Fiffy is a graduate student and model from Singapore. Beautiful and intelligent? A winning combination.Stats:

Age: 25
Height: 5’6
Ethnicity: ?
Located: Singapore






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  1. These shots don’t show much variety in how she uses her face. Maybe it’s the lack of a smile or is it that she has way over done the “I’m a tough girl” look.

    Has to be said that these photo’s aren’t that flattering. I’m sure she is a pretty and intelligent girl. These shots don’t reflect that.

  2. Fiffy?

    Could do with better presentation
    Even be a Siren sensation
    Nice when she will smile
    Instead of a look full of bile.

    I don’t understand attitude
    Seems unnecessary to act a prude
    Perhaps I must admit
    Just don’t get it.

    Maybe there’s a reader here to whom I can defer
    One that really truly knows her
    Who’ll say that she’s sweet
    A girl you’d love to meet.

    If so, please speak now
    Of my opinions, disavow
    Instead I should take a vow
    For Fiffy only be saying WOW.

  3. Judging from the sadly few photos that show it, her body looks fine, but for me her face looks just okay in the best shots, and a little bit odd in the rest.

  4. Dbldipper, it’s said,
    is testing his bed
    with ladies he’s pulled throughout Seoul

    I admit that I’m jealous
    and i wish he would tell us
    or show us the panties he stole

    But I agree with his post
    and i’m sure so will most
    That Fiffy would improve by a mile

    If she’d cheer up a bit
    and just show us some tit
    and learn how to crack a nice smile

  5. Where is the black leather whip and chains? It seems as with someone who is so very talented there would be reason for a smile.

  6. i’m living in singapore now (not china after 5.5 yrs), and there is an awful lot of mainland “students” over here ….her look says more mainland to me….

  7. Normally I would suggest Fiffy smile to help her look better. But on the few pics on her istudio page where she smiles, it is clear that simply isn’t the case. She does not have a very attractive or compelling smile.

  8. WOW, some sots taken by a local guy. Funny, I recognize the bus…lol

    Gorgeous in the city shots.

  9. Beautiful, exceptional face. I love Asian women with pronounced lower eyelid. I think geckosiam meant she looks like a difficult woman – intelligent & aware of her beauty, with awfully high expectations & a bit arrogant. She knows she can always “do better”. That’s what I got from her pics. Still I would try my luck. 😉

  10. If I was waiting for that Love bus, and she walked past, I would notice, my heartbeat would increase, and that is enough for me to give her a positive comment. Always for me it is always the smile, so thanks to dbldipper.

  11. She needs a variety of expression. In all her photos..maybe with the exception with the first one..she has the tough, I’m the baddest btch. I want to see more softer looks on her.

  12. I just wwish Asian girls wore form fitting tight clothes in Asia more often, rather than wearing old, frumpy jeans and mismatched skirts/ boots.

    If I met a chick like this on the street, how would I know she was so hot underneath the clothes?

  13. Nope, I’m not impressed by her looks very much at all. Certainly no WOW factor.

    However she’s modeling a ‘look’, so she doesn’t deserve the attacks on her personality gained from a few pics.
    She might be positively charming in real life.
    @nicholiservia, I rarely see Asian women ‘wearing old, frumpy jeans and mismatched skirts/ boots’. Most I’ve seen wear quite stylish AND form fitting clothes, especially tight pants and are often impeccably groomed, pretty much like Fiffy here.

  14. I think nicholi is referring to the older midwestern american asian women he’s used to seeing. Not the ones living in asia. 🙂

  15. @Wingsfan19? You say you googled Fiffy and found this woman, but is it Fiffy?
    Fiffy is aka Beijing Doll at Model Mayhem?
    I can see a sort of resemblance, because some of the shots of this model are from 2007.

    If so, then I take back my earlier comments and agree with nancy (swoon) that she looks much better. Much much better! Delicious arse and a great look on her face in the pic of her in the white panties and the mirror. Also the MMMMcDonald’s logo pic.

  16. ahh yes, it took until the pic of her lying on the rug..(in MM about pic 12) to see that her expression and facial features are the same as the first pic here at AS. No doubts now.

    It might be a fair comment to say that we (some of us) expect models to be smiling at the camera in every shot. And the model’s attractiveness is judged on the smile. So, if she isn’t smiling or worse, a scowl or a sneer, we get a negative vibe from her.
    Might be the difference between cheese(cake) and art? I think the MM portfolio is getting close to art while many of the shots here are closer to cheesecake (without the smile of course).

  17. Sorry guys, I’m so confused. One is saying Fiffy is now Beijing Doll but I don’t buy it. Sure they both are Asian but I’m so sure they aren’t the same.
    Another reason why Fiffy may not smile as much is her face won’t be symmetrical if viewed straight on if she smiles. So for most of you asian experts I ask you to spot this as this is one of those small cultural-but-less-than-superstitious things we eastern-raised kids go through…or it may just be me noticing it through the years everytime a photo session comes up 😀

  18. Um, I wasn’t claiming that Beijing Doll was Fiffy, only that her picture came up when I Googled Fiffy and I thought she (Beijing Doll) was worth posting here. Sorry for the confusion.

  19. Are you guys sure that Fiffy and Beijing Doll aren’t one and the same?

    I put the first and second pics of Fiffy side by side with a few of BD, flipped back and forth and can’t see much difference.

    Look at the pic of BD on the rug and the first pic at AS. I think the facial features are similar – the lines from her lip to under her nose are the same. Ditto her eyes.
    Note too that she has been a member of MM since 2006 and the pics there might be 4 years old at least.
    Maybe she has changed both her name and location since.
    However she is a current member of MM as well. So it’s a mystery isn’t it?

  20. Yes, I’m sure we have featured her – I thought I saw her on our upcoming list, but now I’m quite sure she’s already been done. I just can’t remember under what name!

    Please restrict any further discussion of Beijing Doll in this thread to identifying her previous post on Asian Sirens – Beijing Doll aint Fiffy!

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