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19 year old Charo Galura was born and lives in Italy, but she is of Filipino descent. She also sings, though her English has a thick accent. I have a feeling she would sing better in Italian, but I also like a completely different musical style and am not really one to judge. On the the photos!Stats:

Age: 19
Height: 5’3
Ethnicity: Filipina
Located: Florence, Italy














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  1. Her mm says she loves the meanings that photography brings. Kudos. This is a perfect girl in my eyes. Petite but looks tall. Glamorous but not fake. Sweet but not too sweet. Sexy!!

  2. Hi everyone,

    I’m new to the site. Just wanted to say I love the pic in the doorway in the white shirt.

  3. She seems to like Italian men, so that makes me very happy.

    She is pretty hot, Travis. The first photo is outrageous, as are the shots with her wearing the chainmail (or whatever it is) and the one of her in the all-white outfit.

    I’d like to see some more of her.

  4. Charo is a beauty. And she shows some skin. Bonus!

    I’m not going to say anything about the two songs I heard, but she’s headed in the right direction unlike most of the others. Wish she did sing in Italian. It sounds very good with rock.

  5. My wife has a philipina best friend who used to live in Italy before meeting her present husband. They just might be taking over in a good way.

  6. I’m not digging this girl. I suppose it’s the very strong jawline that dominates her features. She’s cute and has a very nice body, but definitely not up there with a lot of the girls on this site (IMHO).

  7. Damn Travis.. all of these beautiful woman might get us into trouble. My gf actually enjoys the site, but if I keep gasping everytime you post a new model (Asuka Kirara is now my screensaver), she might just walk out.

    That said, you are making the holidays that much brighter. Thank you for Charo Galura as well (she’s just stunning and a nice departure) and Happy Holidays!

  8. What’s not to like about her. Charo is stunning, sexy, and poses nude. An occasional smile would be nice too, but she shows her boobies so I will let that slide. I don’t see why she wouldn’t be up there with most chicks on here. She’s not a 10, but I would definitely put her above all the mediocre models that have been featured here who don’t pose nude.

    Anyway, great find Travis.

  9. I have to agree with sevendeuce on this one: I think the jawline makes her look a little too masculine, and the tragedy is that – as indicated by photo 9 – it is a surgical addition (why do a lot of Asian girls get these ridiculously wide jaw lines?). Even in photo 9 though, I still think she’s pretty plain, and I suspect that without all the makeup and touch-ups you’d all agree with me.

  10. Stunning! My only suggestion would to increase her bust size. Nothing major – B cup or so. A little substance would make her mesmerizing.

  11. really cute and sexy, I don’t see any masculinity in her at all but then I don’t check out guys much:) just kidding. Lots of girls are plain w/o makeup that’s why God made it, if you’ve ever seen the top models in fashion plain they are pretty average at best, and unattractive at worst.

  12. @ Dr. Lee

    > I think the jawline…is a surgical addition
    > (why do a lot of Asian girls get these
    > ridiculously wide jaw lines?).

    I am very surprised and a bit mystified by that statement. From my understanding, based on discussions with a well informed member of the Asian community who has a strong jaw line herself, your statement 180 degrees off from reality.

    As a matter of fact, she tells me that one of most common cosmetic surgeries for Asian women is to get their jaw line reduced! (The most common surgery probably is eyelid ‘enhancement’)

  13. Of course, it is theoretically possible that pic 9 could actually be post surgery (and the others pre), but I doubt it – wide, square jawlines like that are not exactly normal for Asian women, and I have seen many examples of girls getting them. I think it’s another misguided attempt to look more western.

  14. @ Dr. Lee

    > square jawlines like that are not exactly normal for Asian women

    I am almost dizzy with disorientation here. I am hearing opinion that is completely contrary to what I have heard in the past from a theoretically expert Asianphile.

    Are we talking about the same thing? I am talking about the back angled part of the jaw, the lower back part below the ears, and merging into the neck. If it is larger, it makes the lower part of the face look bigger and makes the face look broader.

    From my understanding, larger jaws is an influence of Mongolian invasions in Asia. For example, it is very common in Korea and it is very well known that many actresses get the jaws reduced to create a more feminine look.

    I know this link is far from being extremly authoritative, but it is something to consider
    “Whereas square lower jaws are often considered a positive trait in Caucasian and many Asian men, a wide mandible can cause significant facial discordance and/or masculinization of the female faceβ€”particularly in those of East Asian descent.”

    > Of course, it is theoretically possible
    > that pic 9 could actually be post surgery

    I don’t see any major different in picture 9. And furthermore, angle, camera lens, lighting, and makeup can all have a huge impact on any one particular picture.

  15. She reminds me of a Bond Girl.

    The strong jawline is what I’m used to with Chinese girls even though she’s a filip.

    Not alot of breast meat, but definitely hot.

  16. DrNo: A wide, rounded jawline is not uncommon for Asians at all of course (the classic “round” oriental face), but jawlines as wide and square as Charo’s are highly atypical. Asians just don’t normally have very square, angular features like that. Of course, that doesn’t prove it isn’t natural (particularly as Filipinas often have a lot of Caucasian blood thrown in), but it is highly suggestive. Also, compare the lower part of her face in pic 9 to pic 8 – it is completely different. Her jawline looks much more clasically Asian in pic 9.

  17. Surgery or not, DrNo is dead right on the insecurity.

    Remember the Asian version of “Is my butt too fat?” is “Is my face getting fatter?”

    Especially in K-town.. J-town and C-town. It is almost universal and rarely, if ever, the case. Love them the way they come out of the box. No surgery ever required!

  18. What if…she wasn’t even born asian at all, and used to be a blond haired woman, and had plastic surgery to make herself asian. Could that’d explain the jaw. WoW! That’d be cool. πŸ˜‰

  19. LOL @ Arf! Shes gorgeous, surgery or not. I like the square jaw, not really looking masculine in my opinion.

  20. I reckon her best pics are the natural ones that have the least make up (ones where shes wearing or draped in white).

    Its a funny thing abt some women choosing not to smile.
    It can add so much more vibe to a shot such as….sleazy, sassy, cute, coy & my favourite – “Girl-next-door”!

    Im currently vacationing in the Phils now & beauties around & on TV here are overwhelming! Woot!

  21. @ Dr. Lee

    No surgery on Charo’s jawlines and no make-up in the pics you have seen. Just a little bit of lipstick and eyeliner, no more!
    Please see the links above, I think the pics I’ve found are more professional, and really shows us the REAL CHARO. the pics in this forum are from amateurs, not really professional photographers. that’s why charo didn’t put them on her profiles…

  22. My suspicions of surgery were based on how radically different her jawline looks in pic 9. However, given that her jawline looks square everywhere else, I now suspect that it was Photoshopped out in this particular photo. Of course, that doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t surgery anyway (it is still a very unusual jawline for a Filipina), but the evidence is much less clear.

  23. @ Dr. Lee

    yes, i think it was maybe photoshopped… i think there’s no surgery, if you look at most recent pics (see the links above), she has still got the strong jawlines.

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