Japanorama – Sex

Japanorama – Sex – Part 1/3

Japanorama is a series of BBC documentaries presented by Jonathan Ross, exploring various facets of popular culture and trends of modern-day Japan.

Each episode of Japanorama has a theme, around which Jonathan Ross presents cultural phenomena, films, music, and art that exemplify facets of Japan. The series is colorful in both its creative use of subject matter, and its use of bright colors that helps accent the action on screen rather than distract from it.And of course there is an episode about Sex. I found the first two parts on YouTube.

Japanorama – Sex – Part 2/3
Season 1. Episode 3. Aired: June 1 2002

You might even want to watch ALL episodes! 😉

Thanks to donnor we now can see the complete Sex episode:

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  1. I want to watch all parts…Great…Just Great….I think I’m spending to much time in China….

  2. For non-UK readers who aren’t familiar with Jonathan Ross, be assured that his irritating cheeky chappy persona is inescapable here, as he’s an extremely high-profile mainstream chat show host and DJ who earns ridiculous amounts of our money (since his employer, the BBC, is paid for with the compulsory TV licence fee).

    That said, he is a very genuine fan of the things he cares about and not remotely cynical, which makes him a better presenter of a show about those kerraazy Japanese people than could have been; and according to an acquaintance who used to serve him on his megabucks buying jaunts at the Forbidden Planet comics store in London, a rare non-assholish celebrity.

  3. Didn’t learn much of anything new, other than an interview with Japan’s first porn queen Kyoko Aizome.
    What does it say about me that I’ve seen 95% of the movies referenced? = p

  4. I just received a warning that this site wants to install an ActiveX control on my computer: “DivX Web Player”. Should I??

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