Taiwanese amateur model I-Ling got into being photographed just this year. The 24 year-old former cheerleader holds a degree in electrical engineering and frequently emcees at banquets, fashion shows, and charity events in the Washington Metropolitan Area.I-Ling (whose English name is Alice) tells me she’s “awesome with public speaking and shy when it comes to singing, dancing, and performing on stage.” However, she was convinced to enter the 2006 Miss DC Taiwanese American Pageant where she was among the finalists.

She’s currently a designer for a friend’s San Francisco-based t-shirt line and is looking to settle down in the near future….”if a guy can actually keep me interested enough for me to marry him,” she jokingly said.







Dan Ng Photography Gallery
Her Facebook
Her Xanga

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  1. She would be perfect if she had double eyelids…
    Has there been a discussion about the whole obsession with double vs. single eyelids before?

  2. This girls eyes are just so mesmerizing even without the double eyelids. Not exactly sure what they are even or why she wouldn’t have them. Oh, and her thighs too. :p

  3. She’s hot, but in Taiwan would be considered average. Her spoiled attitude sounds very Americanized, all about what the guy can bring to the relationship to please her and keep her amused, nothing about what she brings.

  4. Wow! This girl is extremely pretty.

    But, judging by Ng’s pics, I’d have to say that this girl is pretty much “all face”. She also has really beautiful skin, and from what I can tell, nice legs…but, he keeps the torso pretty well hidden.

    From the few pics where you can see more, it appears she is a bit chunky, or at least not very tone. Her butt looks to be bigger than it should, too…but not bad.

    But, she is really so pretty, I don’t think I care. She is killing me in the pictures with the glasses, too.

  5. I wish I was in Taiwan. That’s where I need to be since she would be just average there because where I am at right now, she’s hot as hell. Naturally I love the photos where she is licking a lollipop. She has the look I wish more models would go with. I wish more models would just rock a more natural look instead of looking all phony. I find her more hot and sexually attractive than alot of models out there who get contacts, dye their hair all kinds of crazy ass colors and get awful looking breast implants.

    I can’t get a real sense on if or how conceited she is since I can’t see her Facebook or Xanga. She looks good and all but who says she’s a bastion of excitement? She could be boring as hell for all I know. And if she is all about what the guy can bring to the relationship, then I can bring that sausage. 😉

  6. Actually, she is pretty average by Taiwanese standards – a lot of the girls in Sunnybank (kind of “little Taipei” here in Brisie) are far more striking than this girl, believe it or not. Funnily enough though, when I went to Taiwan itself, I found that we seem to have the cream of the crop here!

  7. I like her. I think she has a very natural look. The 2nd, 4th, and last photos are the best. I’m going to Japan after the holidays…Man, I can’t wait!

  8. She photographs great, but I think that probably has a lot to do with the photographer. She looks good, but in a girl next door kind of way to me. This is a girl you could actually come across on the street.

  9. “This is a girl you could actually come across on the street.”

    Ignoring, for a second, the obvious off-color implication one could make from the above (I’m chuckling, to be sure), that’s one of the real great things about the world. The fact that you can run across a great beauty like this, in your day-to-day life, makes me very happy.

    Now, let me go back to snickering at the dirty joke I made, out of wylde’s comment, to myself.


  10. The Dan Ng photo set is very nice – a great portfolio for her. This girl has lovely and remarkably wide-set eyes (which is a feature of all high-fashion models) and a degree in electrical engineering (which is, uh, not). Two thumbs up in my book. Doc, having spent some time in Oz myself, it strikes me that Brisbane must be something like southern CA as far as asian girls are concerned: lots of very pretty ones.

  11. Wow, thanks for the literal translation of my comment guys 🙂

    To all concerned ladies, I promise that I have never thrown come at anyone unless they wanted it thrown at them.

  12. I can’t believe somebody would look at photos of this girl and reject her based on her eyelids.

    She looks about perfect to me.

  13. Verrrry cute. I just love her eyes and smile. Don’t give a damn about her personality, as I’m sure I will never come across her LOL!

  14. I can understand eyebrows, but who really looks at eyelids? Eyelids is one of the last things I am looking at on a woman. First thing would be the boobies 😉

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