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Chanty Sok is an actress that plays a very small role in the new movie Ted. I have no idea what her career will look like after that movie, but any time you’re in a movie there’s a chance you become famous. Now with something like 20,000 views on this website – BOOM. Famous.

As I’ve said before, I prefer to keep negative talk about non-models to a minimum. I don’t know if that counts for actresses as well, but I feel it should. Dr. Lee is welcome to disagree.

Note from the Doc: I am of the opinion that non-models should not be held to the same standard as models when judged purely on looks, so even though the same basic rules apply to all posts here, I am somewhat in agreement with Travis.Age: 27
Ethnicity: Most Assuredly Khmer with that name.







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0 thoughts on “Chanty Sok”

  1. She’s really sexy, I think she would get mostly positive comments anyway.
    Is she good in the film? I really hadn’t planned on seeing it as I find Marky Mark Wahlberg a bit wooden but I may have to check it out.

  2. I don’t think you needed to warn us about negative comments with this girl. She’s beautiful, and now I have yet another very good reason to see that movie.

  3. So tempting to write something negative just because:-)

    Another reason to go see Ted, just have to convince the wife.

  4. Beautiful girl, last pic my favorite. Her resume says she’s been a runway model in addition to acting.

  5. I love her last photo. She doesn’t seem like she forcing a smile in the other photos. She’s very pretty. I just watch Ted and I’m trying to figure out what role she played…

  6. Have not seen Ted but in the trailer isn’t she one of the prostitutes on the couch? She is one hot lady.

  7. This girl is smoking hot! Just my type. Makes me want to see Ted, just to see her. Fabulous post.

  8. I believe she was the one that pooped on the floor of the apartment! haha! great movie. You should all see it. She makes it better. I like her in the last pic – the soft look does it for me.

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