Tanja Holding


Tanja Holding is a 38 year old model currently located in Denmark. She has wonderful skin. Quite a bit of it is photoshopping, but I wouldn’t be surprised if her skin in real life is still quite smooth. And if it isn’t? Man, that photoshopper really knows how to blur! What a skilled blurrer!Stats:

Age: 38
Height: 5’6
Ethnicity: ?
Located: Denmark






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  1. Kroos…on one older photo (I forget which) I said: “Michael Jackson lives!” and I got warned – so I think the same is going to happen to you.

    I think she looks great at 38 – and I’d hope if I ever married an Asian she’d look like this at 38.

    I also don’t mind her holding the Katana like I mind models holding guns.

  2. I think the Michael Jackson comparisons are a little harsh – actually, I think a lot of the “plastic” look is due to manifestly excessive airbrushing, which does make me worry about her skin. In other words, her photos lead me to draw precisely the opposite conclusion from Travis! Her body looks very nice though, and I really like her boob job.

  3. This lady like many asian ladies hold onto their youthful appearance well into their middle age. Would it be bragging to say my asian wife looks 30 at a much older age?;)

  4. Kroos, that made me chuckle.

    Photoshopping aside, she looks good for 38, though the boobs look a tad ridiculous.

    1 for skin
    1 looking fab at 38
    1 for good luck…


  5. What is this Photoshop, of which we speak?
    Can it make a man strong?
    Can it make a man weak?
    If you’re arms are too short, can it make them long?

    Can it make one lacking in stature, quite abit taller?
    Or one large about the waist, quite a bit smaller?
    Can it bestow the gift of deep blue eyes?
    Or provide man’s ultimate pleasure to women – large girth and size?

    Nay, I declare, this tool of the devil
    Is meant only for the mind of the male to dishevel
    A gift solely for women, to improve on what God gave
    Turns men into putty; makes their eyes crave.

    Bum to big? Make it firm and tight
    A little too chunky? Become more slight
    Skin not quite right? Here and there a little blotch?
    Sha-zzam – hit a key and that problem you can scotch.

    Now, Miss Tanja from the Carolina of North
    Little shall I say, from here and henceforth
    Doc Lee is right, the surgeon of plastic
    Improved her abit, seemingly nothing too drastic.

    She shows nice at the age of thirty-eight
    In fact, in these pictures she looks really great.
    Only question for me – if you saw her on the street
    Would she still be a Siren; would you still want to meet?

  6. @ Foddy, not the best, but what can I say. One of my college English teachers thought I was an idiot.

    Composed one in the office that took about a minute:

    There is a poster named Foddy
    Who thinks my missives quite shoddy.
    In a way I agree
    But the reason, you see
    I think not with my head, but my body.

    Good meter for a limerick.

  7. Humm .. whenever I saw a person similar to this person in Thailand, they were eligible for crocodile dundee test

  8. The fourth pic down is my fave. Big boobs and long slender legs are hot. I’d be glad to give this woman the crodile dundee test.

  9. First 4 pics are the best of the bunch for me.
    Pic 5 looks unnatural.
    Pic 5 is pretty unbelievable.
    I’m not sure I’d like to wake up with her when the makeup was off.
    Having said that, she does look Great for 38.
    Wonderful legs!
    Oh and did anyone else want to flick that stray hair off her face in the 1st pic. err you did get past the cleavage right??

    and ok, I’ll bite,,(pun intended) what’s the Croc Dundee test. Pic 5 I understand..”That’s not a knife, THIS is a knife!” but pic 4?

  10. great tits and great body for a 38 year old

    i would be over the moon if i was married to a 38 year old woman that looked like this

    her face isn’t the best i think we can all agree. it does look quite masculine/lady boy like.

    otherwise hot.

  11. You know, these days I’ve noticed that the photoshopping/blur tends to be independent of skin quality, and more common based on skin tone. Nina Mascunana immediately comes to mind, and I recall Aja had similar shopping, but all of their candid photos show amazing skin – I think they just happen to have a skin tone that people like to blur? Or maybe they use those photographers?

  12. I wonder if she is like those pingpong balls that ‘absorb’ light if you hold ’em close to a bulb and glow in the dark after the lights are out….

    Could be fun….

  13. That’s a strong 38 from the neck down.Still trynna’ make peace with the grille.(kinda butter…with dashes of tranny) Fire your eyebrow specialist. Overall…she’s “cougar porn” hot.

  14. osakadave, thanks for the link.
    Not having seen that movie for so long, nor recalling that scene, it had me stumped.
    I guess if you were coming across ladyboys in Thailand all the time someone would remind you of the test and it’d be in your consciousness all the time.
    I some ways agree with the test for Tanja, but only if I saw her from the chin up.
    As it stands, I’d be confident, that with those boobs, she’d be all woman.

  15. I don’t care about the photoshopping. She’s obviously still hot, especially for her age. I’ll take a second helping.

  16. Nice to know that people are still making snarky and unkind comments about women here. Some never learn I guess.

  17. Indeed. Congratulations Kranber – you’ve earned yourself an instant banning for those repeated nasty comments.

    And kroos – your comments are pushing it.

  18. Ahhh sorry Doc…

    I wasn’t attacking the lady….. I was referring to the horrible (in my opinion) photoshopping treatment that makes her look like Barbie’s asian foster sister.

    I reckon she’d be smoking in real life….

  19. Very nice for 38. Or even 28. Implants are perfectly sized for her frame. Big but not ridiculous. And with a little ab work (and maybe a slightly better diet) she’d look 24. The use of PhotoShop doesn’t appear to be that extreme – only her bf/husband really knows.

  20. Dear all naive men in here….I know Tanja…She is very very nice but unfortunate she is a man…….She dont need fotoshop..she is real…but I am sad to say one day will come when her body say stop after 30 years on hormones..Ofcourse her titts are fake..No Thai are born like that…She is transsexual…but her pics are nice…So now we all know and can enjoy the pics anyway..(-;

  21. Whether what you are saying is true or not yesterday, I’m with Wingsfan19 on this one – when their body’s this good, does it really matter what they might once have been? I’m not going to reject a hot girl because she used to be overweight, for example – what matters to me is how she looks now.

  22. I actually think it is true, when you look closer. Could that be the hint of an adams apple in the pic with the sword? However while the boobs are obviously fake they look good for someone with nothing at all to begin with and most tranny’s bodies don’t hold up at that age.
    Doc where I think it matters is that assuming she is post op from the limited evidence I’ve seen on the Internet the refashioned vaginas leave a bit to be desired. Although that is from an uneducated position. Also no one likes to be fooled.

  23. Ofcourse you are right Lee, thats why I say lets enjoy the pics. Tanja has no adams apple..its gone or most of it and her left breast is very bad done thats why you never see Tanja show the left breast fully but always a bit covered. I had hoped she was a bit more strict which pic she put on the internet..some pics show too much that she is a tranny…sadly I must admit

  24. Yeah can you clear that up Yesterday? I think the photo I linked to above she may have been adjusting the tuck.

  25. Man or woman, who knows? I surely don’t understand that kind of thing. What bothers me though are the comments questioning her/his good looks at 38. Goodness sakes gents, thirty-eight is still quite young! And might I say that my Asian wife still looks great at 61. Sure, she’s not the same beauty she was when she was 30 or even 38 but she still draws the attention of every man when she walks into the room. What’s wrong with being 38 for goodness sake?

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