Tian Shin

Tian Shin

Tian Shin is a popular taiwanese model and actress. Unfortunately I could not find any biographical information on the web, so I guess she has more aliasses. I did find some nice galleries for you. ClickTian Shin @ asiancuties.blogter.hu
Tian Shin @ asianology.com
Tian Shin @ scancoo.com (hi-res scans)
Tian Shin @ scancoo.com (more hi-res scans)

Tian Shin

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  1. Wow she is spectacular. Pretty smile and face with a great body. More like her are appreciated.

  2. she’s fine. I like her. Great body, she made couple of softcore porn in HK or Taiwan, awesome boobs and innocent face. I’d love to rub her…………. hands.

  3. She’s a beautiful woman with what appear to be ideal proportions. So how come no one has commented on her implants? No way those are natural. Not that I’m complaining…

  4. This model actually came out more than ten years ago (I think most of these photos are from her Taiwanese photo albums, which are at least ten years old). As far as I am aware, she has never done any softcore porn – she tried to make it as a mainstream actress, but she never really succeeded. I do agree she is one of the best looking models to have ever come out of Taiwan though – she is one of the few to have really caught my attention in the Taiwanese media (which I still read from time to time).

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