Wuyiman, or Wu Yi Man, is a Moko Top Girl. I don’t really know what her name is. I’ve seen it both ways, with “Wuyiman” being most common. But who wants to go by Wuyiman? Why not Wu Yi Man? Doesn’t make sense to me. Maybe it’s a sign of what she does to couples. She’s telling the woman “I’m going to Woo Yo Man.” Then she does, and she’s all like “Itoldyi.”Stats:

Age: ?
Height: 5’5
Ethnicity: … Chinese?
Located: Can’t translate the Chinese


















Big Photos!
Mainland Hotties article

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  1. Another diminutive, attractive and leggie girl – always a win!

    On a side note, Moko to me at least looks to be the next gen playboy. The more I see the more I like.

  2. It’s nice to see a Moko girl in some less heavily touched up photos, and even nicer to see that she’s still very cute! Definitely Doc approved™.

  3. Moko photos are humorous because they are so touched up it is easily to believe the model probably isn’t good looking in person. Yet I am pretty sure it is simply Moko’s style, and they would heavily touch up a young Sung Hi Lee in the same way if they had her on contract.

  4. Very cute, and her small body is quite lovely. She looks much better without the heavily coloured hair. I wish the dye jobs would go away.

  5. I think she looks good despite the glasses. Thin but curvaceous, big eyes; sigh!


  6. Most definitely approved and I definitely appreciate the inclusion of more “candid” pics that I have whined for in the past. Nice work! ^_^

    She’s stunning and another 10 in my book!

  7. outrageous!!!….I like her a lot…we crashed a fashion show in shanghai last sat night which had a lot of these long leggy kind of girls working it…she’s very cute….

  8. The pics with the glasses are making me think “repressed librarian/schoolteacher needs rescuing from boring life.”

    A mission for French?!

    Actually she doesn’t look very bored, but you get my drift….

  9. She is unbelievable and quite unique.. Liking all but the name. Need to re brand, but perfection nonetheless.

    Travis–thanks for yet another incredible lady.
    We are forever indebted.

  10. Well, yes and no…. Lets just say I wouldnt kick her out of the bed for eating crackers, but there is something wrong with her face (yes, boobs wouldnt hurt her face either)…. She is definitly no 10, but she is not plain either… Its a tough chick to grade… Yes and no is my best answer.

  11. Well, STRIPES, perhaps that could be your first year anniversary present for her.

    You would definitely be delving into “creating your own comic book superheroine”, of course, but its all good.

    Strangely enough in most parts of Asia they are going to prefer them “without”, rather than “with”.

    If she wants some crossover success in LA thought, she’ll have to suit up, so to speak.

    “Needs boobs”.

  12. The the late great Florynce Kennedy once said: “If men could get pregnant, abortion would be a sacrament.”

    What if men were pressured to have big fake swords as much as women are to have big fake breasts? What if women really cared about this and it became a constant refrain? What if women routinely told men who did not have whoppers that they should really take a trip to the surgeon? What if men were pressured to get big, phony-looking penises? What if men were desired for these counterfeit cocks, even if, in general, they were not attractive? What if girlfriends constantly sniggered behind the men’s backs, with references to “shorty” and ‘tiny”?

    Just wondering…

  13. @The Collector:

    I have purchased two boob jobs & one set of dental veneers in my lifetime for various women.It is well within my “ART IN PUBLIC PLACES” budget to do so. ;-> Have her call me.

  14. @knarf:

    Call this a double standard: I don’t care what some chick thinks about the size of my package.All I care is that she uses it.Even if it’s only once.Some broad may have spectacular tits-real or store bought-and I may not wanna be around her for more than a night.She is free to feel the same.Tits-real or fake-need only pass my floating standard of PERFECT.

  15. Wow! Very hot. Very pretty. Projects personality. And did I even see a couple of smiles? Nice treat.

    PULEEASE don’t want to paste boobs on such a cute, natural Asian body. It all goes together so well as it is. If you want melons glued to chests, there are thousands of Caucasians on web sites with tasteless boobs to admire.

  16. Those glasses are bad for her.
    Still she is beautiful without makeup and with it too. A true siren.

    Nice body also! Boobs could get a slight retouch. But I wouldn’t be bothered. I love Wuyiman!

  17. @knarf: many man already feel pressured to have larger penises – ever heard of penis envy?

    Boob jobs and other plastic surgery are about the woman making herself feel more attractive. Every woman knows men like big tits (despite all the denials around here), so if they want to be more attractive for men (especially for financial gain), they make them bigger – of their own choice. That’s all there is to it – this SNAG BS just doesn’t wash.

