Junne and Mayuka Okada


Mayuka Okada is 24 (July 3rd, 1984). Junne Okada is 21 (February 23rd, 1987). They are not related to, nor as pretty as, Nana Okada, but they’ll do. More after the Jump.There have been no posts for a while, so consider this post more of a filler, as these women are not my type. Nevertheless, they may be yours (looking at you, arf) and I do not judge. So here you go.

Also, they are singers now, with a mini album called “Punk Pie Jack.” More photos:




More information:

Mayuka Okada
Official Website – Mayuka
Junne Okada
Official Website – Junne

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0 thoughts on “Junne and Mayuka Okada”

  1. LOL, my favourite scenerio !

    Still, I’ve had worst (ahem, shake head, mutters – “never again”)…

    (Btw, does this board send an email to me when there’s a reply to this post ? When I’ve checked the box below?)

  2. I’m with placeboy – the ladies need to meet Mr. Stairmaster – and lay off the processed sugar and fatty foods. And go out in the sun occasionally – the super pasty white skin makes them look sickly.

  3. lol… These girls look healthy to me. They’re not emaciated like many models, instead, they’ve got some curves.

    Definitely not your typical Japanese girls who are sometimes too skinny. I’m down with a little more meat on the bones. ^_^

    That said, I think that Junne is the more attractive of the two. I’ve certainly seen cuter faces, but I wouldn’t mind debriefing both ladies. 😉

  4. So, after looking at these Okadas (Junne, Mayuka and even the better looking Nana), I have a question.

    Does “Okada” mean “thick” in Japanese?


  5. The faces I don’t find appealing at all.
    I wouldn’t call them fat, but most definately out of shape and needing to work out.

  6. Hmmm, I think these must be the least attractive Japanese “models” I’ve ever seen! They’re usually at least cute and pretty, but I don’t think these two are pretty at all. And as everybody else says, way too thick!

    And no LongMan, the post notifications don’t work – I had to disable them, as we were getting flooded with bounces from invalid email addresses. Unfortunately, pMachine doesn’t have an option to do this, so I had to do a mysql hack to stop them.

  7. I don’t think there’s one thing wrong with these gals…a little body fat does a body good, more cushion for pushin. Very plush and squishy.

  8. Oh yeah…I like these girls just fine, especially the pink bikini in the second photo down. Nice and juicy. 🙂

  9. what’s the fuss about these girls being fat?
    Have you folks been to a mall in the US recently?
    These two lovelies will be admired as FIT!

  10. I wasn’t judging by fat US standards (yecchh…I stay out of malls for that reason!).
    I was comparing to Asian girls.

  11. HA HA HA! Applerot! Nice one! So true… American girls are slobs. They drink smoke and worship the Big Mac too much around here.

  12. As models, not remarkable. As normal women, they are cute and sexy enough, I like the second pic. Sexy breasts.

    With the right attitude, these ladies could be a knockout and a lot of fun with the lights out. And the two at same time. lol
    I deeply regret not having their phone numbers.

  13. These girls are hot! Individually, they are attractive, but together like that, even better!

    They don’t look out of shape at all. Definitely not malnourished-looking like plenty of models and many Japanese girls, but not out of shape either. The third picture shows some decent definition, as does the second and that’s all a girl needs. Six-packs belong on guys–I have nothing against slender or muscular girls–or at the store waiting for me to buy them; not at all necessary on the ladies.

    The first and fourth pics show some extra softness and…so what? I find it next to impossible to criticize or find fault with any other softness the way their breasts are pressed together. What I wouldn’t give to be caught in the middle of that!

    I don’t know what malls here in the states you guys are going to but out here in Vegas and Henderson, there are some damn fine women strolling around! Not all of them by any stretch, but enough that you can’t make a blanket statement that mall chicks are fat or ugly or fugly.

    Thank you Travis for posting these ladies!

  14. I was at 2 big malls today in the Seattle/Tacoma region. The scale was on the heavy end. Maybe I should head South for the winter now.

  15. Not asking for anorexic – just toned. These girls aren’t fat – but they look like if you married them they might be fat before the 1st anniversary. And like luvjgirls said, the standard is other Asian ladies – and models since this isn’t a website for ‘regular’ women you see waddling around the suburban mall.

  16. The more I see the first picture, the more sexy they get. It’s their kinky faces and the way their boobs are mushed together like that. Especially the one on the right. Man!…It’d be such a grand ole’ time with these two beauties in my bedroom. I feel so dirty now…the good dirty.

  17. WestCoast – Don’t we see enough “toned” models on this site? Can’t we change it up a bit and have some girls who are a little heavier (and I use that term lightly)? ^_^

  18. I thought they looked awful until I looked at some more of their pics. They don’t look that bad. There are prettier models, but they are luscious. I like my women with curves. They don’t have cankles either. You can find plenty of cankles at any local mall in America.

    But the display pic for the article is a bad one. Here’s a sample.

  19. WoW! Thanks Candyman for those shots. It was like in my face with them delightfully round boobies of goodness. What I would give for a chance to just handle them.

  20. Concur with dazn’s comment before that as models. not that remarkable, but I sure wouldn’t need to have the lights out! Although, they might prefer it for me:-)

  21. Given how much meat they have on them, their breasts certainly don’t seem unduly large. At least I can’t see any clear evidence of implants anyway.

  22. yeah these girls are way too big for my tastes. as I’ve noted before these modern heafty women are really getting on my nerves, especially those ones with unearned confidence like Rosie O’Donell and Queen Latifa, but instead of getting frustrated like I’ve been in the past, I’m turning this fat girl animosity into something a bit more positive, a business. I’m going to be the first to accept 20,000 dollar “hits” through Jenny Craig to find these fat cows and strap them to fat farms where they belong. So if you have a woman blocking the sun where you live, stomping through the streets like Godzilla!, and you have the money, you know who to contact 😉

  23. reminds me of the commercial jingle by the former Cubs owner, “Double the pleasure, double the fun” or was it taste? darn!

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