Akina Minami


Fans of Metal Gear Solid 4 might recognise this cutie. She appears as a hidden easter egg in the game as a poster on the wall.Akina is also a gravure and fashion model and ‘tarento’. This basically translates as someone who looks good that appears in TV shows and movies.

Birthdate: May 15, 1989
Sizes: 80/56/83 cm












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  1. Beautiful Beautiful Beautiful. A playful, happy, sexy little kitten for sure…but Beware. Some will not appreciate a girl with natural breasts or lack of tattoos. Day in and Day out, they’re tastes change like the wind. 🙂

  2. A super fine lady this is. She has a very pliable face for simple Lolita looks or sophisticated womanly elegance. If she has real talent she could go far in the entertainment business.

  3. Thanks Doc! Yes, I am posting again. Have been away for a bit, but look forward to a lot more frequent postings….gotta catch up to Travis!! 🙂

  4. In that case, send me a 100×150 avatar, so I can add you to the left column, and let me know what you want to link to (if anything) – I’ll email you.

  5. See that pic of her on the beach sipping a Coke? That is why I dig Asian women. The Coke must be like 8oz, or whatever that is in the metric world it is SMALL sized. It is also made with real sugar.

    In the USA, which I love dearly and have defended with my life, the American woman on the beach would have been in an XXXL T-Shirt sipping a 32oz (One Liter) sized Coke (made from high-fructose corn syrup) with a family sized bag of potato chips next to her….

    As Wingsfan would say: The horror…the horror.

  6. YAY !!! A happy smiling true Asian Siren. Cute, sexy and utterly delicious. For me, this is one of the best posts simply because most of the shots have her smiling with natural looking poses.
    (Oh damn, I’ve dribbled on the keyboard again).

  7. Been an avid fan for over a year, but finally had to register and post a comment. This girl is stunning, and the reason I believe Japanese women are the most beautiful in the world.
    Sugoi Cawaii

  8. For me she is more ‘pretty’ than ‘cute’, which is what I prefer. She comes across as natural and happy, so definitely a winner!

    French, you gotta get over to Costco and pick up some Mexican Coke, which uses sugar rather than HFCS and comes in the glass bottles. I know they have it here in San Diego but I’m not sure if it’s available nationwide. Whenever they get a supply in, it sure doesn’t last long.

    What you forgot to mention is that the XXXL sized American woman on that beach would then claim she barely eats anything and that she has a thyroid problem that causes her to gain weight. Next minute she’s knocking down a Twinkie or three. 😉

    When I lived in Asia, I felt that on average the Taiwanese women were the prettiest but the most outstanding were from Japan, though the ugliest were also from Japan. Korean girls are pretty but it tends to be the same kind of ‘pretty’.

    China can’t be summarized that way; it’s really many countries under one umbrella with many different looks. For me, I preferred the Shanghai/Zhejiang province look and especially those fantastic legs!

  9. Seemed a little bland in the looks department, but very nice body and curves. I don’t mind well-shaped natural average-sized breasts, in fact I prefer them. The picture in the coveralls nailed me. I was imaging spending a fun summer afternoon… um… fishing… on the lake with this cutie, or planting a rose in her garden. It was a nice fantasy.

  10. Hakka guy’s right, 18.99 for a 24 case of bottles in Cali.

    Delicious Mexican Coke.

    Much better for you than high fructose corn syrup too.

    Contrary to popular belief, cane sugar not too bad for you other than caries and calorie intake.

  11. Arf, Mexican Coke is just Coke made with sugar and bottled in Mexico, of which some of it is sent to the States and sold through Costco as TheCollector said.

    Starting April 20, Pepsi will sell cans of Pepsi Throwback and Mountain Dew Throwback, which will be made with real sugar instead of HFCS. Both products will be offered at the same price as regular Pepsi and regular Mountain Dew. The drinks will only be available until June 13.

    Around the same time, Coca-Cola usually rolls out limited-edition Kosher for Passover Coke, also made with real sugar since observant Jews cannot have corn products, hence no HFCS. Many non-Jews celebrate the product as well, believing the sugar version is superior (whether for taste or health reasons)

  12. Oh yeah…I was just making some funny. 🙂 HFCS is the reason I don’t drink much soda anymore. Even some food products for kids sold in the grocery stores have it. We had a few coca-cola products brought back to the states from a recent TDY to Scotland and it was made from cane sugar. I don’t get why the USA is in love with the fake sugar.

  13. Throwback Mountain Dew has been available for a couple of months now in the Dallas area. Good stuff.

    Oh, and speaking of good stuff, what an absolute cutey. Fantastic smile, great girl. Well done Sefu!

