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Cherrie (Linda) Nguyen has tattoos. She does not have a particularly “Bikini model” body. But she has one of my favorite faces that I have come across. So I would like to ask AS readers if they can find more photos of her that are not featured on the links I have listed as a favor for me. How often do I ask favors, right?Stats:

Age: 26
Height: 5’3
Located: Oakland, CA
Ethnicity: I assume Vietnamese, though would not be surprised by a Chinese/Vietnamese mix

She is also a makeup artist, and actually wants fashion design and makeup artistry to be her career. Many of my favorite photos were too small for me to feature here, so I could not feature all of the photos I wanted. But here are some I liked:















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  1. While I’m not a tat guy, a tat or two doesn’t freak me out, the way it does for some posters, here. I can take or leave these tats, on Cherrie. But, as tats go, they are nice. Very stylish.

    As for Cherrie…pass. Her face looks OK in the last pic, though. Now, I’d love to see more of the girl in the picture with her (3rd from the bottom). Who’s that, Travis?

  2. Much like arf, I love a woman with multiple tatts. Girls with just one may not be into the unique euphoria that comes with getting tattooed. I have four kanji and I can’t wait to get my entire back done (probably Hokusai’s “Great Wave Off Kanagawa” or somthing along those lines).

    The first pic of Cherrie was misleading, IMHO, though I do like the last two.

  3. Minus her body. I LOVE HER FACE
    If she could tone up just abit she would be one of my favs
    screw what anyone says. Shes feisty 😉

  4. Thanks for posting girls like this Travis, it’s good to see other nationalities repped. She’s really cute, looks like she has a little attitude which I love. Love the tats too. Not really getting the hate to see a vietnemese girl do this to herself, she an individual not a representative for a country.

  5. You are right of course slackerking: what I mean is that I’m a big fan of the natural Vietnamese look, and it saddens me to see it (IMHO) ruined like this.

  6. Love the tats, not impressed with the rest of the package. I see better looking girls on a daily basis – honestly.

    However, I think what this girl sells is attitude – and she has that in spades.

  7. The hair doesn’t bother me and her face is OK. I’m gonna fit the stereotype and say the tats are WAY too much. They’re way beyond the point of being a deal breaker. I’m sick of everyone trying to get one to “show off their personality.” Its to the point that I only respect them if they were made from cigarette ash in prison.

    Vietnamese? “tragic” indeed… cat-tien is thisclose, very tempted to “come out”, to come undone in her natural, authentic Viet… hm…………….

  9. what!@#$%^&*() i thought Lawnboy already CAME out…
    y’all will be devoured…it’s all about timing & opportunity…
    btw: ah arf… your humor turned me on… yummy!!!

  10. I’ll agree with the Doc, Cat. I’d love to see all of the women who share our love of Asian women. It’ll be a big party! I’ll tell you what… though I look like quite the Todd… I’ll post mine if you post yours!

    As for the tatts on my face… I’d have to get some money for that… haha! Having them tattooed on my shoulders (facing forward) that could be cool.

  11. Flipn’ you do know i was referring to the Mike Tyson look, right?

    cat-tien very big tease in presumably tiny package:-)

  12. Yeah, Wings, I thought that was what you meant… haha! I think I would look even less intimidating than I am now… haha!

  13. hm… Wingsfan19… sorry to disappoint you… cat-tien is a feline with slender curves & one lovely pharaoh’s tomb…

  14. cat-tien, the big was referring to your teasing, not your body. The tiny was referring to the opposite of big. Based on the one picture we’ve seen of you (presuming it is you, of course) I would say that I wouldn’t be disappointed at all.

    My daughter’s an archaeology student, so by all means I’d love to see your Pharaoh’s tomb (although I wouldn’t show it to my daughter:-))

  15. ah… obviously i deciphered your “tiny package” incorrectly… i thought it meant tiny Dickie Wingsfan19… anyway, hello Dr. Leeeeeeee!!!
    Season’s Greetings! Have fun playing with yourself, others… tata…

  16. I need to see what you are working with cat-tien and whatever your pharaoh’s tomb is referring to but sounds like it’s definitely worth exploring. Just call me Indiana Jones 😉

    But I have to disagree with her look being tragic. If she was a perfect 10, then the makeup and the tattooed look would be a tragedy since you would be ruining perfection. But her look goes well with her. Maybe it would help if she didn’t have that tat going over deltoid, but she looks fine to me.

  17. Yeah…the whole talk of tombs and all, just a little on the dark side. And playing with ourselves? Who would do such a thing? Eeeww! :))

  18. cat-tien, yes the expression was that you are a tiny package, not that you have a tiny package.

    BTW, if by “others” you mean you, right on!

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