BoA at YouTube Live Tokyo

Unlike the wildly successful YouTube Live in San Francisco, YouTube Live Tokyo actually failed to go live. Nevertheless, YouTube still got Korean pop sensation BoA Kwon to perform as promised.

BoA fans were going crazy waiting for this much-delayed clip. In fact, they left nearly 3,000 comments on the YouTube Live Tokyo page expressing their frustration at her delayed appearance. Now here she is performing her singles Eat You Up, Lose Your Mind, Listen to My Heart, and Merry Christmas for YouTube.

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0 thoughts on “BoA at YouTube Live Tokyo”

  1. BoA is cute enough. It is unfortunate that kids (and not just kids) from all over the world, apparently, listen to insipid garbage, and call it “music”. Line dancing, posturing…whe might as well be Britney Spears, as far as the music goes.

    Mike, has there been any explanation about the You Tube Live Tokyo problem?

  2. BofA is cute, but the music sucks to put it mildly. Why is it that the asian girls who like good music perform classical and it seems the rest all perform crap? Aren’t there any hot asian girls who perform rock, jazz, blues, etc.?

  3. to “wylde8”

    yes there are a few

    here it is
    Angun is a singer (french from Indonesia)

    ok the music (her latest album is again dance sh*** but their album before was more in a voice romantic way)

    anyway the girl is so over the top : smart & gorgeous (look all the photos)

    and when she appeared on tv, she is so interesting ans not superficial

    just the link (for copyright ???)

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