Charisse Kailyn

Charisse Kailyn @ (Photography: Chris Carlo)

I found Charisse at her Yahoo Group. She is new to the modeling business, but judging by her activities, I have a feeling she will be quite famous pretty soon! On her official site you will find a lot of information (even her workingschedule) and some photo’s. In her Yahoo group she is also active in the messages area. And of course she has a MySpace. She doesn’t do nude. I think I will let Charisse introduce herself! 😉

“I was born on March 3rd, 1985 in Lopez Quezon, Philippines. I moved to the United States when I was about 9 years old with my mom. I have one brother whom I love dearly. Eversince I was little I’ve always wanted to be a part of the entertainment industry. I’ve entered various Beauty Pageants in the Philippines and in the United States. I’ve been modeling for a while now but I didn’t start to really get into the modeling business until Summer of 2005.”“As of now, I’m still new in the industry but so far I’ve had the pleasure to work with awesome photographers as well as beautiful models. I am also a part time student taking up Nursing at Southwestern College here in San Diego, CA. I hope to someday become an RN as well as a successful business woman…”

More Charisse on the web:
Charisse Kailyn @
Charisse Kailyn @ (non members thumbs only)
Charisse Kailyn @ (bio, CV and lot’s of photo’s!)
Charisse Kailyn @
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Some facts:
Name: Charisse Kailyn
Date of Birth: 03/03/1985
Location: San Diego, CA
Nationality: Filipino
Height: 4’11” (1m49)
Weight: 90 (40kg)
Measurements: 32B-23-33
Eye Color: Dark Brown
Hair Color: Dark Brown
Dress Size: XS, Small
Shoe Size: 6

Charisse Kailyn (Photography: Stan Schutze)

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  1. Robin….Thanks for posting about Charisse! Cha is a good friend of mine and I’m really glad to see her getting back into modeling after taking some time off.

    Not only is she one HOT Filipina…..BUT…..she is really sweet, down to earth and truly nice young lady!

    Wishing you all the best Cha!!


  2. Hi northman! When you see her again, wish her goodluck with her career from the asian-sirens team. Hope she likes this posting and does not mind us using some pictures 😉

  3. OMG! Thank you ASIAN SIRENS.. Holy cow.. I’m speechless..

    I got a text message from Gene last night saying I was featured on I got home from work and first thing I checked was your site. Thank you sOo much. This really means a lot to me. Thanks you guys! All my love! *muah*

    Much Love,
    Charisse K.

  4. Charisse is an execellent model to work with. I really enjoyed working with her and I highly recommend her to those looking to hire a hard working model.

    She’ll be at the LA Model Showcase on Oct. 16th. It will be a great chance to meet her in person.


  5. Maybe I can attend the Model Showcase Event and do some extensive event photography for Asian Sirens? Even better is if we could arrange to have an Asian Sirens table with a model or two to help get the word out about Asian Sirens.

  6. I’d be happy to provide a table to have a model represent Asian Sirens at the Model Showcase.

    Just have to figure out who. Marco knows how to get in touch with me.


  7. Yeah, I guess this one is up to Marco. He is really busy these days… Badboy, can you send him an e-mail about this? I do think it would be nice to cover the event first hand.

  8. Thanks! Wow that is one of Charisse’s best shots ever! Needs to resized though. I swear it’s 1:1 scale!Hmmm….that gives me an idea.

  9. Fantatsic – I’ve finally gotten to see a good recent shot of Charisse without the western-style make-up! She does indeed look completely natural in this shot – now Charisse, be proud of your heritage and don’t hide your face behind that LA plastic-style make-up!

  10. Believe it or not Charisse, I actually like to be proven wrong, as it gives me an opportunity to learn something new. I still think you shouldn’t change your look so much with your makeup though – I think you look just fine as you are. 😉

  11. For a model to be taken seriously in this business, it is essential for her to change her looks and to be able to demonstrate her veristility in front of the camera.
    No model I’ve ever worked survived as a one look wonder.
    Often times models go with looks that will get them the next booking, may not be all that pleasing to some, but if it leads to additional work, then that’s what takes place.
    I wouldn’t put too much into the images that are produced now-a-days. It’s really not meant to present the true natural beauty of a model, it is often shaped into what the masses, being mostly men, want to see, which has very little to do with reality in my opinion.
    With Charisse, she is a real find, and great to work with, and if you make your way to Glamourcon this weekend, you’ll be able to meet her and probably about three dozen other asian models. Then you’ll be able to judge for yourself, is she a real Asian Siren or not, trying to figure it out on the net is a complete joke. Why people waste time trying to analyze what they see on the net, makes no sense to me.


