Bizarre Japan!

Bizarre Japan!

Since it’s Japan Week on Asian-Sirens, we bring you yet another blog about the land of the rising sun: Bizarre Japan. “Sex, madness and pure fun!” as they say.

Fart fetish, bondage, dvd-reviews, omorashi (endurance & pissing), schoolgirls, lolicon and diaper play, you’ll find it all…

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0 thoughts on “Bizarre Japan!”

  1. isn’t the pissing began in a german porn? thought i read that somewhere in wikipedia.
    does anyone know who started it first? the japanese or the germans?

  2. Actually, I believe the Germans are big on shitting. Shiza (sp?) is a big thing, there.

    It’s all a little too strange for me.

  3. How strange, the Japanese & Germans being on the same page on something sick & twisted. Who woulda thunk it…

  4. I recall taking my Japanese GF through the US Holocaust Museum. She said the whole climate and mindset was exactly the same in Japan during the war: manic obsession and desire for order & iron-fisted authority, fear/hatred/brutality, and nationalism run amok.

  5. i still dont get it 🙂 scats and pissing and enemas. whatever happened to just straight boinking and sometime a little anal :)) to the women not on me :))

  6. If there were high school girls like this it would be great!!
    high school girls’ farts version: “Are you interested in our farts?”

    What a great title for a DVD. Toilet humor bridges the cultural divide once again.

  7. I heard they banned naked sushi bars in China (it was all over newspapers, so yes – it’s not a myth, they do exist). does anybody know anything about “naked sushi” in Japan?

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