The Girls of Nylon Pink


Not long ago I featured the girls from Baby VOX all in one post. I’m creating this post before that one is posted, so there’s a chance it wasn’t well received, but I’m going to pretend it is for the purposes of this post.

Hey! Since you guys liked my last post so much, here’s another! You might remember Kaila Yu. She was one of the most popular new models after Sung Hi Lee. Well, after she quit modeling, she decided to create a techno-punk-pop girl group known as Nylon Pink where she acts as the lead singer. Since you’re all probably (hopefully) familiar with Kaila Yu, here are some of the other members of the girl group.

Note: Whenever we feature non-models on Asian Sirens, especially women from the US that might read this blog, keep any negative comments to a minimum. Models open themselves up for criticism, but non-models do not. It would be like posting a photo of your girlfriend from Facebook and letting all of us explain what’s wrong with her.Kiki Wongo



Young Drummer Jaime Scoles


DJ Shy




Kitt-E-Katt – I couldn’t find a photo, but she’s one of the founders and on the right.



Nylon Pink

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  1. OMG OMG OMG I loooooooooooooove them!!!! first asian girl band in the U.S. and talented!!!! I’ve been following Kailu Yu for a while since high school. Import model, Pop singer, and then girl band. LIKE WOW. I also have a couple of Kaila’s songs in the early days and Nylon Pink!!! THEY ARE HOTTTTTT!!!!
    Hello Kitty on acid with style and fashion!!!

  2. I can understand why Quyen is EXCITED!!
    Why would anyone negatively comment on these girls?

  3. They’re all cute girls.

    I’ve always thought that Nylon Pink focuses a bit too much on the fashion and the visuals to be taken seriously by many for their music. Plus, they seem to do a lot of covers.

    I do like Kiki. She’s got some pretty decent skills. She’s no John Petrucci, but she can hold her own.

  4. Kaila is a awesome person, use to chat with her on AOL before she got a bit more famous, sweet nice girl. I wish her the best.

  5. How do I become a groupie for this band. I’ll follow them around on tour and take care of their needs. What a bunch of hotties…

  6. Holy Funk! This is maybe quite possibly the sexiest band ever. Also Kaila’s nipples in that top pic caused a little drool on my part.

  7. Yeah, they’re all hot. Nice post. All the posed photos are well done. More pics of Jaime please. How does that sultry sexy wisp of a girl play drums… used to seeing more meat on drummers, it’s very hard work. The video link by sucez was great, they are fabulous on camera.

  8. ill be perfectly honest, i have no interest in the band nylon pink whatsoever. i just want to see kaila naked.

  9. Okay, I have to say this: I love hot girls, and I love good music. What I don’t like, however, is the former being used to sell the latter. Music is music, IMHO the greatest of all human art forms. And women are women, mother nature at her best from a man’s point of view. The former does not gain value from the latter being used to sell it; in fact it devalues it. Music should only be sold on its own merits, not irrelevant sex.

  10. What if they love music and are serious about it but they happen to be drop-dead cute? Should they give up one or the other to retain their purity? What a terrible prospect. Maybe they should dress in rags… hmmm, no, they would look good in rags. Umm suits, then. Damn, they would look good in suits too. Well, I guess they will just have to give up the music 🙁

  11. Actually, you misunderstood my comments. If they’re talented musicians and they happen to be hot (e.g. Vanessa Mae), then by all means flaunt it – why not have aural and visual enjoyment at the same time? The point is, the music must stand on its own merits – these days, most music is sold on the looks of the performers alone, which I strongly object to. And Nylon Pink is clearly a case of exactly that, I have to say.

  12. I think that what they are selling is entertainment. I don’t think they would claim to be the most talented musicians or the hottest models, and I think there is a market for these acts that fill both competently (although I haven’t listened to these guy’s music).
    I think the shame is if real talent is forced out of the market, which I guess is Doc’s point, but I reckon there is room for both. KISS was the biggest thing ever when I was growing up and the entertainment/marketing was done better than the music arguably.

  13. I completely agree with the Doc. Certainly there are beautiful ladies who can sing, but the singing should take precedence over the beauty. I think it would be much more difficult for say, a Janis Joplin or an Aretha Franklin to become popular today.

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