Angelica Panganiban

Angelica Panganiban

(ahem…note to self, stay away from the tired puns about angels and heavenly bodies…)

A former child star with a resume well worthy of an IMDB entry, Angelica Panganiban has blossomed into a full blown hottie who wowed her fans when she dropped her teeny-bopper image and starred in her first adult role that called for a sex scene with fellow young star Jericho Rosales. It seems she’s fully matured, and now Angelica is one truly delectable morsel with an innocent lolita-esque appeal. (whew, that was a mouthful…)Not one to stop there, Angelica then snags the cover of the very first issue of Maxim Philippines and forever ingrained her image (and bossom) in the hearts and minds of every red-blooded filipino fan. Her obviously blessed figure and all natural curves were plastered in huge billboards all over the metro, cementing her spot as one of the Philippines’ newest sexy star, further distancing her from her childhood movie roles.



Adding fuel to the fire, a major asian clothing label then signed her to star in their latest swimwear/underwear campaign, alongside another rising star, Bianca King. The subsequent Bench ads and billboards of Angelica and Bianca were a runaway summer hit, even making waves on the internet.




I promised myself I wouldn’t comment on the outfit…hehe.

Angelica tops it all with her latest appearance as 2007’s muse in a calendar that is famous for featuring the sexiest stars in Philipine cinema.





I believe this is her debut in

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  1. Great curves, beautiful without makeup, she’s a 10! Now this is the kind of light skinned filipina that I like 🙂
    Are those real or too good to be true? Doc?

    Great post!

  2. I have to wonder sometimes if I have a really obscure taste choice for asian females usually my guy friends find it horrendous. The last filipina VJ featured here everyone was calling her a butter-face I thought she was cute. I find this broad here a total butterface. Or is it just me? =D

  3. she is pretty but i think she would be hotter if she is a little more toned. if she lose about 10 pounds and still have the tits, she would be amzing….!

  4. In reponse to daznlover, I can’t see any evidence that they’re fake, so I’ll assume they’re real for now (although I’d need to see topless pics to be sure). Also, this sort of breast size isn’t actually that unusual for Filipinas in my experience (especially as Angelica isn’t very lean).

  5. Lawboy, she is just FINE, it’s nice to see light skinned , voluptuos asian chick once in a while. she does not need to lose weight, she’s just got wide hips, and those don’t lie…

  6. Thanks ogpro and Doc. I guess I was just a bit suspicious with the golden outfit. In the other pics the bras could make them really good looking.

    She has some great eyes too.

  7. Wow! I say again, Wow!

    yangbwoi, I think you’re just contrary. 🙂 Actually, I find her face less appealing in some of the shots. She looks too cutesy or doll-like (particularly in the one with the “Sabado Gigante” outfit). I prefer when she looks more mature. But dayamn!

  8. She’s got a small head in relation to the rest of her body. Just another irrational judgement.

    Not my cup o’ tea.


  9. Hotbytes….she looks great and of course no one her would kick her out of bed, if she would even consider any of us here:) but for a fashion model, she would me much more amazing if she is a little more toned….a little more high standard for modeling. a toned body would have come off a lot better photography wise….look at her upper arms, a little too much baby fat IMO…

  10. oh forgot…great boobs though…but lose the babyfat…
    K4K – you are weird focusing on her head instead of other parts:))

  11. it’s her BONE frame that’s big..her head is FINE, she’s not fat , her BOOBS and ASS ARE. She must have a HISPANIC blood…I am dying to see this chick NUDE.

  12. hey doc or adam…since you guys are professionals, can you tell from the shape of a woman’s stomach that she had child? and what can you do to improve the quality of the photo? it seems this girl’s stomach may indicate child birth…hard to tell

  13. Howdy Lawboy,

    Childbirth usually leaves long dark stretchmarks which are almost impossible to get rid of through cosmetic surgery. Some laser techniches are starting to show promise. Photoshop works great but the model still has them in real life 🙂 I don’t think the model in this thread has had a child.

  14. big adam:) on your website, you showed some amzing results with photoshop. i guess there is some hope for me:)
    doc…are stretchmarks unavoidable? i have seen some models with 2 kids or more and still have amzing photos…photoshop? this month in playboy, cindy margolis, who is in her 40 and with 2 kids, still has the most amzing stomach..

  15. Many women don’t end up with lasting stretchmarks, but most do to some degree. And I agree with Adam – it doesn’t look as though as this girl’s had a child to me. Her stomach simply isn’t very taut.

  16. This is nothing unusual at all nowadays – that’s why the photos you see in Playboy and just about every other magazine these days look so ‘airbrushed’.

    And I know I sound like a stuck record, but once again I have to point out that the the pictures on Sachiko‘s site are not Photoshopped at all – and she doesn’t even wear any makeup apart from lipstick! Few people seem to realise just how remarkable this is.

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