Ami Tokito


There were a couple of things about Ami Tokito that definitely caught my attention.

Firstly there was the glasses…for me, a nice pair of glasses definitely adds a level of sexiness.Secondly there is the fact that she likes basketball. Cute Asian girls that play the sport that I love…is super attractive!

Anyways…back to Ami.

Ami Tokito is a Japanese pop singer. In 2005 she was named Miss Young Jump. She has since become a popular gravure model & meganekko (glasses) idol thanks mostly to her unique personality and look. She apparently wears the glasses to cover her shyness, even though she has perfect vision.

As well as her solo music career, she has also joined a group called Gyaruru.

Age: 19
Birthday: September 25th
Birthplace: Tokyo, Japan
Hair Color: Black
Eye Color: Brown
Height: 154cm
Hobbies: Basketball & futsal











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0 thoughts on “Ami Tokito”

  1. Wow – as someone that is not a fan of Japanese women, I really like her. The glasses help. Super cute. The glasses are probably what do it for me too.

  2. Travis, this might sound funny, but it might be the nose. Her nose is a bit wider than most Japanese girls (at least most in the modeling industry).

  3. She’s definitely a cutie. But – and I usually am easy prey for Japanese cuties – she looks like a million other Japanese girls out there.

    The glasses and the skimpy clothes certainly give off a pretty sexy vibe but there’s nothing special about Ami. Pretty much any Japanese model can pull this look off – and maybe better.

    Not saying I wouldn’t be very interested in adding her to my list of conquests, but I think we’ve all seen sexier, prettier J-girls posted on here (not complaining though!!).

  4. This girl is so cute she inspired me to register and post for the first time. I think I like her more than most of the others because she doesn’t look like she’s had an eye or nose job, and no implants. She looks more real, like the cute girls I’ve seen in Japan and Taiwan.

  5. WOW! I love the profile pic. Those retro 70’s shorts are hot, and she has booty to fill them. The glasses are a plus! NICE!

  6. Nice cleavage, the glasses do give her a distinctive look. I knew the Doc would like her………

  7. Sefu, Nice find…thanks for the post.

    Although i’m not a big fan of this type of model, this girl is great looking.

    beautiful face and figure. hope to see more of her in the future.

  8. Nice butt in the first pic and she looks cute in the 4th pic where she’s on her computer. I’m a sucker for the glasses.

  9. Guys, take the glasses off and is she anything special?

    Put the glasses on any number of sirens and are they suddenly sexier?

    Food for thought!

  10. Hell, I’m biased on this one. She could pass as a twin sister of a girl I dated in Korea, even had the same kind of glasses. Pleasant memories… 🙂

    sevendeuce, for me only some girls look sexier with glasses. It really depends on the facial structure of the girl and whether the glasses fit her look. I think she looks sexiest with the darker framed glasses in the third to last pic.

  11. I am a leaning towards sevendeuce on this one, she is nice but there have been many better posted here IMO. The basketball thing is a worry, along with tennis and golf I find it one of the least watchable sports going around 😉

  12. sevenduece,
    #1 yea, she’s still cute as hell w/a killer bod.
    #2…it doesn’t matter…all I care is that they work on THIS model.
    Can’t get my fill of Ami…

  13. wow so much positive praise. She’s cute, good body but the glasses are a turn off.
    Luke72, you don’t even like female tennis? I don’t follow it but the short skirts will keep me watching if I’m bored enough. And what’s not to like about basketball? It’s fast paced, physical (if you don’t think so play with me) and tactical.

  14. “Guys, take the glasses off and is she anything special?”

    I think you’re missing the point….in a crowded model field something that separates one from the crowd can be a positive. IMHO this works well here and hats off to ‘er…Ami found her niche, and damn successfully as I think she’s one of the cutest models posted here on AS.

    Or look at in a little different and sexier perspective; don’t think of them as glasses but eye protection. Use your imagination and fill in the blanks from there…;)

  15. Cute girl with attractive hobby.
    Her body is very sexy also.
    I think she has a bright future for a model.

  16. Chairman Kaga: I think *you* missed the point. While I understand that the glasses she wears are a prop to differentiate herself – the questions are:

    1. Would she be attractive without them?

    2. Would other models be more attractive with them?

    The entire points was that we are falling for an archetype (eg. the “dirty librarian”). We are not falling for the actual quality of the model herself.

  17. With regard to sevendeuce’s comments:

    I think what is going on here is the combination of the particular look on this particular model. She is cute, if not spectacular. But with the classes, and her overall style, she is far more attractive.

    This look doesn’t make that kind of difference on every (or even most) women. If you are a glasses freak, you might prefer glasses on a model. But in this case it really seems to be transformative.

    You have to give credit to Ami (and/or her photogs) for getting the most out of the look and the style, to get this result. All in all, she has many very pleasing photos. All good, in my book.

    Now, where’s the nudity?


  18. Got to say, I don’t get it and a little surprised at the pretty much universal kudos she got here. I wouldn’t give this girl a second look on the street. But that’s the beauty of it, we all love different things. Do like the glasses though.

  19. She looks cute, I like bookworm Asian girls, actually I like shy educated women everywhere. I seem to end up with them somehow. Maybe they are waiting for me to bring out their secret passion!!:D Whatever, keep these j-girls coming. Always appreciated.

  20. She has creamy skin, a tight round booty, gorgeous fit body, and a cute, not common face (she almost looks part Vietnamese).

    The pictures at the links do her far better justice. Also, she looks natural and comfortable in various styles — not costume-y at all, unlike many other models.

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