CJ Miles – Flashing While Shopping

A friend of CJ Miles made a Podcast Site for her with a couple of nice topless videos on it. The sample above is not great quality, but if you go to CJ’s Podcast Site, you can find this and another longer video in very high quality.Technical Notes: The Podcast videos on that site have the extension .M4V. The best player to play .M4V files is Quicktime. If you have the DIVX codec loaded, you can also play these videos in Windows Media Player by changing their extension to .AVI; but they look much better in the Quicktime player. Also, it’s best to download them first rather than stream them. Enjoy!

CJ Miles In The Shower

Links For CJ Miles

CJ Miles Website
CJ Miles on MySpace
CJ Miles Podcast Site

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0 thoughts on “CJ Miles – Flashing While Shopping”

  1. nice, nice post..sometime a model looks a lot different on video than on pix…she is super sexy..and in a mischevious way…she is chinese? ymmy:)

  2. I just went to her Website and saw that first picture of her bent over against the mirror and was like Oh my god. I’m still marveled by those perfect cheeks of hers, looking so ripe and delicious like an apple.

  3. Ooops, I didn’t know that Podcast site had limited bandwidth. There are only two videos total and one is at the top of this posting. I’ll see if I can get the other one up on DailyMotion later today.

    I’ll also see if I can find a RapidShare link to the full quality versions.

  4. Hey Itabasami……thanks for that link…..I had not seen those pics before. Geeze, that CJ is a naughty little teaser! If she showed anymore, they might have had her arrested! 🙂

  5. That’s the thing about CJ…she has that intangible *thing*. Not just the perfect ass etc.

    In other words: “boing.”

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