kroos, if I’d taken more than a minute or two maybe I could get the gold!!

  16. I nominate kroos as lead poet.
    Dipper pulled his punches.

    I concur with his sentiments. Another little midget asian lady is Big Deal because she’s in USA and not Asia. That’s just the way things are.

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