Asian Women Thinspo or Pro Ana


There’s a strange trend that’s happened online over the past few years known as “Thinspo,” short for “Thinspiration.” Those that follow it believe that they’re using photos of ultra thin women as motivation to lose weight. Opponents believe that it’s simply another term for pro-ana, and it promotes anorexia, which is of course obscenely unhealthy.

Because Asian women are often naturally skinny, many of the photos are “Asian Thinspo” photos – especially Korean women and runway models – because they tend to be stick thin and are not generally associated with anorexia.

Below are varying degrees of thinspo. Some models, like the one at the top, seem perfectly healthy to me. Others, as you can see if you search for “Thinspo” online or browse sites like this, look much less healthy.

So, questions for the audience:

– How do you feel about ultra skinny women?
– What do you think about “Thinspo”? Is it anorexia disguised or a motivational tool?
– Is there a difference to you between the women that are naturally skinny and those that are starving themselves? What about in attraction?

Discuss anything you want related to this type of conversation in the comments.







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0 thoughts on “Asian Women Thinspo or Pro Ana”

  1. I love Thinspo! Especially the 2nd girl in the yellow top. She’s perfect for my taste. The last photo looks pretty funky. Maybe some bad plastic surgery or something.

  2. I like them thin and strong looking. I don’t like a lack of tone. And I don’t like the obvious bolt ons.

  3. Perhaps I should clarify a bit. The above women show up for searches of Thinspo, but they aren’t “true” thinspo. For a better, non-Asian representation, view here:

    and click on “Top Photos” then scroll around. Personally I think that naturally thin is great, but anorexia thin – and indeed, anorexia at all – is incredibly unattractive in a person both physically and mentally. The variation, “Fitspo,” is much better.

  4. I saw a photo via the link of an anorexic chick and if that is being used as inspiration that is just sick really. I really don’t understand it. In saying that I like thin women and probably have some prejudice towards fat girls that is probably not fair. As far as the photos here go they range from pretty healthy, through ‘could do with a burger’ and finish on too thin for my two cents.

  5. I guess to clarify my earlier post, I am a fan of slim asian women. I like them pretty slim, but anorexic is not attractive to me. I prefer slim and fit. So maybe I am not really a fan of Thinspo. Interesting post though. All the girls above (except for the last one) look great to me. LOL

  6. The ladies in each photo on this page became progressively thinner and progressively less attractive to me. I can’t really add too much to what Travis and Luke72 have already said. I feel the same way about the other side of the coin, a little extra is fine (even great on some ladies) but too much is too much and not attractive. Even then, there are big women who are fairly fit and curvy.

  7. I have always preferred a skinnier woman myself. Overall the woman above a fine to me. Some look better than others. Granted the last picture is getting close to too skinny for myself. My general rule of thumb is if they are in a relaxed position and you can see hip bones, and rib cage you probably need a few burgers. The hip in the bottom picture could be because of here position, just borderline to me.

    Another great example of a skinny Asian too me is Grace Park. Good looking Korean and very fit.

    At the same time I have seen many woman with a little meat on their bones that are thicker than I prefer that are still quit attractive.

  8. I find thin girls hot but I don’t think they should be inspirational for those who are not naturally thin. There is a such thing as too thin – when the bones start sticking out, like the hips on the last one, then it has gone too far.

    the first few look pretty hot though

  9. You’re forgetting mcantrell that that’s the point. While some claim they’re simply looking for thin inspiration, the truth is that it began and continues to be veiled anorexia. It’s even used as a way of marketing pro-ana groups.

    So that’s where it gets very complex, and starts to beg the question about whether or not it’s something that should be strongly discouraged, even if you are overall attracted to thinner women. It’s also why I purposely chose varying degrees of “thinspo” as you scroll down. Luckily, or unluckily perhaps, there aren’t as many bony Asian women examples, but that’s because so many Asian models appear so incredibly skinny anyway that it’s been unnecessary. If you search for Thinspo, the majority are very close to the bony or super skinny example you posted.

