Asian Beauty book

Asian Beauty book

Although there are only a couple models on the site, I thought the Asian Beauty book might be interesting for anyone working in the Asian model business; the models, make-up artists and photographers. At you can look inside the book.

“In Asian Beauty, Margaret Kimura, veteran makeup artist to the stars and Asian American herself, presents the ultimate beauty guide for all women of Asian descent.In these gloriously illustrated pages, you’ll find Asian beauty secrets, Asian beauty tips, Asian beauty products and step-by-step guidance on how to enhance lips, eyes, cheeks, and brows using Margaret’s unique Shadows and Light technique.”

To be honest, part of the reason of this post is that I really liked the eyes of the model featured on the cover. This post is not meant as an advertisement for the book, because frankly dear visitors; I don’t know if it is any good! 😉

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