Kumi Koda

Japanese pop singer Kumi Koda (or Kumiko Koda) was born on November 13, 1982. Kumi debuted in 2000 with her first single ‘Take Back’. She did not achieve success until her seventh single ‘Real Emotion / 1000 no Kotoba’ which was a hit because of its connection to the videogame ‘Final Fantasy X-2’. Her popularity skyrocketed in 2005 after the release of Butterfly and being named one of the best selling artists of 2005 from the success of BEST ~first things~.

To be honest I’m not a real fan of her songs but damn is she hot!



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  1. Lee, perhaps it’s better to explain how they can resize the images than to close comments. To be honest, I have no idea either how to rescale external hosted images. You?

  2. The only way is to make them smaller and upload that version, or just link to them – perhaps that’s the most practical solution. I’ve changed totallyhotasians’ post to a link and reopened it, and I’ve changed widehead’s post to a link as well.

  3. So kawaii. Love that she’s from Kyoto (where all the most beautiful babes are from!) and learned to play shakuhachi (kind of flute, also slang for penis lol) & koto at an early age. Unhappily, it appears that she just had falsies installed…oh well..

  4. It’s been years since I looked for any pics of her. I never been a fan of her music though, i just can’t listen to much J-Pop. I just put her videos on mute and watch her shake it. Yum.

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  6. Look for her video called Shake It. That is my favorite video of her. I would search for a link, but too busy right now. And I could upload it later if it ain’t on YouTube.

  7. That link didn’t work so well. When I watched it last night it had Koda Kumi performing, but I just can’t seem to find it now. Sorry.

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