Calamity Chang

When American burlesque was in its heyday, Asian striptease performers were practically unheard of. However, with the emergence of “neo-burlesque” in the mid-1990s, a few Asian ladies have taken to the stage, doing the retro “bump ‘n grind” acts. One of the most prominent being New York City’s “Asian Sexsation” Calamity Chang.

Above is Calamity doing her “Nunsploitation” routine at a show entitled “Meat My Friends,” hosted at Full Cup in Staten Island. See more of Calamity at her official website and you can follow her on Twitter.

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  1. Hide the sacred nipple!

    I suppose she’s fine for an aging stripper. She sure carries a nice set of tatas around. But perhaps because I am younger than 80, burlesque style stripping from “women of a certain age” just doesn’t raise my flag.

    I did check out her site, but I won’t be following her, or any one else for that matter, on twitter.

  2. As Bigfoot mentioned, those are VERY nice tatas.

    I am very impressed with her website and style of writing on it. She is informative, humorous, educational, and seems like a caring person based on her willingness to teach others. After seeing hundreds of websites linked here on Asian Sirens, she is in the top ten as she takes her business seriously.

    I actually prefer burlesque to strip clubs. A childhood friend of mine managed a famous strip club for four years- so I had more access than most. Strippers want your money and play off any emotion you give (they are good poker players). Burlesque dancers are more artistic- they do the performance, WHILE SMILING, then exit, stage left….

  3. French posted, “I actually prefer burlesque to strip clubs.”

    I completely agree. I despise strip clubs. I have only been to strip clubs a very few times in my life and only really had fun once. That one time is when a woman took me.

    Still strippers are not for me. I agree a burlesque stripper is probably far more interesting and intelligent than her “gentlemen’s club” counterpart. But they typically are too big, and frankly a bit too old, to have much sexual appeal for me.

  4. Bigfoot: True that. I have noticed that they are usually older and heavier. But that may also be because most strippers I met at my friend’s club were 20 years old and still youthfully thin. With drugs, booze, and bad choices in boyfriends- few stripped past age 23.

    Not really burlesque, but belly dancers in Beirut were pretty hot, young, and no real belly. They come on stage pretty much already stripped down except for those see-through veils.

    I am with you on the strip clubs- they depress me.

    As for Calamity Chang here- I think she is attractive enough. The few pictures showing those boobs (with covered nipples) did it for me. Sure she is older- but she takes care of herself. I have plenty of buddies whose wives can wear their husband’s sweatshirts-
    and they fit 🙁

  5. What!? Does she look old? I think she is fantastic. I like exotic dancers of all types but I have to say as I age I prefer the Burlesque performers best

  6. I’m not sure what burlesque clubs you all are going to, but here in LA they’re the latest thing and full of hot, young women. We have a ton of great, sexy burlesque clubs here. I prefer them to strip clubs at this point in my life, haven’t been to a real strip club in a long time. Though I’ve had some great times in strip clubs when I was young.

  7. slackerking: As a connoisseur of burlesque clubs, how do you feel Calamity Chang here did based on her video? And WHY do you prefer them over strip clubs?

    Not trying to start a fight like that hockey-fight loving Wingsfan fellow….just trying to understand your perspective.

    Also, are the dancers in L.A. still from the SoCal look, or are they not? Please share….

  8. Burlesque has been really popular in Melbourne the last few years. Strangely the ‘jug strip’ places have closed down probably in the years leading up to the Burlesque boom. Now as far as strip clubs go they are mostly the Goldfingers/ Spearmint Rhino type (which don’t appeal to me).
    I did a life drawing class at a Burlesque club that was great fun. The performer would do a show then pose for the group. You could drink beers while you drew. The models varied but some were stunning.
    As far as the difference goes the main one I see is that Burlesque attracts a significant female audience and makes it OK to watch what might otherwise cause some angst. The effort and skill of the performer means that the artistry of some Burlesque is far from ‘stripping’ while some (like the video above) is pretty much the same thing IMO of course. Some strippers put a lot of effort in and do shows that, if they had some pasties and kept their panties on, could be good burlesque shows.

  9. Luke: Having a beer and drawing sounds like a heck of a lot of fun. And that is a good point in that if females attend these types of shows- it would be more fun than a traditional strip club….for me at least.

  10. I was going to post this the other day but didn’t as I thought it was off topic (probably still is). I mentioned the Grosvenor Hotel in Brisbane (Doc you might know it). Topless bar downstairs, strip club upstairs ($10 entry). That’s a lot different to the last time I went (in 2002) to a place in Charlotte St. There for the price of a beer you could sit and watch the strippers.
    No Asians though at the last place – and that was a pity.

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