Cindy Nakamura


NOTE FROM THE DOC: After being contacted by Psycho, er, Keo Necra, Cindy decided she wanted her article taken down, even though she already approved it. As she didn’t ask nicely, I’m not taking her article down, but to avoid any possible Copyright issues, I’ve decided to take her images down.

Cindy Nakamura is an up and coming model from California. She’s done both import modeling and regular modeling. I have a soft spot for Cindy because she has the piano version of Hikari by Utada Hikaru on her official website. Also, she has this photo. So there’s that. Cindy, if you’re reading this, please add the piano cover of “Passion” to your playlist so I can just have your website open while I work.Stats:

Age: 20
Height: 5’4
Ethnicity: ? (likely Japanese background, based on name)
Located: SD, California





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  1. A sexy lady. Lots of potential with her to be sure. She has a solid body and a rather symmetrical and ethnic looking face. Amazingly enough a SoCal gal I can appreciated.

  2. Sexi, yes. She has added a lip ring in 2009, yet seems to try to hide it in most pics. No good close up of her face recently that I can find, so I am not sure I will like it when I see her up close. Why or why these girls mess with perfection is beyond me. Making a statement? Been told it makes them look sexier?

    Def not the girl next door look. No detracting tattoos that I can see. Not my type, but does make one’s blood simmer, if not boil.

  3. I’m with Doc on this one… there’s no there there. Even though she’s from my city, I can’t support the hometown girl this time.

  4. Her eyes are a bit frightening in the first three shots, but her stomach and hips in the shot against the graffiti wall is fantastic!

    She needs someone to work on her makeup though…to soften her eyes.

  5. I lean toward Hakka Guy and Lee on Ms. Nakamura. I get interested when an “import model” from So Cal is not made over in the usual garish style. But that interest quickly dissipated here. I would not say that she is unattractive. But she is nothing more than OK.

  6. Dr. Lee, that seems rather harsh, esp when this site always seems to consider the model’s feelings, in case she happens to check in.

    She reminds me of Tran Nguyen in some ways (Nov 19, 2008). Hardly unattractive and with the right photograph could be quite stunning.

  7. Well as I said, to each their own. Her stomach is fairly trim, though hardly spectacular. And I’m sorry to say that this is about the only positive for me.

  8. …as an aside note…how many of our viewers have signed up an account to ISTUDIO in the last month or so…ME!!!!
    Raise your hands high, cmon now…I can at least say its work related as I’m in advertising, so whats your excuse if your gf busts you?… πŸ˜€

  9. She’s ok, I like her body, nice shape and nice stomach. The lip ring is unfortunate though, how does a kiss feel with that thing? Never tried.

    She has some potential but needs better makeup and better photos IMHO.

  10. Not a fan of the β€œshock value” piercings these days, but I think she’d turn heads at the local restaurants in my area. Hardly unattractive by any measure I’ve seen on this site for years. As far as each to their own, I much prefer Ayumi Hamasaki to Utada Hikaru.

  11. i have a diff. opinion of piercings than tattoos, bc imo piercings are way more temporary (depending on how you care for the piercing, how big you go, and your skin pigmentation). so i feel like her experimentation here is totally fun and should be encouraged! i mean, hey, why not? you’re only young once πŸ™‚

    however, i don’t really think the lip piercing suits her. her face is really symmetrical (good thing), so i think the side-piercing ruins that. she might try a vert labret since those look pretty badass…though kissing will be harder with that than with the side lip. :/

    i think she’s pretty! she looks a lot better when she’s smiling and when she doesn’t have the colored contacts in (then again, who doesn’t look better w/o the colored contacts). she might also consider leaving her hair her natural color since it looks a lot better on her than the brown. and she should really consider a brow with a less severe arch. it makes her look too aggressive (remember the michelle obama brows?!)

    the brow thing is something i wish someone would’ve told me when i was in my overplucking phase. it’s hard to see that mistake when you pluck yourself (my mom pointed it out, and i still denied it). but now, looking back at my old photos, all i can think is “gee what was i thinking? chola chic?!”

  12. ode to TravisStroup… I look forward to seeing your postings, because I can generally find pictures of the girl next door and Japanese av models on most asian sites, but it’s hard to find decent so cal and import model pictures, and I am glad we share the same taste in asian girls (I like the attitude/mean/sexy look). lots of girls can overdo it with the tats and piercings, but you have a really good filter of what looks hot in the club without looking too trashy. keep on posting!