  10. A few salient points I should add to this interesting discussion:

    1) Interestingly, the Chinese photographers Photoshop their models to make them even slimmer than real life (see pics 3 and 4).

    2) Asian women are definitely naturally slimmer than other races: what is unhealthy for other races is often healthy for them.

    3) Regarding Travis’ main point, thinspo is indeed veiled anorexia worship, even though a lot of the girls they worship (particularly the Asian ones) may not actually be anorexic themselves.

  11. As most people here probably already know, I am not a fan of bony women. I am a fan of fit women. They have a saying: skinny girls look good with clothes on, but fit girls look good naked. I couldn’t agree more. I don’t want to see a skeleton with skin walking around. I want to see a girl with some tone, who is curvy and confident. That’s the benefit of working out (especially weightlifting), and something I wish more women understood.

  12. my wife is singaporean and she fits into the skinny camp, Figure is closer to 2nd photo even at 40. No matter how much she eats and after childbirth she still reverted back to slim and slender. I for one am not complaining.
    No where but in Asia have I seen a high proportion of women looking good in high cut jeans shorts far beyond the age they would in the western world.

  13. I agree with mtw, the girl in second is damn near perfect for me.

    The two in front of the roller/tractor have been photoshopped to hell but are probably pretty amazing in real life.

    The girl in the bath however is a bit too far in the skinny extreme, but hey if she’s healthy i think she’d be a lot of fun.

    I have a personal observation that the skinnier girls have the most sensitive nipples and therefore get the horniest in bed. Chubbier asian women are intended for winter cuddling while it’s snowing outside.

  14. Grace Park … also my ideal of really good looking.

    I’m very attracted to thin women with flat stomach and nice small breasts. I find photos in this post very attractive except for enhanced breasts on some of them (especially the last photo).

    Who can say No to the girl with yellow top!!!

  15. I agree with everyone on the second beauty above. And maybe even the third little sad sack up there. She needs a hug maybe and dry them eyes up. Oh yeah…and number five also with the digits on her hand which don’t even work! Dang she got me. not really

  16. People look at pictures of who they would like to become- not pictures of people just like them.

    When I was a teenager- I put up pictures of (don’t laugh) Arnold and JCVD and lifted weights. I didn’t want my body to look like their body, but I wanted to move in that direction. It worked.

    I’ve dated a few women who were bulimic. It is a terrible disease and centers around not just weight and body image, but from things such as “control” and anger.

    Never heard of “Thinspo” until now.

    Travis’ questions for the audience:

    1) How do you feel about ultra skinny women?
    I believe ultra skinny women have a mental disorder- and I want them to get help, not date them.

    2) What do you think about “Thinspo”? Is it anorexia disguised or a motivational tool?
    No black vs. white, only shades or degrees of grey.

    3) Is there a difference to you between the women that are naturally skinny and those that are starving themselves? What about in attraction?

    The woman in yellow is smoking hot (Korean?). But a starving woman is not attractive to me because (for better or worse) I am always interested in a relationship- and people who starve themselves do not make a happy and productive companion.

    Confidence is attractive, desperation is repelling.

  17. Not a fan of wafer thin girls, I find them completely unsexy and unattractive even if they have pretty faces. I like curvy personally, wouldn’t ever want to date any of these girls ever again. I’ve dated slender girls in the past and Bony girls are not much fun anywhere. I’ll take a girl who can eat, play and have a good time. Like Basho said, I like em womanly.

  18. Last 2 girls are not attractive, the rest are ok. I like them fit and a bit curvy.

    Asian gals have a big advantage on weight issues, they mostly don’t get too fat over the years. Except if you consider filipinas but they have the latin genes from the spanish.

    I think getting inspiration from thin girls is not a bad thing per se. Western women really have to work double to keep in shape and every motivation helps. Just don’t make it obssessive and too far.

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