Asian Girls with Body Paint


Sometimes I just want an excuse to post some photos. I recently came across a stunning Facebook photo of a friend of a friend of this attractive, normally shy girl getting nude body painted at Burning Man. I didn’t take it (I don’t take photos from Facebook if they’re not models), so I can’t show it to you, but it had me thinking about body paint on attractive Asian women. Consider this an excuse to post any photos you find on the web of attractive Asian girls with body paint.More Photos:





Burning Man One
Burning Man Two
Burning Man Three

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0 thoughts on “Asian Girls with Body Paint”

  1. There were some really hots ones at the Electric Daisy Carnival in Vegas this year.

    No, I didn’t attend but I saw them around town.

    I only painted my house, this looks much more fun:-)

  2. Oh, and picture number three doesn’t really do it for me. And the links from Subic Man show why it would be a bad idea for the wife and me to retire to the Philippines:-)

  3. I’ve been in the bars in AC, a time or two, when the artist is off in the corner or in the passageway to the heads painting the girls for the evening show. It’s interesting to watch and I’ve seen them take requests. Good fun.

  4. Ms Pine has an unfortunate scar or dimpling under right breast, what’s up with that I wonder. I would have been a good place for a spot of paint.

  5. I just looked at my link from the other, more explicit, photo shoot and she has her right boob covered the whole time. Obviously she is sensitive or her photographer is sensitive for her 😛

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