  13. @christine: “and she should really consider a brow with a less severe arch. it makes her look too aggressive (remember the michelle obama brows?!)”

    This is probably the big turn-off for me – I really despise that mean/nasty look that so many SoCal import models seem so fond of. This is possibly the first time I can remember that Christine thinks a girl is pretty and I don’t at all – very interesting!

  14. wait, you didn’t even think the more natural photo was attractive?

    she seems at least cute in that photo!

  15. you know, maybe it’s the jaw – because i’m honestly not bothered by her jaw but i’m guessing you probably find it too strong? i, for instance, also don’t really mind reese witherspoon’s jaw. maybe i’m just an ok-with-pointy-jaws person.

  16. In the more natural photo, I think she just looks average.

    As for Reese Witherspoon, it’s not her jaw that bothers me, it’s her atrociously overdone chin job – I can hardly stand to look at it!

  17. I don’t have any problems with her. She’s pretty. If she toned up her stomach a little, I might even say she’s downright hawt.

  18. Doc, how the heck do you know she had a chin job!?!?! This is driving me crazy! It reminds me a little of Carmen Electra’s jaw/chin…

    I like a well-defined jaw, and I love Reese Witherspoon’s chin.

    As for the USA’s First Lady Michelle Obama, she accepted the heat on her eyebrows and gradually softened them by decreasing the angle of the arches in the last six months…

    By the way, Michelle Obama has a sister-in-law that is Asian (President Obama’s half-sister), so let me talk about our First Lady here:

    Michelle Obama is a very nice person, strong in character, considerate of subordinates, and very much a woman who enjoys the spa treatment from time to time. She is also 5′ 9.5″ tall.

    And she has a well-defined jaw…

  19. (in which case, that’s pretty unfortunate. but it still doesn’t bother me re: attractiveness…i didn’t even notice the chin until you pointed it out in that e-mail you sent me a while ago)

  20. I really love the picture that Travis linked to — it’s very sexy.

    And in honor of christine: OMGIWTHD!

  21. Not my favorite ever, but I find her pretty. I like a few of the shots really well and not as much on the others. Overall a nice find Travis.

  22. ahhhhh no!!! are you guys doing this in my honor or are you guys trying to get me to leave?!?!

  23. Holy mackerel, Reese has had that chin since she was a girl? I’ve never seen a natural chin like it before. I wonder if she had some kind of reconstruction work done when she was a child or something?

  24. ohhhhhhh she’s actually half japanese and half vietnamese…according to her myspace….no wonder she looks vietnamese more than japanese…..

  25. I usually can’t stand “strong” chins – Reese Witherspoon’s is horrendously over-powering and distracting (*shudders*), but I have no issue with Cindy’s.

    As a matter of fact, I find Cindy to be quite attractive, if in a more unique way. She has a cool vibe about her and I find her absolutely delicious in the pseudo-goth lingerie look with the lip piercing (love that!).

    She looks VERY cute in the semi-candid, last pic as well.

    Nice find Travis!

  26. Cute, talented, not too full of herself, seems very nice. I really dislike piercings and I have no idea why anybody would want one like the one she has, but hey, she’s young. My daughter died her hair blue once. Ditto the eyebrows, I am sure they were better before she shaped them. Whatever. Maybe this girl is trying to find herself among her talents and natural assets.

  27. Lee:

    It is cases like this (Witherspoon) that bolster my frequent skepticism in regard to your facial surgery pronouncements. Again, a Facial Surgery 101 post would be helpful and appreciated.

  28. Doc, what the heck is wrong with you?! We have the most different tastes, I guess. You must like the really straight from Japan, sailor moon out fit, cutsy type girls (not accusing, just guessing… Feel free to say Im wrong)…

    I really like the import model type look. I love the Asian girls who look like they have been here for a whiile. The ones that look like they actually shave. Dont get me wrong, I LOVE many of the ASIAN asians (especially some of the Chinese treats), but I dont know, we just seem to have a different opinion on beauty. I think this one is a 10.

  29. knarf, i understand where you’re coming from. i just wanted to point something out though — to be fair, reese witherspoon’s chin is pretty out of the ordinary. kind of like jay leno’s underbite. not something you see everyday! πŸ™‚

    i think the point is that even though reese’s chin is natural, in most cases with a chin like that, you’d expect it to be unnatural.

