Charmane Star

Charmane Star

Charmane Star was the porn star feature September 22-24th at the Crazy Horse strip club in San Francisco. This was her first appearance at Crazy Horse (and at any San Francisco strip club). I am not sure if she regularly tours the strip club circuit like many porn starlets. Has anyone seen her headline at a strip club before? I believe she was listed as one of the porn stars featured at one of the modelpalooza’s held at the Score’s strip club in Los Angeles. At the beginning of the video clip found in the tour of Charmane Star’s official site, you can see her dancing for a few seconds before the video clip becomes more pornographic.

Judging from her interview with, Charmane Star seems relatively down to earth but it will be interesting to read what people say about her when they see her feature this week at Crazy Horse.

Here is a nude photo I found of Charmane Star that I liked:

Charmane Star

Of course, it is fairly easy to find lots of free nude and hardcore photos of Charmane Star with a search on google images or

Speaking of google, I just came across a previous writeup about Charmane Star on the former version of the Asian Sirens site.

From Charmane Star’s wikipedia entry:


Charmane was born in the Philippines but moved to California with her family at age two. She grew up in San Francisco, San Diego and Sacramento with seven brothers and one sister. Charmane became a nude model soon after turning 19 and made her adult film debut in 1999 but left two years later to manage a night club in Milwaukee, Wisconsin with her ex-boyfriend. She recalls that managing the night club was “20 times harder” than adult films. When not working long hours at the night club, she managed to do single photo girl shoots.

Charmane returned to film in 2003 and promptly opened up a website. Charmane mainly performs boy/girl and girl/girl scenes but rarely does a boy/girl/boy scenes indicting that it was “too much”. She has become one of the top Asian performers in adult film. Like many performers she dances in strip clubs and made her debut in December 2004 at Club Paradise in Honolulu, Hawaii with Teanna Kai.

As a part of her hobby, she has amassed sculptures and paintings, and aims to own an art gallery someday. As of 2005, she is learning to be a disk jockey. Her contacts with professional DJs as well as her background owning a night club has no doubt contributed to this new hobby.


* Her sister was also in adult film briefly under the name Leah Santiago.
* Was a former Nordstrom sales girl.
* As a 1st generation Filipino-American, she understands Tagalog but can barely speak it.
* Only did one double penetration scene

It also states that she has performed in over 100 adult films!!!

Here are some links to websites with free video clips of Charmane in action:

My Asian Dream
Slant Eye For The Straight Guy
Charmane Star and Teanna Kai
Charmane XXX
Charmane rides the monster meat puppet
Be The Mask
Charmane solo action
Solo action continued
Yet more solo action

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  1. wow thanks badboy, i really luv to see charmane star doing solo and lesbian and i found some clips for free thanks to you

  2. i really wish i was born in Sanfrancisco, than i can see her in person (or maybe another juicy asian porn star) … aaarrrrrggggghhhhhhhhh

  3. hi all,am from indonesia. just read all your comments about indo girls. hey am not gonna say anything,its your rights to say so. anyway,just heard about tiara and am looking for her contact. anyone have any idea of her whereabouts maybe? last time she was heard in singapore. plss…Marco can you help me? i want to interview her, not stand against her. trust me. thanks. or anyone who has an idea of her existance,kindly email me at

    lots of thanks!

  4. i think she is just beautiful. containers…. why would you say such a thing?? she was also featured on the cover of performance audio and sound mag.

  5. maybe she is not pretty, but she is not ugly also, i just liking her doing lez scene and solo scene…….. yummy *sluuurrrppp*

  6. I feel she looks quite pretty in some shots, but not so pretty in others. I wouldn’t call her ugly though. Most likely she’s just ordinary, but responds well to the right makeup.

  7. There have been reports that Charmane’s show schedule has been changed to just 2 shows a night at 9:30PM and 12:30 (rather than three at 9, 11, and 1AM). She drew unprecedented crowds particularly for a Thursday night (her first night) so it is recommended to arrive at least 1 hour before her scheduled showtime.

    The reviews of her 2 shows last night were not rave ones like Mika Tan got but not negative either. The crowd as a whole seemed to appreciate Charmane Star giving her a standing ovation after her first show! Also, Charmane did venture off stage into the audience giving several mini-lap dances.

  8. Here is a review of one of Charmane’s Friday night performances which I found on the forum (requires registration) on the Crazy Horse website:

    “Charmane was pretty awesome. At the fri 930 showing, she was wearing a cowgirl outfit that showed off a really sexy behind in those chaps. Her show was kind of languid, but the crowd did get a little excited when she got off the stage n made her way around the audience…sitting on the laps of a few lucky gentlemen throughout the horse. She also did a small lotion show for the last song and handed out dvd’s n posters. The line to meet her was about 15 ppl long. She was extremly pleasant n friendly in the short time that i spent with her.”

  9. Hey all you Asian fans. I am Jeff from Minneapolis, MN. I am a huge fan of Asian chicks and of Charmane Star. Whoever said this girl was ugly is gay. She is the hottest philippino out there yet. She is suppose to be featuring at the Admiral Theatre in April, but I think it got changed to September. Check her website and her calendar to confirm though. I haven’t met Charmane in person yet, but I will soon. SHe is the hottest pornstar and Asian chick yet.

    I love you Charmane Star and hope to see u Soon.


  10. I found a few pictures of her in a beach setting a few months ago but didn’t know who she was ’till today. She is without a doubt the most beautiful Filipina I’ve ever seen and I’ve seen quite a few plus I used to be married to a beautiful Filipina.

    I’m trying to find the rest of those beach pictures and would appreciate any help form anyone out there. I’ve tried hundreds of these other sites but they’re most porn. I have nothing against porn but I would also like to see her modeling photos.

  11. It is sad that this is fate of all pornstars. The lifestyle just chews them up and spits them out. Look at Jenna Jameson! She’s lookin’ horrid now! Charmane was one of my faves for such a long time. I don’t watch American porn anymore, I guess maybe I’ve grown out of it… Kinda like Hot Topic (Goth/ Punk/ Rock/ Novelty store in America). It just gets old… you know??? On a different note… I wonder if the origin of the name Charmane came from “charred mane” (black hair)… interesting…

  12. I don’t think it’s age in this case – she just isn’t wearing as much makeup as she normally would. A little reminder of how they might look without it. 😉

  13. I’m not saying that she doesn’t look good, guys. I guess she just looks kinda worn out… not as good as she used to, ya know? Maybe I’m just a dirty bastard who likes the young fresh ones… hahaha! Villainous!

  14. I don’t think she looks worn out — not that I wouldn’t mind trying to wear her out! (Yeah, like all those porn scenes couldn’t do it but I could):-)

  15. I can see the age in her face (I guess you can call it a worn out look) but Charmane is smoking. I find her more appealing at age 29 than when she first came on the scene. All she needs to do now is stop getting tats. And check her out in Invasian 3 which comes out on 10 April.

  16. Charmane is one of my favorites as well. I love her face, her expressions, her eyes, her lips, etc, etc.

  17. One of the cutest ever. Though, I’m so bummed out she got that tattoo on her back shoulder. It really turns me off. That circle one she’s had for years is ok, but the other is nasty.

  18. I’m so glad that she’s down with the anal thing now. Now if I can just find some more of her doing it on the internet.

  19. Thanks for clearing that up, Arf. Otherwise we’d be having another ladyboy discussion again.

  20. It would have probably been the same for me except a) I wasn’t too discriminating when I was drinking and b) fell in love (sober) with my wife-to-be early on in my tour (and no way was I looking to get married!)

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