Amu Masaki


Amu Masaki is a Japanese AV model. She looks much better when she smiles, which apparently she does often. Unfortunately I didn’t get to those photos until after I started this post and I’m feeling lazy today. So here are these.Stats:

Age: 27
Height: 5’4
Ethnicity: Japanese
Located: Japan












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  1. The last picture looks like a right “D” and a left “A”!

    Looking back, a terrible doctor!

  2. Asianwomenalways

    I see what you mean…are her tits even? I noticed they seemed uneven even before I read your comment.

  3. When she smiles, she is a different person. “You’re like two different people.” – Sgt. Dingham, the Departed…

  4. 1st and 2nd pics, especially the second one, do it for me.
    Rest are average.
    re different boob sizes, at first I was going to say it was the angle, but the shot of her in the well I wonder if she is pleased with it and maybe is considering suing her surgeon? (or are they natural?) Her smile is meant to distract?
    re the smile. I know many want smiles but I prefer her better unsmiling. But perhaps not the sneer in pic 5.

  5. @ nichliservia: good one 🙂

    I like her look but I’m a sucker for Japanese women. The boobs are a bit strange but I’m willing to overlook that. It is kinda weird ’cause they sure don’t look natural and if they were the same size they’d look great.

  6. Maybe she only had enough money to get one done? Also, maybe that’s why she’s not smiling in these photos.

  7. I have known many women to have different size breasts and a few with a big size difference like her. A majority of them were J ladies. Oddly enough most all of the women were from southern Japan.

  8. Bilateral asymmetry: as a member of the healthcare community I can attest to the fact that is is not uncommon for women to have breasts different in size, but they still must have the same appearance.

    My guess she’s a botched transgender operation. I very seriously doubt she was born a female.

  9. Yes, this is getting silly – a lop-sided boob job does not equal a botched transgender operation! You’d need a little more than that to draw such a conclusion, and I don’t see any other evidence of that here.

  10. Nice link bobgod. I find the description amusing:
    ‘Here we see Amu Masaki ‘s full body in a full nudity photo, which was shot in a room.’
    Obviously, obvious. 🙂

  11. Its hard to not like this girl. Some of you guys are getting too hung up on her breasts and missing the big picture… she’s really hot.

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