Cutie Honey Live Action Series

A live-action series based on the classic anime Cutie Honey just started airing in Japan, starring bikini idol Mikie Hara. Check out Danny Choo’s gallery of screencaps.

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  1. First impression: her wig makes her look like Lulu (the Scottish pop singer, not the hot gothic lady from Final Fantasy 10). On the other hand, being a fan of the movie, there’s no way I won’t be watching this.

    If it’s live-action TV, it may not be as entertainingly perverted as previous incarnations of CH, but I could still be surprised… if they really ramp up the unlimited cosplay transformations element of the character I’ll be happy. (That was the best thing about that show Alias, thinking about it.)

    Jesus, I’m rambling again…

  2. Having just watched it, I can report that while she does not, there is one scene with a creepy old yakuza geezer cosying up to (presumably) his gangster’s moll who provides some unexpected nipple content. The show is quite fun – the idiot male lead has a fine line in slapstick and there are some surprisingly gory moments involving criminals coming to bloody ends.

    Not too sure about Mikie Hara as Honey – she’s a bit too stiff and mature-looking for my tastes. In bikini idol fantasy casting terms I would have preferred somebody like Sayuki Matsumoto who has a nicely suitable airhead persona and rather saucier looks to boot. But I’ll keep watching.

  3. They should have use Eriko Sato. The girl who played Cutie Honey in the movie. At least you can get the movie here in the States now.

  4. @ Transfer…. i completely agree with you that they should have cast Sayuki Matsumoto…. I’ve been ogling her for a long time…

    @ everyone… don’t get me wrong all these girls are hot especially Eriko Sato but i think Sayuki has a better look for this show

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