  14. She look really cute to me, but not sexy. Also that’s smile of her is like the one of an angel ^^

  15. HFCS in the States because the corn growers are more powerful than the sugar growers, I would bet.

    As it is near Passover, I would say of the XXL women on the beach “the Hora, the Hora!”

    I love the body on this young lady, even though you can see girls like her 20 times a minute (second?) on the Tokyo subway.

  16. hahaha arf, you won’t be fat riding that kestrel!

    (speaking of which, i just cracked the frame on my baby 🙁 so i am buying a new bike, since it’s kinda hard to find stuff around 50cm/51cm to fit 650cc wheels. i really miss the old one. but i think i’m going to get a better groupset for the new bike (tiagra -> 105 or ultegra) so i’m not that bummed out)

  17. wow, really? the gigi pro is advertised as 1000 but on the paypal it says 800. free shipping, no sales tax. that’s amazing. i’m about to bid on a cannondale caad 9 5 triple but it won’t be worth it once the bid reaches above 700, since shipping is 100. and the motobecane’s parts are better (cannondale is more 105 than ultegra, but the motobecane gigi seems to be more ultegra than 105, wow!)

  18. thanks so much arf! you might’ve just given me a link to my new bike 🙂

    this is a pic of my old one (from roadbikereview): r500

  19. Hey, I’m gonna do that 100 mile “Hotter Than Hell” ride this year (60K for you metric people)…I was told a Trek 520 was the way to go…correct?

  20. Hey French, give yourself more credit! It’s actually 160K rather than 60K, you were figuring it backwards. 😛

  21. yay, you’re doing a century! as for what bike is best for a century, i think it really depends on what you want to get out of your century and how you intend to use your bike later. the trek 520 is a touring bike so it’s designed for you to travel uber-long distances comfortably.

    but if you’re planning on doing your century for speed, then i’d suggest a nice road bike that you don’t mind sitting on for a really long time.

    but, there’s really no point in dropping close to $1.5k on a bike you won’t use outside of your century, so if you don’t really see yourself as a roadie, then forget that idea, lol. the touring bike will make for an excellent commuter (make sure you have a great lock! that thing would get stolen in a heartbeat) and it’d be perfect for, well, bike touring, as it was designed for.

    p.s. if you’re planning on doing a century already, you should totally do some bike touring. even ernest hemingway said it was the best way to get to know an area….huffing and puffing up and down its terrain. 🙂

  22. btw i really want to do a century eventually. lucky you! the hotter n’ hell ride sounds perfect because i’m orig. from the desert and i love hot weather.

  23. @arf — i ended up going with the cannondale caad 9 5 triple bc i was able to get it for less than the motobecane (incl. shipping!). i sniped the sale in the last 10 secs. of the auction.

  24. Maybe some pictures of Asian Sirens on bikes?

    Maybe christine on her bike? (that is a subset of the previous comment).

    Just no fat bottomed girls, ok?

  25. you mean girls like this?

    pretty much despise the whole fashionable fixed gear crowd, but that’s japanese girls on bikes for ya. 🙂

    as for me on a bike? yeah, you don’t really want to see that, at least not right now. my frame is cracked because of a pretty unfortunate series of bike crashes. i ended up almost knocking out my front tooth and needing a root canal four days later. right now i’ve got some nasty abrasions and bruises basically everywhere (left elbow, left knee, right palm, right front thigh, left back thigh).

    the joys of cycling! 🙂

  26. Congratulations Christine – you’ve managed to, ahem, steer this thread back on topic. 🙂

    Your accidents sound nasty – what about your new braces?

  27. Damn woman! What kind of riding you do?!

    1) I can’t believe I got the metric/miles thing backwards…shame.

    2) As of now, I just want to do the 100 mile bike “ride”, not the 100 mile bike “race”. So the Trek 520 is what I’ll do…

    3) They make you drink pickle juice at the ride (temp is usually above 82 degrees F)

    Thanks for the input!

  28. yeah lee, those braces got pretty mangled too. the ortho was able to salvage all but one of the brackets, but he felt so bad for me after the accident that he just let me have the new bracket for free.

    it was not a good week for bike riding 😛

    i do road cycling, but depending on what kind of accident occurs and how fast you go, things can get pretty gnarly. the bf actually got into the same accident last semester but instead of catching his fall with his face (as i so gracefully did), he caught it with his hands and ended up with a broken wrist and broken thumb.

  29. Why are you guys ridding bikes and hurting the hell out of yourselves? Baffles me. Get better christine and remember you did it for your fun. 😛

    Sex is so much safer. Or other sporty things, if you’re not into it. 🙂

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