  30. notice how heart-shaped faces produce the appearance of an ultra-prominent, pointy chin:

    ziyi zhang, katie holmes, jennifer lopez, christina ricci

    if you are genetically predisposed to having more chin fat or a cleft chin with a heart-shaped face, you’re basically going to have a reese chin.

    in most cases though, people with heart-shaped faces don’t have a lot of chin fat or cleft chins. so reese’s chin is pretty unusual imo, and i can understand why someone would think it unnatural. i def. thought it was unnatural too when doc first pointed it out but changed my mind after pokin’ around a bit more for photos of her when she was younger. i also couldn’t really understand why anyone would want to add a chin to a perfectly well-defined jaw and a non-receding chin.

  31. Not by the hair on my chinny chinny chin would I ever have my chin altered. Good afternoon everyone. πŸ™‚

  32. ziyi zhang is HOT! HOT!

    IWTHD- (to quote Wingsfan channeling Christine…)

    Funny, she is Chinese but in the movies I have seen her in she reminds me of crazy Vietnamese ex-girlfriends…you know the type- ancient sword at the ready to chop your head off for being five minutes late, etc…

    Keep your CHIN up, fans of Asian Sirens, I just want to POINT out that JAWs was only a movie!

  33. sevendeuce: You disrespect Reese Witherspoon’s pointy chin?!?! Them’s fuedin’ words! πŸ˜‰

  34. @christine: in all the examples you show, their chins look like part of their faces. Reese is unique in that her chin looks so stuck on and separate from the rest of the face – it looks exactly like you would expect an implant to look. Now it is possible that she is a natural freak (without before and after shots, one can almost never be 100% certain about facial surgery), but once again, I’ve just never seen a natural chin like her’s in my life.

  35. @lorinda3: I like the feminine, elegant and classy classic oriental look (usually not the islander look), and I really loathe the usual import model look – trashiness really turns me off.

  36. Oh yes, as to why Reese may have gotten a chin job as a child, it is possible that she may have had reconstruction work done due to a serious injury, or even a birth defect. Now while I agree that the chances of that are very small, the chances of a natural chin looking like that are also very small. Whichever way you slice it, Reese’s chin is very strange, and for me, quite grotesque.

  37. lee — yeah, i wasn’t trying to say that the faces looked like they had chin jobs. actually the point was that without reese’s large amount of chin fat, the heart shaped faces just produce a prominent chin. but with the loads of chin fat + heart-shaped face, you get the weird-looking reese chin.

  38. Yeah – I guess I’ve just never seen a “fatty” chin on a face like that. It sure looks like an implant, but as your child photos demonstrate, one can almost never be absolutely certain of these things.

    Anyway, thanks for digging this stuff up – if Reese’s chin is natural, that’s truly remarkable.

  39. I think she looks quite nice and sexy, and agree with Spartan that she has a nice ethnic and symmetrical look about her. All natural too, nothing surgically obvious about her at all.

    I give her thumbs up.

  40. Not trying to get you to leave christine; just a little sarcastic OMGIWTHD and didn’t want you to think it was directed at you cuz you’re like a real live person and all and not just some picture of a babe who will probably never even read this.

    I can tell you’ve got a great sense a humor, but I didn’t want any misunderstanding. However, if you’re cool with it; then OMGIWTHc;-p IF you’re not cool with it; then OMGIWNTHc!

  41. Okay, this old gen X-er is really wondering what the hell you young whipper snappers are talking about – Christine can email me if it’s outside Asian Sirens’ posting guidelines. πŸ™‚

  42. Doc has a point…Famous actress Ann-Margaret fell off a stage in Vegas, I believe, and had to have her chin reconstructed…it looked a lot like Reese’s chin. She later had more chin surgery to soften it.

  43. Thanks for the additional insight Christine and Lee. For me the educational aspect of this site is at least as important as the titillation factor.

  44. Lee, I’m old enough to know what whipper snapper means!

    And to me, the Gen X-ers are the young whipper snappers:-(

    I’m pretty sure no breaches occurred; but for the record – O(h)M(y)G(awd)IW(ud)T(otally)H(it)D(at), the c is for our favorite female commentator and the N is for N(ot).

    As the saying goes, if you have to explain the joke, it probably wasn’t funny:-p

  45. Funny, I never caught that vibe…….

    Crazy, intellectual cute Chinese babe, what’s not to love?

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