  12. Moses, I’m not a professional photographer, but I did have the pleasure of shooting Charisse once.

    I was amazed how she needed no direction at all. She just went from pose to sexy pose with no prompting. I can imagine she makes it easy on a photographer like yourself.

  13. Moses, I can agree with your ‘changing the look’ story, but are you saying we should only look at the models (on your site), and not think about them or analyze what we see there? Something like: “Shut the f*** up and enjoy the girls” ? 😉

    I think it’s nice to see so many people apparently have the need to discuss these beautiful models. Otherwise we could just as well close this Comments section and only put up some photo’s…

  14. Robin,
    By no means that I mean to just look at what I shoot, okay, fine, just look at what I shoot, and forget the rest of the internet. J/k.

    No, I’m all for discussion on the beauty of the Asian Sirens featured here. I just think some that post here put a little to much into what they see on the internet and not really take into account that most of the models that are from the glamour and pin-up scene in this market area that happen to be Asian, or partly Asian are measured to a different standard as oppose to those models found in Asia and in Europe. They are not the same, nor are the photographed the same.

    My take on this would be to post models and comments that are really noted as an Asian Siren, someone that defines the term that Marco started out with.

    I find it kind of silly sometimes to read the comments that have nothing to do with these beautiful women. I enjoy the comments and yes the analysis giving on what folks see, but without the name calling or type casting, which I don’t think anyone can do anything about.

    I don’t know, I’m just rambling now, but getting back to Charisse. She is really a great model to work with, and she does rise to the level of being an an Asian Siren worth paying attention to as she develops her career as a model, my opinion. Which might not have anything to do with developing her career as an Asian Siren here.

    I have worked with or met practically every model mentioned here in this site, at one time or another that are here in the US, and some from Canada, throughout my travels and of course with the Model shows that I produce, so I can tell you, many wouldn’t be noteworthy to the likes of the folks back in Holland or in asia perhaps, but they sure do get the attention at the 20,000 plus crowds at a HIN show throughout the US.

    Now the questions goes, is this a site about Asian Sirens? Yes, what makes a model featured here an Asian Siren, should be the discussion, not whether they’ve been altered in some way or what images photoshopped too much, or this or that. What makes them an Asian Siren to be featured on this site?

    Just like anyone else, just stating my opinion, for what it’s worth.


  15. Northman,
    Yes, Charisse knows how to flow from pose to pose and she made it fun to work with her.
    When you see here at Glamourcon this weekend, you’ll find that she is equally adept to working the crowds with a very sweet and charming personality.


  16. Moses, I was being a bit sarcastic with my last comment, but only because I didn’t really get what you were saying with that last piece about people analysing the models.

    I can only speak for myself, but I am kinda new to this Asian model scene. Marco and I discussed the re-launch of Asian-Sirens back in June, and since he had little time left, he put me in charge of the site after the initial re-launch in July. I try my best to post Asian women (not only models) from all over the world, and my criteria for posting is quite simple: do I like what I see? And yes, I have to use the internet fot that. I wish I could meet the models, but here in Holland that is quite difficult as you can understand. I am by no means an expert on plastic surgery or modeling in general. I just try to keep the visitors happy with my postings. I try not to comment on things I know little about, but sometimes give my opinon on, for instance breast enlargement, which, as most of you know by now, I don’t really like. But that’s just me, most men like them a lot.

    As for other people’s comment’s; I really don’t have anything to say about them (I do have something to say on Postings though! ;-)), I just let everybody give his (or her) opinion, as long as they don’t become abusive or hostile. This is after all a community that has to regulate itself I guess…

    Ohw, one more thing: could you elaborate on: “My take on this would be to post models and comments that are really noted as an Asian Siren, someone that defines the term that Marco started out with.”

    Different people. different views… but the definition of ‘Sirens’ can be found here 😉

  17. Now that’s what I call a tease – nice work Charisse!

    Still, this video has not quelled my skepticism about her claims of being ‘all-natural’, I’m sorry to say…

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