  18. Wow!! I am so happy to see my girlfriend featured her and all the kind comments.
    I am so sorry that I was cropped out of
    photo 10 though….we do make a dazzling couple. 😉

  19. Dangit, and here I had just weened myself off of my Moko.cc addiction. Thanks a ton. I keep scrolling back to #2. Youch.

  20. And…I don’t want to read any comments about my chin job! I think it looks great,
    isn’t noticeable, and make me feel good about myself.

  21. I really like some of the pics of this girl. She’s got a broad range. Her body doesn’t hurt either. Those legs are a sight to behold.

  22. “…ever heard of penis envy?”

    Yes, it is Freud’s idea that the realization of a young female that she does not have a penis, and the power it represents, is a defining act in the development of her sexual and gender identity.

    Yes, some guys worry that their penis is too small. I’ve seen the ads. Little of the pressure comes from women.

    I raise the issue of male pressure on women to get implants. It is not the only reason that women get implants. But it is a factor/issue. Strippers and porn stars and models talk and write about how they felt pressured to get implants. (Jenna Jameson, Ai Ijima, Leanni Lei, etc., etc.) We see it here on this site all the time. “She needs to get some bigger tits!” “She could use some surgery!” Etc., etc., etc. Are the women ultimately free agents who can make their own decisions? Sure. But to think that this social pressure is not significant is naive. Here I merely raise the issue– to have it dismissed as SNAG BS. I enjoy viewing women as sexual objects. But it is also important to remember that women are not only objects, but subjects as well. And that they are subject to social pressures that we should acknowledge. I know the bluster and posing, etc. involved, but some of the things said sometimes makes me I wonder if the guy has a mother, sister, daughter, girlfriend… Fantasy is great, but we should also remember that human beings are involved. This hardly seems like a radical notion to me.

  23. *Sigh*

    Hate to disagree, but no Doc, not every man likes big tits.

    Proportioned? Yes. “Healthy” even? Sure. But big/huge/obscene breasts do absolutely nothing for this heterosexual male. In fact, if anything, they have the opposite effect on me and turn me off a woman. And it’s not an issue of natural or fake either. To each their own…put me in your “denial” column if you must, but your generalization doesn’t apply to everyone.

    Now big eyes, however, like Wuyiman here has, I can definitely get behind!

  24. I’m closer with AS_Appreciation. I don’t mind them big, but I don’t really care about their size. Never really been a breast guy. Though I do have an exception for when I see large fake breasts CLOTHED. Then I am prone to staring. But once they shirt is off anything above a C just looks wrong on most of these women’s bodies. I don’t even have a problem with A provided there is so semblance of breast shape.

  25. Okay knarf, perhaps I was being a little dismissive. My point though is that this is all part of life – both men and women want to be more attractive to the opposite sex, and are willing to go under the surgeon’s knife to achieve it. I think taking a guy’s light-hearted comments that he would like a model to have bigger tits out of context and blowing them out of proportion (on a site such as this one) is really a little silly. And I didn’t say all men like big tits, but surely by far the majority of them do – certainly a lot more than are willing to admit to it in my experience, which I’ve always found curious.

    Oh, and I should also point out that there is another side to this issue as well – the criticism of implants that you often see on sites such as this one can be very hurtful to their owners, and other women are often very critical of women with large breasts, especially if they’re surgically enhanced. There is actually a lot of social pressure on women to not have large breasts, or even to get them reduced – so adding misguided SNAGism to the mix is I think both unnecessary and counterproductive.

    This is actually part of what I find sexy about women with large implants – she’s basically saying to everyone “I don’t care how much you try to trash me, I’m gonna be a sexy as I can be”. This is the complete opposite of the usual myth that women who get large implants have low self esteem.

  26. Men seem to fit in 3 categories:

    Tits man
    Ass man
    Legs man

    Myself I’m not fussed about large breasts (being in the ass category – sounds wrong that) but if they are on the larger side I do prefer them to be real.

    Having said that I’ve felt some very nice fakes ones that were tastefully done and it did change my view on fake breasts, but still prefer them natural of course.

    Each to there own as always.

  27. I’m definitely an “ass man” but I very much appreciate well proportioned breasts. In other words, I like breasts but if they are ridiculously large or small I’m not impressed.

    As per “fake” breasts, as long as they look well proportioned and look natural (a la Japanese surgery techniques) I have absolutely no issues with them.

    Wu Yi Man does have a smaller set of breasts but, to be honest, I find them nice on her. Would I prefer them larger? Probably, but I’d be much more critical if it were her ass in question…

    … and her ass is most definitely NOT in question! ^___^

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