Vanessa Minnillo – Current Maxim covergirl

Vanessa Minnillo

Vanessa Minnillo is the current Maxim covergirl as can be seen in the above picture. You can find 4 pictures plus an excerpt of her interview with Maxim on Maxim subscribers can view 10 more pictures including some web exclusives plus a video clip in the Maxim lounge. Thanks to northman (for providing the links), those who aren’t Maxim subscribers can view all of her Maxim pictures and the video clip too.

Vanessa is half Filipina and half Italian/Irish and as noted in the Maxim feature is an MTV VJ and Entertainment Tonight reporter. She got her start in the entertainment business competing and winning beauty pageants most notably Miss Teen USA.

There are not a lot of pictures of Vanessa online based on a google image search but here is a nice one in a bikini (not from Maxim):

Vanessa Minnillo

Vanessa has previously been featured as model of the week on which includes her biography and comments about how they rate her according to certain criteria.

Trivia about Vanessa from

1. Has dated Derek Jeter off and on since 2003.
2. in the Skintimates shaving gel commercial (spring/summer 2004).
3. Vanessa is the cover girl for the June 2004 issue of American Cheerleader magazine.
4. Vanessa’s currently a VJ at MTV and hosting shows, such as Morning After, TRL, and MTV Hits. She visited TRL at the end of her Miss Teen USA reign in 1999.
5. former high school varsity cheerleader; Universal Cheerleading Association All-Star.
10. was crowned Miss Teen USA and received the Congeniality award in 1998; brought home the “bacon” as the first delegate from South Carolina to capture the title; received the highest score in Interview, Swimsuit, and Evening Gown.
11. pilots: WB’s Top of the Pops (host; 2001); FOX’s The Break (Malia; 2003).
12. she’s an avid surfer; she even surfed in The Break.

Thanks to northman for the suggestion to feature her on Asian Sirens!

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  1. The stills of her are cute. But watching the video, she seems a little brassy and not as cute. I find the over confident bordering on arrogant attitude that comes through in the video unattractive. Girls are so much cuter when they don’t act that way.

  2. Vanessa Minnillo updated as suggest by Robin. I didn’t like that blank space in the better scan so tried my best to fix that using the source picture but it is not perfect. Thanks to northman for the links!

  3. Nah, I don’t think it is worth the trouble to resize it down to 300 pixels wide plus it is more of a color matching issue that won’t really go away with resizing. If someone wants to see if they can do better, I will gladly replace the photo again. All they need to do is upload it somewhere (any free image hosting service like will do) and provide the link to the image in a comment to this entry.

    Technically, the cover photo is a photo from Maxim (it is their cover after all) but I don’t think we need to post the same photos that are readily available at

  4. Hmmm, okay, but I do think it’s kinda huge now… for a cover I mean. I can take a shot at it this weekend. I do work with Photoshop a lot 😉

    For the photoset: the question is; will they be there for a while?

  5. I just tried resizing to 300 pixels wide for the heck of it and my editing job still looks about the same to me but the impact of the picture is significantly less. I think it is because her eyes don’t show up as well at the smaller size. I agree it is a large picture but it is actually smaller than the version on The file size after run through the optimizer is only 20K smaller so not very significant either.

  6. The arrogant attitude asiansweetheart refers to comes through in the photos for me too – I didn’t bother with the video, as I don’t find this girl attractive at all. Indeed, for me she even looks a little ugly in some shots (such as the preview pic above). She thinks she’s a lot better than she is.

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