Happy Thai New Year! But not for some…


The Thai New Year celebration every April is the world’s largest water fight that young and old, foreign and Thai alike enjoy and participate in the revelry. However for Thailand’s ‘katoeys’ it can be an annoying and precarious holiday. To find out more about what these special Sirens face, click here for the full story.

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0 thoughts on “Happy Thai New Year! But not for some…”

  1. An interesting cultural phenomenon, but kinda freaks me out on a personal level. Would far rather have an average real Thai woman than the most “perfect” katoey.

  2. poor ladyboys… but don’t worry; they they get more than their share of action from japanese tourists who want to try something new and drunken farang who are too stupid to know the difference.

  3. news…i know some farang who actually fell for it…and they liked it :)) oh right, lets have a show of hands who on this board would try ladyboys if they are exceptionally hot…:))) arf you can put your hand down…:))

  4. ok. if you MUST know, when i was here as a teenager, i fell for it once. i went through with it, too. she was beautiful (and completely “post-op”) and i can say that i enjoyed it. also, it wasn’t “business”, if you know what i mean. but i wouldn’t pick one up on purpose, then or now, and now i am smart enough to know the difference… 🙂

  5. wow, what a confession new:)) what a man to stand up for a little misunderstanding…he he….btw…i told doc i saw a movie with some ladyboys. one in particular name Nom or something…by god this “girl” was amzingly beautiful…a face and body of a goddess but with a little extra something something. a guy has to question his sexuallity a lot when meeting such a beautiful creature. let’s see if i can get a pix of my girlfriend to doc and he can post it…this ladyboy looks exactly like her.
    ok New has fessed up…who is next? remember this only applies to exceptionally beautiful ladyboys..not shemales. i wondered if Adam has similar experience, being in thailand and all ; ))

  6. Hey I am in Thailand too half the time and have been for years. Thus the article of course. But I gotta say it can be hard to spot them, as I state in the article “too perfect” or “too beautiful” is usually a warning signal.

    I never been with one – I prefer the Isaan country girls (which are plentiful), and almost always all natural.

    Still the katoeys can be fun to oggle, if you can get past that whole ‘boy’ thing… 🙂

  7. william: i would add “too feminine” to the other 2 “toos” that you mention. ladyboys pretty much always are like caricatures of the real thing in their gestures and general demeanor…

  8. william..i may need you to be my guide in BK…just in case i make a mistake and go down the wrong path and wake up the next morning crying in my pillow:)

  9. Hehehehe… LawBoy, you made me giggle. I would be happy to be your guide if we can coordinate dates when we are both in town. I will make sure you don’t wake up to tears; but I gotta take you around to the bars with the katoeys to test your metal – though if you fail to make correct identification – I’ll make sure you won’t make it out the door with a companion. 🙂

  10. I’m not sure why, but I saw more convincing katoeys in Singapore than when I was in Pattaya or Udon Thani, Thailand. I guess if they have the money, they go to Singapore to work, as opposed to staying home. No confessions here though. Thank god.

  11. Once again, no confessions from Arf what so ever. And that’s a sworn statement straight from my mouth. Like I said, never woke up to tears the next morning.

  12. I’ve seen only 2 or 3 exceptionally beautiful ladyboys. The rest, not so interesting.
    Nothing to confess, lol, but a few times I’ve wished I would find a girl with the same looks I was having a look at.

    When in bangkok, it’s tad unconfortable in some places, if I’m not really sure who’s who. Sure, they usually are too feminine. But what if one is really a girl? Not a good move to ask her: are you a girl or ladyboy? loool

    I hear that with the new surgeries, they can get breasts, take away Adam’s apple and reconstruct a real vagina. How is a guy supposed to know if it’s a real woman, these days?……..

  13. “Too feminine”..that’s spot on. That’s why I think of women like Pamela Anderson as female impersonators, in a bizarre manner. Crazy huh?

  14. dazn..that is the question Jimmy:)) how can you tell. i have heard from doctors who said that a postop ladyboy’s money maker tends to smell too much because it lacks the natural cleaning features.:)

    Arf, thy tend to denied to strongly which makes me wonder:)) i dont care about waking up in tears, just as long as my booty is intact:)

    gracias william, me and you and adam can test the water….we cant take Newworks because he only wants “legit” girls…:))

  15. Test the waters indeed. Let me know when – I am always game.

    I am off to the village – going native for a few days – see you all at the end of the week.


  16. It’s interesting of the ts I have chatted with online none of them are interested in becoming a post-op. They seem to enjoy their hybrid status and the sex drive that comes with it. Their “friends” don’t seem to have a problem with it either. However, they certainly want to be recognized as a woman despite the obvious challenges. I find some of them exceptionally pretty and sexy. I have not tested the waters as its been called here…but have not had an opportunity either.

  17. hmmmm…hey new…how was the experience?…similar to a woman or some what different? just curious….what an odd thing where you see her as a woman but yet she has a penis..how does one cope with such a situation? like i mentioned before…some ladyboys are amzingly beautiful and exceptionally feminine…sure does tempt a hetero guy eh Arf? :))

  18. LawBoy, the AsianSexGazette link says it’s a ladyboy from a pop band. Interested in… ermm… hearing the music? 😉

    I believe also that ladyboys are called the third sex, if i’m not mistaken.

  19. arf…just kidding with you bro…:)

    wow if this is a ladyboy, man she is hot. look at her waist line…you cant really tell she has that extra something…:)

  20. man, i am not into this. good looking, but……. just don’t feel comfortable with 2 sticks. I just wanna see only one, mine.

  21. dart…like i said..for some katoeys, they are so beautiful and feminine you really have to think about it really hard…he he..you just have to decide to be the pitcher or receiver:))

  22. It’s like way cool over here, LawBoy. No worries. I have seen some pretty convincing, I would guess transexuals in Guam on the strip one night at an after hours bar. Freaky.

  23. I am a ladyboy also, my name is Kat, does anybody thinking that asian ladyboys are the most beautiful, sorry english no good, love ladyboy kat xx
    website me is http://www.katoey-blog.com [WARNING TO WINDOWS IE USERS – ADS MAY CONTAIN AUTO-EXECUTING TROJAN] you read my blog about my life as a thai ladyboy.

  24. I’ve fixed the link – once again, it is very interesting to get your perspective thai ladyboy! And I’m sure I don’t just speak for LawBoy when I say that we’d be interested to see what you look like…

  25. Ummm… There is an auto-load trojan virus on that link Kat provided. Not that he – er, ‘she’ – meant it intentionally; it could be the ads…

    Welcome Kat.

    Boys – check yourself… Or your computer that is…

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