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Angela Bu

Angela Bu is not only a model but a DJ as well. When she’s not shooting new photos she can be found playing live sets and entertaining crowds.

She also loves traveling and yoga. Angela is very introspective and can often be found sharing motivational messages.

Susan Shan

Susan Shan likes to keep herself motivated. She believed that she can do anything as long as she puts her mind to it. She believes the most comfortable way to live is by appreciating everything as it comes very slowly.

My favorite photos in this set are the two one pieces. One with Kill Bill flair and the other in a skateboard set.

Elsa Chu 比特

Elsa Chu believes in true love. Sometimes she gets upset about how pictures of her feet and butt do much better than others however she doesn’t let that get to her too much. She is very much a romantic.

My favorite photo from this set is the Pokémon one. Other than that there are some great selfies included.